Friday, November 30, 2007

Thanksgiving in Sunglasses

At good friends Becky and Warren's beach house.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ideal Weather

Could there be any better weather than this ???

Cute Boomer Video

Walt Handelsman
Pulitzer Prize-winning political cartoonist and animator
Watch It

thanks, Nancy K.M.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

This is great

Click the photo if she is not turning on your page...

Do you see the dancer turning clock-wise or counter clockwise ? This is a test of dominant hemisphere brain function.
Supposedly if you see her turn clockwise you are right brain dominant, counter-clockwise= left hemisphere dominance.

When I first looked I saw her turning clockwise, I suppose that indicated the right brain kicking in first. Doesn't surprise me, itis the fun side of the brain :o)

With a little effort, I can switch her back and forth.

Try crossing your eyes and see her dancing with a partner. Just kidding.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Dr Laura Doll

$30 (plus s&h) gets you on-demand advice. The Dr. Laura Doll might be the perfect gift for that dysfunctional loved one.

Memphis Corrupt City Councel

Well, the mostly black voters within Memphis city limits have already re-elected Ricky Peete once after a prison term...lets see if they re-elect him when he gets out this time. Probably.

How about voter registration reform, require one to pass the ACT/SAT or similar to vote.

Guilty Again.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Another Chinese Children's Product Recalled

Even tho I am finding that I have no time for bloggish chit-chat lately, I must pass along this alarming photo that I received from Martin Choate.

And since I am here in blogger-ville, this is my news.

House is progressing nicely. Weather has been perfect for it. Latest twist: A supplier of a fabulous ceiling product want to supply material for it, this is great news as it is a beautiful coffered wood ceiling that comes in various species and finishes, including a lovely natural cherry. I'd like it everywhere, he asked for the sq footage of areas I want it in, I even included the garage...ha !

Bob Maplestone, Instructor, Engineering and Technology at Highline Community College, Seattle wants to use a photo of mine for the website about the fund to finish the construction or a marine science and technology (MaST) center located on Puget Sound. It is a photo of a boat mast...the fund raising logo is “Help Raise the MAST, Change the Future”
I said sure , if he'll give me a link back to one of my pages. His school's website:

I am in Memphis....visiting Momma and Daddy. Short visit but I am doing all sorts of helpful things for Momma. She is pretty worn out at present. Daddy is in a wheelchair now and pretty out-of-it most of the time. He is in the skilled-nursing dept. She still lives in the nice little brick cottage. She spends a lot of time with Daddy tho. Fortunately they are at the best place you ever could be if you were in such a state. The Ritz of assisted living. I am sooooo glad for that. We went thru about 25 years of 'important' papers today. I tossed out a ton, but most need to be shredded as they contain lots of SS number, bank account, investment info, I will be shredding a lot tomorrow. This is the land of crime after all.

Speaking of crime, the night before i left, Visa called and asked if I just ordered Comcast on Demand. Of course not. I am way too busy trying to earn enuf to pay for this house to watch Comcast on Demand...and besides, we don't even have Comcast in my town. So my card was made void at that moment and I had to have another mailed. I still wonder what tipped them off. I had the card, and I had made a 5 grand charge a few days before for appliances for new house (a dealer was having a sidewalk sale of this yrs models ) and that didn't cause any alarm to the card co. Maybe they know every cable tv provider's territory and figure that you don't order cable tv in a place you don't live. And , I know you are wondering, YES, I did get a great deal on the appliances and I get FF miles on the Visa. The new dishwasher is so smart that it comes with some test strips to measure the hardness/softness of the water and them you set a dial on the door that dispenses the correct amount of liquid detergent based on your water conditions. You just add a whole bottle of the creamy kind of bottled detergent every so tells you when to of course :o)

And the fridge has a special cold beer dept that gets it's air blasted straight from the freezer. That feature was a strong selling point ! They know what models to send to the beach.

Last weekend, bro Stephen and his friend Mark and Terry Taylor came to see me in G.S. They went to see Wet Willie, Greg Allman and went on a 3,000 bike motorcycle ride. Delbert Mclinton played the night before but they skipped that. Always nice to have Stephen around. He fixes stuff :o) He is funny too....

ok--tired and cold...i am in the library of The Village at G'town , the only one in here the whole time, probably the only one awake around here and I have on flip-flops as usual and by golly, it has turned winter up here. Nite-nite.