Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Today I got an automated phone call from UPS w/ a ladies will be getting a package today and it requires a signature....first time ever...she asked at first what language I wanted to hear her message in ..I said English...shudda said pig-latin....but hey, it was a first and I thought it might be something to do w/ Ed McMahon and Publishers Clearing House so I didn't want to jack them around....

it was a replacement battery from Sony for my little tiny laptop. I noticed that the battery didn't hold a charge the other day. It had always worked before, and I know there have been alot of battery woes for computer manufacturers lately, so I went to Sony's website and looked to see if there were any important updates, etc...for my model...I saw that I was to return my battery for a replacement, so I got out my electron microscope to read the battery serial number (after i removed it first ) and then I entered all the microscopic digits into the various online forms and whap...I got a new battery post haste. That is a good thing as laptop batteries cost a fortune.

Today I sat down at a computer only to find out that my two biggest sites were off-line. Totally. I had done a lot of work to the scrapbook one last night and yesterday and figured I might have screwed something up. I tried a couple things I got on the phone w/ tech support and they fixed it immediately, kept me on the phone till it was fixed. Hosting co is 1and1 for these sites, if anyone is interested. I give them A+ for tech support.

Heather and I just moved these sites, (no small job) from the co that has hosted them for years and who once had great tech support and now has basically none. Once my heart-attack subsided, I cleaned the kitchen.

At 3 pm, well 2:30 actually, I had to go to the Chamber to be there when 5 or 6 kids from GS High School Key Club showed up to volunteer to help put SF posters in cardboard tubes, and one old cranky guy. Please remind me to not be CRANKY when I get over 65 yrs old. Cranky stinks.

At 4 p.m. we had cash register training and CC machine training...for Shrimp Fest (Oct 11-14). I felt like a ignoramus. I wrote down every step. Last year we never did figure out how to really use the registers as they were intended. We sorta faked it and things get so crazy, we made up our own system, it didn't matter since they knew I was the one handling the money. I had this one old couple volunteering for a shift and they , well, HE got all bent out of shape cause I didn't want him doing the cash register.....hey, it wasn't my rule, I told him...he kept sneaking behind the drawer and trying to ring up sales...I don't think he was dishonest, I think it was just a control issue.......his poor wife.

When I got out of the Chamber, I was so tired, but I went to Winn-Dixie for vittles. (I was like Mother Hubbard back at home.) Then I collapsed on the sofa and went into a coma.

When I regained conscientiousness, I made 5 pages of cat themed scrapbook artwork for Heather to scan tomorrow.
And by the way, Heather and I are quite proud of the latest scrapbook set on . It has HUNDREDS of pages because everything is available in both U.S. Letter, European A4 size and most of them are in 12" x 12" as well. It is all these co-ordinating patterns...The Meadow Collection...have a look...

Check out this baby carriage from Italy from the 50's...too cool, but would be hot on a warm sunny day.

Tomorrow should be nice, If it doesn't rain, I will have to drag some hoses around and water my neighbor's yard, back and front. I thought it might sprinkle some today, it didn't. He is so good about cutting my grass, that I water his when it is dry. He has had a well dug, but has not run any irrigation lines yet...I might have to bug him about getting that project done.

The new house is coming along nicely....yesterday was concrete truck and pumper truck day. The first 2 courses of blocks were back-filled. I made a nice little video of a block being set into place. You can see here...ConcreteCottage

I found a almost-waterproof product that is made in sheets and boards, It is a PVC/wood waste manufactured lumber product. The marketing dept says they will give me product for Villa Lagoon if I pay shipping....from Vancouver. Might be worth it, I need to talk to Dan, my builder tomorrow. I don't want any sheetrock.

Cary arrived in Memphis from Knoxville. I spoke to Momma today. Daddy is in the skilled nursing wing at Village of G'town. Momma has not given up his room in the Alzheimer's wing yet in hopes that he could go back there. But ,today the staff says NO. He is too far gone in the level of care required they say.

There is a waiting list for the Alzheimer wing....they only have 8 or 10 residents. so once she gives up the will be filled. In skilled nursing he can't go outside like he could at Canturbury Court...and he asks to go sit in the sun. Momma might have to get Man the yardman to come over and get him occasionally and sit with him out in the sun. She could take him out to have a nature walk, or whatever, but she, by herself, can't physically support him or get him up if he falls. She'd need an assistant to go outside with him. Poor Daddy is having issues with diaper rash and that sort of is so sad.

He says that these men came in his bathroom and urinated on the floor and made it slippery and he fell and that is what is wrong with his mind now. Sometimes he is sorta 'with it' and the next minute, he is way out there.

If you get diagnosed with Alzheimer's, take my advice and do whatever you can to get yourself to Heaven asap....while you can still figure out how...believe me...holding on to life is not the best choice.

I have not seen my Osprey lately, everyone asks, but then, I have not been over at the Lagoon house too much this week. But, there is a lot of noise right now, so I don't blame him for hanging out elsewhere, I do.

nite, nite