Monday, September 26, 2005

Search Engine Query Belt Buckle

Funny how things come and up magazine clippings just now, came across a note on Metaspy, the voyeur into other people's searches from about 1997, later acquired by Excite, and later cast into utter outer-darkness. While looking into it's whereabouts, i came across the How-To Instructions for the latest in fashion-forward-fads, a belt buckle that displays other people's searches in real-time...the Search Engine Belt Buckle !! It's feed is from Dogpile's Search Spy.

As you may recall, Dogpile has gone thru several incarnations. Once, years ago, a great customizable search tool, later an annoying pay-per-click commercial pseudo I see that it includes a lot of ad SERPS (search engine result pages) but attempts to also compile a portion of its results from top search engines rankings.

And i see that on a search for clic magnet glasses it lists me in position 8 and 14, so it can't be all bad !! (There was a time when it was nothing but ads in first several pages. )

Anyway---since i do not want to call attention to my waist at the moment, i may make a search engine hair clip...or lapel pin. But in the meantime, go to Search Spy to see what other weirdo earthlings are currently searching for....then you will understand how depraved mankind truely is.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Cell Phone Applications

identify that song
411-Song, a service available through your cell phone, can identify any song, tune or melody from a fifteen-second snippet. Whether you are in your car, at church, at a bar, or dinner party, just dial the number, wait for the beep, then hold your phone up. Within moments you get a text message with the names of the song and artist. First one is free, 99 cents each after that---shows up on your phone bill. They also send a link to download the ringtone, song, & order the CD they pick up more money on commissions.

Pretty interesting concept...if you wanna try, call 1-866-411-song, ...sing and see if you can fool the service into thinking you are really Cher or whomever....might be worth 99 cents just to try

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Do You Know What These Are???

Ok all you mechanical types....this guy took odd jobs of cleaning out old basements and in the process made a collection and later a website that displays portions of his 200 piece sure to read the 'statement' on his site, it is interesting.

But first--Click the Photo for a larger image and see if you can identify this item

Give UP?? Click Here

Friday, September 23, 2005

Rita in Gulf Shores Alabama

Little Lagoon photos first...

It is mid afternoon here and the water is very rough. We've had BIG wind now for about 12 hrs. Little Lagoon has been over our bulkhead now for two days---over our new grass !!! This storm is moving slowly and keeping the water pushed up high for a long time. St Augustine grass can take a certain amount of salt, but the longer it is under salt water, the less likely it is to live thru it. We are on the east side of the storm, so that is the bad side. My pedal boat is tied up to the new extra sturdy flag pole that Harry put up after Katrina. The poor tree roots tat are exposed was one in the ground. Repeated hurricanes have erroded all the sand and soil and the tree is long since dead.

We are currently having tornado warnings.

I have photos but for some reason, blogger won't publish them at the moment. I've tried both FireFox and IE.
Solution: I put the photos on a different server and linked to them.

Public Beach in Gulf Shores at Hwy 59

About 4 pm I went up to the public beach area--very grey--BIG wind, hard to stand or walk on the beach. Lots of airborne sand so I feared for my camera. There were a few people in cars in the parking lot watching from there. Only one guy was out on the sand near me. It started raining hard for the first time so I got soaked.

I ran a few errands and on the way home the sun was peeking out again between the dark clouds. The rain and clouds are in bands that sweep thru.

We have a:
Coastal Flood Warning
Wind Advisory
Flood Watch
Tornado Advisory

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Sharon & Rick's in New Orleans

Our friends who live in New Orleans sent these pix yesterday. Sharon is the head librarian at Univ. of New Orleans. Rick is a computer guy w/ the N. O. city utility co. We met them in Mempho when Sharon was over the CBC library and Rick was at Fed Ex. They taught us to dance Zydeco and became friends. Saw Rick last here in Daphne in March for the Zydeco weekend. Anyway, I hope Rick can somehow open those CD cases and salvage some of his extensive collection of CDs (right side,bottom photo). The disks should be ok. Click the photo to see details. Can you believe the amount of work involved here??????????????

I am putting a copy of his letter here too.

Our next-door neighbor is a doctor and he got into the city on Saturday to look at his house. He said the main roads are passable, but the side streets are not.

So, Sharon and I decided to sneak into New Oleans Sunday morning at 7:00 am to check on the condition of her car parked in the Macy's Shopping Center Parking garage, then check on the house. Sunday mornig in the downtown area there was almost no traffic at all - except for police and military and a lots of civilian clean-up crews. Downtown streets were clean and mountains of garbage were being trucked away from the superdome. None of the cars in the Macy's garage were damaged and the garage was being guarded by the US Army. We had feared that the cars in the garage were all vandalized or stolen. Sharon had to go back to New Orleans today to the campus, so she got a ride and afterward she picked up her car

Driving up Canal Street was strange -- the further away from the downtown area the more debris and damange was evident, trees and limbs down everywhere, all the grass was dead and brown, many trees were brown, boats abandonded on the street. Canal Street was dry and passable up to the cemetaries. We had to drive up past City Park to get to our house. City Park is in shambles.

The little business district near our house on Harrison Avenue is destroyed and terrible looking. Most streets in the Lakeview neighborhood were impassbale due to tress down. Luckily, our next-door neighbor told us how take a cleared route to get to our house.

No green anywhere, a few birds though not many, the smell was quite unpleasant but not terrible or intolerable. Everthing is covered in dried brown and grey muck. Our back yard was in bad shape, downed tree limbs and lots of muck. The doors of the house were very difficult to open, and even more difficult to shut again due to water saturation (so having some kind of contingency is necessary to get the doors closed again, like a pry bar and big hammer). Inside the house, the second-level was just fine, no damage. But the first-level was another story -- complete loss. All the furniture was toppled over and had floated to different parts of the house. All wood furniture and cabinets we falling apart to the touch. Wet black muck everywhere, foul moldy smell, mold climbing up the walls. Everything below the waterline is unsalvageable. The refrigerator had floated up and tipped over, spilling its contents and was resting horizontally up on top to the kitchen counter tops.

We started cleaning for a few hours, seperating garbage from insured items, removing some water and mud from the floor, packing up some clothes, art work, and electrnics from the second-level. Our first-level floor is mostly tile floor, so cleaning up is going to be much easier than carpeted areas like our dining room. There is still a 6 pm curfew, so we packed up the car with stuff and left town. We'll try to go back again once Hurricane Rita passes by. What a mess. Here are a few pictures.

Our best, Rick and Sharon

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Google Blog Search (beta) & Google TALK I usually avoid all IM type programs, but on the other hand, I like to try most stuff that GG comes out with. Google Talk is a free service for both typed text messaging and audio blabing from computer to computer. One reason I like to try new free stuff from respected sources, is that if it is good, sometimes, it does not remain free BUT the early adopters get grandfathered in for free status....while everyone else has happened to me before. My guess is that this, at least the actual talking part, is gonna work best for those of us using broadband. Google Talk also keeps an eye on your Gmail acc't, alerting you to new emails if you want. You have plenty of control over the various settings. Free quick, instant install download--CLICK HERE

I will pick up a microphone today while I am out so by tomorrow, all my chatty friends can play Dixie Cups and String Telephone with me !!

GG is might busy out there in Calif.
New Google Blog Search may replace Technorati and be a handy thing to add to one's Google start page--see Sunday post. Blogs are good for finding the latest chat on any subject. When you are looking for info in a rapidly changing field, such as latest medical techniques, regular website searches tend to bring plenty of outdated results. Blogs on the other hand, tend to have information (and links) that was added today.
Find blogs on your favorite topics-CLICK HERE

Monday, September 19, 2005

New Cool Tiny Travel Tool

On my July trip I had so many incidences where I really needed a pair of needle nose pliers, as well as couple of times I could have used a screwdriver and DEFINATELY a bottle opener as Europe has not realized that twist off bottle caps have been invented. Taking more tools with me would have been handy, but weight was a huge factor.

So once I got back I began searching for a tiny, folding, multi-tool that had really pointy pliers. Lots of the Leatherman and Bear Jaw tools I have seen have rather blunt nose pliers, not to mention that they are usually big and expensive and really heavy. The closest thing to what I wanted for sale in The States seemed to be the Leatherman Squirt which is about 25 bucks and looking at the photo, the pliers might not be as sharp as I'd like.

I found this neat little keychain multi tool by chance, I was actually searching eBay for minature gas torch welding/soldering tools and because the British call flashlights 'torches' --this came up on the search. The guy is in Hong Kong so he speaks British. It is stainless steel, that is great for me here in rustville, has smooth edges, a really tiny but bright flashlight and most tools I'd need except a corkscrew and maybe scissors. I paid 2 cents. Yes, you read that correctly. The postage was set at something like $4.99, so it cost me about 5 bucks total-- I suppose he gets cheap postage and makes enuf to make it worth his while---I dont' know. I do know that he was very polite to check up to be sure I received it and all. He has good eBay Power Seller points. I got it about 3 or 4 weeks after I bought it but the hurricane may have slowed things down--packages especially. I think it was just suppose to be 2 weeks. Anyway--I am very pleased, and ready to fix broken luggage wheels and all the stuff that happens when traveling. Oh yes, and ready to add charms to charm braclets too.

If you are wondering what the tiny flashlight is shining on here, it is a piece of butterfly wing. Went to get the mail and a poor butterfly had been dismembered near the mailbox by an auto. His wing portions were intact, just seperate---and beautiful.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

New Google Start Page

Google has beat MSN ( -still in beta) introducing their new personal start page--same concept as original Yahoo, or My Yahoo, or Excite Homepage, but Google has many of it's own cool offerings to intergrate into it---like your Gmail.

You can set up custom components for your Google start page to ck the weather in the zip you specify, ck your mail, do searches....."quote of the day",
" word of the day"
several people I know, know that I could use some vocabulary work !!!
maybe this will help !!

Look in upper left corner for ADD CONTENT button, it is way simple to pick and choose what you want to include. Add bookmarks to all your frequently visited web spots. You can also add totally custom RSS feeds from any source you want. If you click my screenshot at my first attempt at playing with the start page set-up you'll see that weather was not working this morning for some reason. Be sure to ck out the daily 'How to' offerings....this looks really interesting.

Go to:

Saturday, September 17, 2005

War on Crime

In my war on crime , today I took the advice of Russ Conn and made a cardboard shotgun from the box that my new scanner came it. I glued two thicknesses of cardboard together, found a shotgun image on the web for reference, drew it, cut it out, spray painted it black and proped it up in a window facing the street. Two photos show inside , one is from outside.

Remember the 'Minute Men'---hope the CRIMINALS DO TOO...

had to buy a new scanner 'cause all this hurricane evacuation over and over was just too hard on my old flatbed. It didn't like bouncing around in my Trooper for a week. It used to start accktin rite after it warmed up and did a few scans with weird lines in them, but this time it couldn't recover.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Anniversary of IVAN !

Today is the one year anniversary of Hurricane Ivan.

Nancy Kenworthy McMahon sent me some great weather photos. I did some searching and they are being passed around as phoney Katrina photos, but seems they may be Alberta Canada or Japan, or who-knows-where photos, but still awesome shots. At least one of the pics appears to have been taken near S. Sioux City, NE, on May 9, 2004:
Worth clicking on them to see the biggie version.

Thursday, September 15, 2005


I happened upon the FredFlair site and saw all this way cool stuff---then wouldn't you know it, I also ran across a 25% off the whole site discount coupon--after I had placed an order--colorful fun stuff--wide range of catagories. Cary is getting some of this cool paisley packaging tape for her birthday !!! Shhhh !! Don't tell.....This is typical of the fun stuff they offer. So use this discount code during check out if you order anything during Sept : dailycandy.0905
Go to the FredFlair Site

Monday, September 12, 2005

The Perfect Gift !!

St. Clair IceCream can ship ice cream molded into the absolute most adorable shapes that you ever saw in your life....and I mean it. Sea Shells, Fruit, Flowers, stuff like that...all beautiful colors and fruit flavors. Oh My Gosh !! I am Soooooooooo impressed. What to send your rich friend for her birthday who has everything.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Google Suggests--A Different Way to Search

Google just can't stop thinking up new ways to approach search. Google Suggest is in beta, but you can try it and see what you think. Here is how it works:

As you type into the search box, Google Suggest guesses what you're typing and offers suggestions in real time.
This is similar to Google's "Did you mean?" feature that offers alternative spellings for your query after you search, except that it works in real time.
For example, if you type "bass," Google Suggest might offer a list of refinements that include "bass fishing" or "bass guitar." Similarly, if you type in only part of a word, like "progr," Google Suggest might offer you refinements like "programming," "programming languages," "progesterone," or "progressive." You can choose one by scrolling up or down the list with the arrow keys or mouse.

I typed in my name, letter by letter (is there any other way)--when I get to Lundy W this is the screen shot:

Interesting that there are 8,140 results for my name !! But who is Lundy Wright ?? This person is beating me by a ton with 56,100 results !!!! Must go investigate--NOW....

Sum Sonofabitch stole our timbers !!

Right out of the driveway, up close to the house...

Hurricanes bring in the absolute dreggggggs of society. We never had things like this happen before. Even with a car parked in the driveway, someone drove up, in broad daylight and loaded and stole these two very valuable 27 ft long 10 in X 10 in timbers. Musta done it on Wed. while I was in Fairhope at the psychologist office !!! It's no wonder we all need mental help down here !!

I have now ordered 3 video cameras w/ flashing LED lights to mount on the exterior of the house. I ordered 10 of them a couple years ago for Silver Beach Condos and it made a big difference. I'll also get some small signs made that say everyone who enters the driveway will be it is Brad Pitt's house or something. I'll have to mount a mailbox for FedEX,UPS deliveries on the posts at the end of the driveway and stop and put the chain up every time i come and go now for fear they'll steal my peddleboat or something. (Big pain in the arse)

And I think I know who did it. I pulled in one day this week to find a strange guy in a utility truck in the driveway near the house and I asked him what he wanted. He said he was 'checking the phone lines' but he wasn't in a Gulftel truck. I questioned that and he said Gulftel had called in out of town subs since the hurricane. I was suspicious of his being here at all....he seemed weird. And he was the second strange guy in a truck I found in the driveway that same day.

This never would have happened before Ivan, when no one could even see the house from the street, much less see everything about this place from this awful development next door. Might need to build a 15 ft wall---the fast-grow plants I planted are all dead dead dead from Katrina.

One new thought--maybe--just maybe--the timbers were taken by one of the people whose home across the lagoon was destroyed by Ivan and they had recently bought some to rebuild and they thought they ended up in our yard--and that would be fine--but I doubt it. Plus if that were so, then doubtful that they would have done it sneaky. We had had one of those timbers for a year.

Friday, September 09, 2005

He's Baaaaaaaaaaack !!

Received a belated B'Day gift today--from my mother-in-law. She thought it was 'just the thing' for someone in Katrina's path cause one of his two songs was "I Will Survive". She is in her mid 80's. She musta missed him in his first incarnation since I was told that she thought that he was hysterical and just the greatest !
Now the funny thing is actually that the version of "I Will Survive" that he sings goes something like this:
"But now I'm back, I'm back up on the plaque,
Don't look surprised that I'm still singing 'cause you know I've got the knack..."

Guess the guy who marketed him in , what was it, 1995, still had a bunch on hand so he reprogrammed them with the new song and shipped them back out to Walgreens in 2005. Maybe.

The last place I saw one of these was at the flea market in Rome, of all places....
but hey...she watches A LOT of Animal Planet TV, ....maybe that explains it ???????????????

Guess I'll just have to hang him over the sofa AT THE GRANNY HOUSE.
But I think I'll hang him box and all.

News Portal-Virtual Newspaper Rack

Media Marvel, 30,000 sources and 400 links, has been buying print ads in techie mags--checking them out and at first it seemed to maybe lean towards the antiwar and antiBush side of reporting, but after following a few links, I saw leanings in all directions.....might be a good bookmark since it includes links to the CNNish biggies, the oddball news reporting guys as well as a bunch of foreign news reporting sources (upcoming travel anyone?)

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Up to the second news--NOW !

Try it Here.... Want to know the very-very latest.....
Technorati is the authority on what's going on in the world of weblogs.

Technorati is a real-time search engine that keeps track of what is going on in the blogosphere. Currently tracking 2 million tags. Because Technorati automatically receives notification from weblogs as soon as they are updated, it can track the thousands of updates per hour that occur in the blogosphere, and monitor the communities (who's linking to whom) underlying these conversations. You see the 'last updated' time stamp on the home page.

They offer type in search by keyword and also TAG search...
Think of a tag as a simple category name. People can categorize their posts, photos, and links with any tag that makes sense. Technorati shows the most popular 250 tags in alphabetical order. The bigger the text, the more active it is.

Try it....

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Arrested Developments

Holy Guest Star Batman !

Oscar winner Charlize Theron is going to be on Fox TV's zany Arrested Development's third season when it starts next month. Read the story here.

Google Earth--an ahawsume 3-D app

Click Here !!


Free for personal use...for now at least...requires a download...
you better get it !!

if you have broadband, a good monitor, and the stuff on this list, more or less:
* Operating system: Windows 2000, Windows XP
* CPU speed: Intel® Pentium® PIII 500 MHz
* System memory (RAM): 128MB
* 200MB hard-disk space
* 3D graphics card: 3D-capable video card with 16MB VRAM
* 1024x768, 32-bit true color screen
* Network speed: 128 kbps
oh yea, one more thing.... some time to play with to ck this out.

Now, I didn't see my graphics card on their list of supported models, so when I installed it and went to run it first time, good ole GG ck'd for me and told me that it would need to run in DirectX mode and would I please shut it down and start it again, this time choosing DirectX version, no prob ,
went to start/programs/GG Earth/Run in DirectX...then I was an instant astronaut. Be sure to enable Keyhole BB, then you can have a look at the cool stuff other people want you to see.

I did the automatic install and it didn't offer me the opportunity to put the program on the "D" drive, so if your HD is partitioned and you often run out of space on your "C" drive, you might want to do 'Custom' install and direct it to the partiation of your choice.

Fasten your seatbelts !!! Arrive Alive !!

Bluesman R. L. Burnside--dead at 78

According to Fat Possum Records, legendary bluesman R.L. Burnside died in his hospital room in Memphis, Tenn., this morning. He was 78 years old.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Our Yard is Cleared !

Harry has worked really hard to get our yard cleared of the debris so that hopefully we won't lose any more grass than what we will lose from salt. He got it all up to the street and even sorted the piles like the community pick-up guys really like it. He saved some brand new gigantic timbers that floated across the lagoon. People obviously had recently bought them for Ivan related repairs.

Got a phone call about water problems in the condo at The Village, so got to go see about that now. Also seem to have soem water problems at Island Winds West--people from Louisiana want long term rentals over in Gulf Shores and since everyone already not only missed a whole yr of rentals, but had huge owner assesments to boot, we need to get these places livable asap.