Thursday, August 31, 2006

Glorius Passion Fruit Flower in Foley

There was a huge vine on a fence covered w/ blooms. Click to see it big.


Get to web content that you usually can't get to with out paid subscription thru Congoo....

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Free Printable Mini-Gift Boxes

See what Heather and I have been working on all week (amongst other things).

We have a several styles and few more in the works, but we have enuf to go ahead and publish. Now we will send out a newsletter to the mailing list, about 25,000 last time I looked, to give them links to this page on and several new scrapbooking sets at
It takes a whole day to email our list, the emails fire off one at a time and sometimes the browser jams up and stops, so we have to monitor it pretty closley. The addresses are in a-b-c order and we try to send to two letters of the alphabet at a time since that is all the program can handle.

More "learn from my mistakes"

So I had this little growth on the back of my right knee. I've had them before, rough little patches of skin that the Docs say are Seborrheic Keratosis spots.

I have had a few frozen off over the years, including the one on the back of my knee, but it came back. So I figured why spend the time and big $ going to a doctor about this and I bought a Dr. Scholls Freeze Away Wart Remove kit and decided to see if I could just freeze it off myself.

Since it was in a difficult-to-reach-myself location, I asked a scientifically minded friend, who will remain un-named so no one gives him a hard time, to assist. We read the instructions and did the deed.

I think I have an area of frostbite about the size of a quarter, it is about 5 days later and the skin is now red all around my wound and it hurts. I have been putting Neosporin on it and now a large bandage. I have started on antibiotics. I only hope the scar that I end up with is no worse looking than the pea sized spot of rough skin that i had.

Live and learn :0)

Guitar Wiz

Sister Cary in Knoxville sent me this:

Who is this guy?

with nearly 7.35 million views — and a spot in the site’s 10 most-viewed videos of all time .... funtwo’s guitar performance . From the perch it’s occupied for months on YouTube’s “most discussed” list, it generates a seemingly endless stream of praise (riveting, sick, better than Hendrix), exegesis, criticism, footnotes, skepticism, anger and awe. Read about it-NYT.

See it....YouTube FunTwo

See it....The Original--The Great Jerry C

Damn, I love listening to a great guitar player. Here are two. Listen to them both.

if you don't have broadband, this alone should motivate you to get it.

If you liked the above, ck these:

watch Trace Bundy's acoustic guitar version

Tigers & Piggies

Sent to me by my cousin Elise Warner:

How sweet is this?

In a zoo in California, a mother tiger gave birth to a rare set of triplet tiger cubs. Unfortunately, due to complications in the pregnancy, the cubs were born prematurely and due to their tiny size, died shortly after birth.

The mother tiger started to decline in health, although physically she was fine. The veterinarians felt that the loss of her litter had caused the tigress to fall into a depression. The doctors decided that if the tigress could surrogate another mother's cubs, perhaps she would improve.

After checking with many other zoos across the country, the depressing news was that there were no tiger cubs of the right age to introduce to the mourning mother. The veterinarians decided to try something that had never been tried in a zoo environment.

Sometimes a mother of one species will take on the care of a different species. The only "orphans" that could be found quickly were a litter of wiener pigs. The zoo keepers and vets wrapped the piglets in tiger skin and placed the babies around the mother tiger.

Behold the cutest pictures EVER!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Engineer Speaks Out

"A Lockheed Martin engineer with concerns about the safety and security flaws in a fleet of refurbished Coast Guard patrol boats turned to YouTube in order to publicize concerns he felt were being ignored by his employer and the government.

From the article: 'The 41-year-old Lockheed Martin engineer had complained to his bosses. He had told his story to government investigators. He had called congressmen. But when no one seemed to be stepping up to correct what he saw as critical security flaws in a fleet of refurbished Coast Guard patrol boats, De Kort did just about the only thing left he could think of to get action: He made a video and posted it on'"

Michael De Kort's video on a Coast Guard cutter project had been viewed more than 8,000 times as of late yesterday.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Weekend Report

We have finally gotten some rain. Not tons, but a decent shower for an hour or so each of the last two days. It is enuf to keep the grass alive. At the lagoon house, I have a well, so keeping the grass and bamboo alive during this drought doesn't cost a lot, but the Hardwood Dr. house has only city water. And, as I have found out, city water is real expensive.

I have tried to not water any more than necessary to keep the grass from dying, but still have had water bills between 200 and 100 every month. Here, we get water on a separate bill from electricity or any other utilities. The trouble with letting the centapede grass die is that bad, fast growing weeds quickly invade. I'll have to say , that even with spending as much as I have on water, the grass is about half dead. It is very spotty.

My kind neighbor on Hardwood Dr cuts my grass and even edges the place for me. He is a sweetie who lives up near B'ham and comes down about twice a month. His name is Charles, and he also fixed my pedal boat for me last week. He took the rudder assembly home with him to B'ham, brought it back fixed and re-attached it. I need to do something really nice for him.

A friend came over last Thursday afternoon after work and we took the pedal boat out for a spin. After a few ridiculous mishaps we actually had a nice little jaunt in it. (Thanks Allan for spelling correction)

I got an email from a new restaurant in Orange Beach asking what it took to get me to write about them on one of my websites. I wrote back that I'd try to come this weekend. I asked Allan Lameier if he wanted to go check it out. We went and found it to be so-so in the food dept. and over priced somewhat. They might have figured out who we were since they sent the chef out to say hi and later the restaurant owner. Our bill was over 80 bucks for a no-big-deal meal. They told me in email to tell them when I got there, but I never do. I want to see how it goes with no special treatment.

Well, that hurricane Earnesto has been on our minds here. A friend, Skip Caldwell, who keeps his sailboat in P'cola has been emailing about it and sent me some good links to watch the track.

Skip is coming down on Friday and is planning to take me sailing. Hope the weather cooperates.

Meanwhile, I am going to bring the nice wood panels that Harry made to protect the southern windows (since Ivan ripped off the shutters) over from the Hardwood house garage to this house. I want to have them nearby for the next month or so. Skip says that as long as the panels are over at the other house, there is a good chance the hurricane will come here, but when I get them here, it will reduce the chances !

Tomorrow, Glenn Pederson, who lives in P'cola but works in Foley and has a house there too that he is remodeling, is coming over w/ his truck to bring the panels over. I love having friends who are so helpful ! My good friend, Mark had volunteered to help me today but we'd have had to bring them over one at a time on the top of my car or piled on my little bitty fishing boat on the boat trailer. Using Glenn's pickup tomorrow will be tons easier.

Heather is out of school for this quarter (semester?) so she is helping me every afternoon M-F. She is so good and the perfect person for the web stuff I do. I have an office set up in the 3rd bedroom at the Hardwood house now. I gave up the West Beach location, too risky (hurricanes) now that I have the Hardwood house. Plus, Heather lives just off Ft. Morgan so this is closer for both of us.

I am enjoying getting Netflix movies in the mail every Fri or Sat. I had put names of movies that I read about in a file folder for years. Most were not available at the one video shop down here, but Netflix has over 60,000 titles. I just sat down and made my list on Netflix and they just go down the list sending the next one every time I return the one I have. I can keep them as long as I want, so no late fees (which I had all the time down here). Each movie comes in its own return mail postage paid envelope, so I just stick it in the mail box on my way out the driveway. This weekend, after dinner, Allan and I watched a British Netflix movie. If any readers decide to join, pls. use the link on this blog (red rectangle) and I get some kind of bonus.

I have worked on two new scrapbook sets for this weekend and have them ready to upload. One is Italy travel and the other is Mothers Day. I bought the Mothers Day colored pencil drawings from a gal who contacted my by email. At the moment, I have another person, a professional graphics designer working on a Motorcycle Set of graphics. he contacted me by email too. I think he may live in some other country, not sure where. I looked at his way-cool website but didn't notice where he is based.

And speaking of other countries, I have gotten more phone calls from England. This woman who has stolen my Christmas graphics , put them on a CD and is selling them on a home shopping network is turning into a bigger deal. She wants to license graphics from me legally but others in the UK say she is not to be trusted entirely. Meanwhile, people are sending me a copy of the CD w/ illegal use of my graphics on it and I need to let her know what I want in damages. I want to see how many of my images she has used. She says that she hired designers, that she only does the biz end of it, and wanted me to believe that out of maybe 2000 images, only a couple were mine, but I want to see for myself before I make any deals over the phone .

Looks like I may go to Memphis at the end of Sept. My old friend, Carol Palazola's daughter, Caroline, is getting married and the party is at the University Club so I know it will be great. I will stay w/ Momma and Daddy and arrange for a rental U-Haul trailer to bring down another load of my stuff.

That's about it for my news. Pray that the hurricane has a meltdown out over the water. I don't want it here but I don't want to see it go to FL either.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Fido, Call Home

It's simple. Dial your phone and call your pet. Talk to him.
If he/she gets lost. Track them, online or on your PDA or 3G phone.

The PetsCell™ is the first voice enabled waterproof GPS cell phone optimized for animals.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Pedal Boat back in Commish

Thanks to my kind neighbor who disassembled my rudder, took it home to B'ham, fixed it and then remounted it on the boat. I can use my peddle boat for the first time in ages.
A friend came over yesterday afternoon and we had a fun Little Lagoon excursion. Considering the pretty strong wind, we managed w/ just a few mishaps. We also go to see Osprey #2 flying back and forth across my yard w/ a big fish. We startled hi when be bounded out the door and he took of, but eventually landed in a tall tree on the adjoining property with his fish.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

A whole site of paper guns. There are zip files that must be the pages to print to make your very own. Click my photo to see big version.

Narrow Escape--Death by Cow

Woman at the beach and cow lands where she had been moments before.
Sally Brown, 51, of Cowes, had just picked up her body board when she heard a loud noise as the animal hurtled down a cliff to its death.

Mis-Fortune Cookie

Chicks & then there are Chicks

My web helper, Heather and i were emailing sample graphics back and forth. The filename is "baby-chick-seals" and anyone who uses Gmail knows that you get ads in the margin from Google. They present ads based on the content of the text. Here is what my screen showed :o)

How To Pick Up Women
by John Eagan -Rated #1 by Men's Fitness Magazine- Dates Guaranteed

Heidi Klum Bikini Shoot
Free full-screen broadband video. Heidi models a swimsuit.

Build a 200-Chick Brooder
in 2 hours for $20. This and more in my baby chick book. Order now!

Baby Chick
Find great deals and save! Compare products, prices & stores.

more sponsored links »

Free $12 Razor

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The more audience, the better the send-off

Police in China cracking down on StripTease Funerals.


Lightspace® provides cutting edge interactive lighting and entertainment products to Nightclubs, Family Entertainment Centers, Theme Parks, Fashion Shows, Special Events Stage Lighting and Sound, Health Clubs and Architectural Lighting & Design.

The system is capable of storing and running a potentially limitless variety of games and interactive programs that can be used by any number of participants simultaneously.
Lightspace® Play includes an interactive floor surface comprised of 16” x 16” programmable LED lit and pressure sensitive tiles constructed to fit a 10 foot square space. Each tile consists of sixteen 4” x 4” pixels that can display any color, pattern or image.

The surface is able to detect location, movement and density of players to give a realistic gaming experience. Reactions to player movements are displayed on the surface and are accompanied by sound effects.
Engaging way for people of all ages to play, dance, design, get fit and have fun.

Trippy Video

Hobo Nickels

Hobo nickels, carved by yesterday's homeless, were traded for meals, a place to sleep, a ride, or other favors. Some were carved with images of loved ones as mementos of better times, or to honor those lost to time.
The Hobo Nickel Society has the history and tons of pictures and links.
Some of the nickels done in the last 10 years or so were done by professional engravers, as a hobby. Those, of course, are incredible but the early ones, although somewhat crude, are pretty impressive considering they were working with tools like a jack knife and bits of broken glass. Showcase of mostly modern ones.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Snakes in the Movie

Movie chain AMC Entertainment Inc. said pranksters at one of its Phoenix theaters released two live diamondback rattlesnakes during a showing of the film "Snakes on a Plane" last Friday. No one was injured.

Weird Al

Slashdot says:
"Known geek and comedy singer/songwriter Weird Al Yankovic has released the first song from his new album 'Straight Outta Lynwood' for free on his MySpace page. The track is entitled 'Don't Download This Song' and tells of the dangers of illegally downloading music from filesharing sites."

It is pretty funny.
Two lines:
"Don't download this song,
you'll burn in hell before too long."

Flowers Today !

I came home this afternoon to the prettiest bouquet of fresh flowers on my porch chair. Each stem was in its own water resevoir. I trimmed the stems and put them in a vase. Our nearby florist, Flowers by the Shore, does a wonderful job. The roses are even fragrant,....unusual in this day.
Thanks G.P.

Now I am hooked on fresh flowers weekly, so if any of my readers need to call Flowers by the Shores, here is the number: 251-968-8033

I think it is your turn next week.


Saturday, August 19, 2006

New York in LEGO

Click to see the larger version of this Lego Building....unbelievable.
See all of New York Here.

Can't make it to Venice this year? See St. Marks Square (Lego) w/ snow

Roman Numerals

Why do we still use roman numerals? No practical reason. Our society tends to be rather worshipful of the Romans, and to consider Latin to be the language of scholars. So anything that wants to look impressive has traditionally used roman numerals, because that's what they used in latin.

Read all the facts about ROMAN NUMERALS on Good Math, Bad Math

Fun Store

This cute Squid Wisk is among the colorful household items from France available on this Fun Website.

The Thing makes contact.

A week ago Friday, I was on my way up to the Chamber and I pulled out of the nearby shopping center parking lot between Rite-Aid and Burger King, making a left onto Ft. Morgan Rd near the Ft. Morgan/Hwy 59 intersection. Unfortunately, a big ole GMC SUV decided to pull out of the rt hand turning lane and whip around a car that had slowed to turn.

The turning lane he was in is new this summer and is not marked as a turning lane, so people who come off Hwy 59 are confused and not sure what lane to be in. That is what this guy had done, and he failed to see that I was coming out of the parking lot, since to me it appeared to me that all visible cars were turing in the driveway I was exiting.

He pulled out quickly around the car in front of him and was close to being past me when I caught the last foot of his car. I was breaking with all my might, but I only had a few feet in which to stop. Crunch....

Just made me sick. The bumper was mashed into the tire, so I got the policeman to give me a ride home. Heather's husband , Russ, drove me back up there and we took a sledgehammer. He pounded the bumper and fender out so my tire would turn and I drove The Thing on home.

I'll have to order a fender from The Thing shop out in Arizona and hope that Heather's Dad at Gary's Garage can straighten out my trunk lid over the fender. If not, it may stay closed for a long time. But, I don't want the car to spend the rest of the summer in Gary's shop, so I plan to see if I can get he headlight working enuf to be legal and I'll get it fixed when it turns cold.

Guess that will be the time to also have it re-painted.


On Friday afternoon Allan Lameier took me sailing on his cute little yellow sailboat on Wolf Bay. It was a beautiful day with a nice breeze most of the time. Allan is retired, lives in Foley, and had an interesting upbringing. He was raised in Saudia Arabia and went to high school in Italy.

People WANT to give me money !

Today is Sat and I am home doing domestic duties. Last night was a fun and interesting dinner at Tin Top and today is cleaning, organizing, weed-eating, blow-up swimming pool cleaning, sweating, billpaying, reading, and seeing that I have gotten my first donation from a thankful scrapbook website visitor for $27 !

This week, I finally got around to signing up for an Amazon donations account and a PayPal donation account and putting the links on

People regularly write me thank you notes, occasionally they call and thank me, so I figured it might bring in a bit of extra cash if I give them a way to make a little donation to the site as well. My very first one is larger than I expected.

Reading other people's experiences with Tip Jar links on their sites and blogs confirmed that there are people out there who will slip you a tip if you make it easy for them to do so. I know that I have done it. I have clicked 5 bucks to software writers when I was grateful for scripts they and written and I used them.

With PayPal they can use credit cards , checks or send from any reserve they might have in their PP account. Thru Amazon, they can use their Amazon one-click account as Amazon keeps their credit card info in their system.

So this will be interesting. And because she used PayPal, I get a copy of her email address so I can thank her.

I put the Donation links at the bottom of every page on the site, .....I'll let you know how it goes.

Note: Sunday noonish, got another contribution for $5 from the UK !

Friday, August 18, 2006

Today's Miracle

Workers at candy company see form of Virgin Mary in chocolate

Workers at a chocolate company have discovered a 2-inch-tall (5-centimeter-tall) column of chocolate drippings that they believe bears a striking resemblance to traditional depictions of the Virgin Mary.

Since the discovery of the drippings under a vat on Monday, employees of Bodega Chocolates have spent much of their time hovering over the tiny figure, praying and placing rose petals and candles around it.

Wonder if the Chocolate Madonna's presence increases productivity. Read More

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Whats Up...

Greeting friends and family,
I have just been too busy to play with the blog. Today I have been faxing and taking phone calls from the UK. It seems that a crook has stolen and used my scrapbook graphics on a graphics CD that she is selling online and on a British TV home shopping chanel. I have gotten emails from my own site visitors to alert me and calls from other designers who she has ripped off. One artist in the UK is willing to take her to court and she needs my cooperation. What this rip--off girl does not realize is that if she will not cooperate, then I can make a website that outranks her own site on search that alerts consumers to her dishonesty and warns then not to buy her products. I have done this in two other cases. It gets their attention !

Last Friday I had a small wreck in my adorable VW Thing. It was no ones fault. Just a result of lack of signage associated with a new turning lane that Gulf Shores has added. The out--of-towners just dont know the traffic patterns and as a result, we have a dangerous situation. I went by City Hall to meet with the public works dept about it.

Heather is out of school this semester and working every day. This has meant that I have had to do a lot more to have things ready for her to finish up or put together like I want them.

My friend Marti Choate arrives today from Huntsville to stay for a few days while she calls on her clients. He is a rep for Duralee Fabrics and a lot of fun.

Millers good friend Ben Rankin is in town this week and he came over for a couple hours yesterday. He is a computer programmer in the Nashville area now.

I am being taken sailing this afternoon on Wolf Bay. I have not done that before so I will take my camera.

sHRIMP fEST IS COMING AND i AM IN CHARGE OF POSTER SALES. OPPS, SORRY FOR CAPS. I have laminated about 30 of this years and past years shrimp festival posters and hammered big brass grommets in the corners . Lots of other details I have to take care of about having a tent this year that sells only the posters. For those who dont , SF is a huge deal here. About 3 days of set-up and 4 days of fest. Music on 3 stages.

gotta run....Lundy


I'll have to make new entries tomorrow...just been really busy.

Meanwhile, a good quote:

People often write me and ask how I keep my wood floors so clean when I live with a child and a dog, and my answer is that I use a technique called Suffering From a Mental Illness.
- Heather Armstrong

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Today's Miracle

Holy Water ?
SAN ANTONIO, Texas (AP) -- Is it an artesian spring, a broken water pipe or an abandoned well?

Lucille Pope's red oak tree has gurgled water for about three months, and experts can't seem to get to the root of the problem. Pope, 65, has sought answers from the Texas Forest Service, the Edwards Aquifer Authority and nurseries. Lucille Pope has started to wonder if the water has special properties.

Her insurance agent dabbed drops of the water on a spider bite and the welt went away, she said.
"I just want to know if it is a healing tree or blessed water," she said. "That's God's water. Nobody knows but God."

Friday, August 11, 2006

Skateboard Ramp

Cool skate ramp in PA was set up in 2005 temporarly...I think it is looking for a new home. Various sections painted by different artists.
Is your yard big enuf ?

Something You Need

Heinz is offering Ketchup w/ personalized labels.

My Sugestion
Order one with "This Stuff is Poison" on it and place in your icebox. See how many people even notice...

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

People having a heyday w/ AOL data

"A Face Is Exposed for AOL Searcher No. 4417749"
See NYT article to see what Mrs. Arnold has to say about the world seeing all her searches.

Even tho AOL has removed the data, it is mirrored all around the web.

One of the WMW forum posters wrote this:

" Nope, not too difficult at all for some users. I identified a poster on another another forum I frequent pretty easily by noticing searches for that forum, where his kids to to school, where he went to high school, the neighborhood he lives in, sports related searches, and a cruise he went on. It was pretty shocking to read through the search history and realize "that's so-and-so". And to stress the huge violation of privacy this is, I also know where he banks, who he has his mortgage through, what types of porn he likes, and when he likes to look for it."

This info will be of interest to some:
Compiled from the millions of searches on AOL by WMW forum members who have the capacity to crunch huge databases of info:

Percentage of clicks on AOL searches

By Position

1 - 22.73%
2 - 6.40%
3 - 4.53%
4 - 3.24%
5 - 2.61%
6 - 2.14%
7 - 1.81%
8 - 1.60%
9 - 1.51%
10 - 1.59%
11 - 0.35%
12 - 0.30%
13 - 0.28%
14 - 0.26%
15 - 0.25%
16 - 0.21%
17 - 0.19%
18 - 0.18%
19 - 0.17%
20 - 0.16%

By Page

1st Page (1-10) - 48.16%
2nd Page (11-25) - 3.1%
3rd Page (26-40) - .93%
4th Page (41-50) - .44%

Note: AOL puts 15 organic search results on the first page and 15 on the rest of the pages. That is why you see a much larger % on #10 than on #11

46.58% of searches result in no organic click-through at all. This means abandoned searches and those who clicked PPC results. THAT's a LOT !

"One interesting, if not surprising, thing is how ill-formed the bulk of the queries are. Most people appear not to have a clue about searching and just start typing whatever pops into their head. This lends a large element of chance to the whole venture."

Need a Concert Ticket ?

Generate one here...oh wait, it only makes a ticket STUB.

Remembering the Atlanta Pop Festival...26 yrs ago.

The 1970 Atlanta Pop Festival held in Byron, Ga. marked the end of the large-scale festival era. This historic event produced three live albums, a Jimi Hendrix movie and one of the most sought after concert posters ever produced. The artwork used for this lithograph is from Version 3 which had the finalized band lineup. In addition to the bands listed on the poster, the festival featured Poco, Rare Earth, Bob Segar, Mott the Hoople and Grand Funk Railroad which had made their debut only one year earlier at the 1969 Atlanta Festival.

I remember seeing this poster in shop windows on Highland Street in Memphis and thinking....I need to go to this !!!!! So I did.

God and Shrimp

Today's Miracle:
Man in Calif sees Jesus in his shrimp.
There is a slideshow and a video of it !

A California man believes he has seen the face of Jesus Christ on a shrimp tail.
Two photos of the tail were e-mailed to the San Jose NBC affiliate, KNTV.The man wrote that he wanted to share with viewers a smile and a sense of hope.

He claimed that when he finished his first shrimp, he disregarded the tail, but then looked at it again and saw the face of Jesus.The writer said he believed it was a sign, as he's currently going through a nasty divorce.

But, obviously he is not familiar with THE God Hates Shrimp WEBSITE

Good Gas Milage

My VW Thing does not have a gas guage. I had been running around in it for a few weeks and had no idea how much gas I had left. Pulling into the Chevron, I figured I'd add gas until the nozzle shut off to get some idea how much of the 10 gal tank I had used. It shut off at 42 cents worth of gasoline. I wondered if that were accurate, so I adjusted the position of the handle and tried again, I could only add 6 more cents worth for a total of 48 cents.

I think I will be driving the Thing more and more now that it is proving to be reliable. I stayed pretty close to home in it at first.

Remember the old VW Bug TV commercial where the guy hollered out the window "2 pennies a mile"?

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Read Audubon's Observations of Ospreys

From Birds of America

11 Egyptians missing in US

Check their names;
• El Sayed Ahmed Elsayed Ibrahim, 20
• Eslam Ibrahim Mohamed El Dessouki, 21
• Alaa Abd El Fattah Ali El Bahnasawi, 20
Mohamed Ragab Mohamed Abd Alla, 22
• Ahmed Refaat Saad El Moghazi El Laket, 19
• Ahmed Mohamed Mohamed Abou El Ela, 21
Mohamed Ibrahim Elsayed El Moghazy, 20
• Ebrahim Mabrouk Moustafa Abdou, 22
• Moustafa Wagdy Moustafa El Gafary, 18
Mohamed Saleh Ahmed Maray, 20
Mohamed Ibrahim Fouaad El Shenawy, 17

Certainly seems like Mohamed and Elsayed are a popular names in Egypt !

Compact Car

Thanks Carol !

All Things Considered---Ospreys

My mom left me a phone message telling me about this episode of ATC. It is about ospreys nesting in a fellow's property on Chesapeake Bay. Listen to the nice guitar at the end too.

Check the size of the fish my osprey had on Sunday. I know it is my original bird since he didn't mind me getting close.

Monday, August 07, 2006

(tight) Wet T-Shirt

Writing above the billboard says "Guys, Pray for Rain"
Playboy billboard promoting its online services in Germany - self explanatory.

Is It Just ME?

Two odd phrases keep popping up in print that just seem weird to me. Here is one:

"I am absolutely appalled that another computer containing the personal information of veterans has gone missing," said Sen. Rick Santorum, a Pennsylvania Republican.

Why not say "is missing" ?
Doesn't "has gone" imply some action on the part of the computer?

And our local newspaper recently had headlines that said:
"City looks to buy land on Ft. Morgan Road"
Is "looks to buy" an accepted English phrase for "considers" or similar?

Maybe it is, but both of those phrases sound rather like Granny Clampett to me. Your opinion?

Once Again, Blogs Bring Acountability

According to CNN, Several blogs, including a number which accuse the media of distorted coverage of the Middle East conflict, said photographs from Reuters had been doctored.

Reuters withdrew all 920 photographs by a freelance Lebanese photographer from its database on Monday after a review of his work showed he had altered two images from the conflict between Israel and Hezbollah. The two altered photographs were among 43 that Hajj filed directly to the Reuters Global Pictures Desk since the start of the conflict on July 12.

An immediate inquiry began into Hajj's other work.

It established on Monday that a photograph of an Israeli F-16 fighter over Nabatiyeh, southern Lebanon and dated August 2, had been doctored to increase the number of flares dropped by the plane from one to three.

Reuters ended its relationship with Hajj on Sunday after it found that a photograph he had taken of the aftermath of an Israeli air strike on suburban Beirut had been manipulated using Photoshop software to show more and darker smoke rising from buildings.

AOL releases search data

AOL Search Data Shows Users Planning to commit Murder. released a list of 20 million + searches by 500,000 AOL users. Contained in this list are social security numbers, credit cards and other personal information. There are some truly scary things in this database.

There are hundreds of searches from people looking to kill themselves and even more scary are searches from users that seem to be looking to commit murder.

Check out the search history for user 17556639, most recent search is at the bottom of the list.. Does this look like the search history of a user wanting to do something bad?

17556639 how to kill your wife
17556639 how to kill your wife
17556639 wife killer
17556639 how to kill a wife
17556639 poop
17556639 dead people
17556639 pictures of dead people
17556639 killed people
17556639 dead pictures
17556639 dead pictures
17556639 dead pictures
17556639 murder photo
17556639 steak and cheese
17556639 photo of death
17556639 photo of death
17556639 death
17556639 dead people photos
17556639 photo of dead people
17556639 decapatated photos
17556639 decapatated photos
17556639 car crashes3
17556639 car crashes3
17556639 car crash photo

Techcrunch has more info

WIRED's take on this

AOL quickly pulled down the AOL Research page on Sunday night and several hours later removed the data site from the web, though the file was quickly mirrored and is now available on peer-to-peer sites. J-walk has put together a zipped Excell file of the info for download if you are curious.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Alabama Home Security


1. Go to a second-hand store and buy a pair of men's used size 14-16
work boots.

2. Place them on your front porch, along with a copy of Guns & Ammo
magazine and your NRA magazines.

3. Put a few giant dog dishes next to the boots and magazine.

4. Leave a note on your door that reads:

Hey Bubba, Big Jim, Duke and Slim,
I went for more ammunition. Back in an hour. Don't mess with the pit bulls -- they attacked the mailman this morning and messed him up real bad. I don't think Killer took part in it but it was hard to tell from all the blood. Anyways, I locked all four of 'em in the house. Better
wait outside.

Trade Your Old CDs

the best online service we've found for trading music CDs... You can't beat the price...
- PC Magazine, Editors' Choice

I have joined and listed some rather common older CD's. So far no email has arrived saying anyone wants them. Guess there are too many copies around. They claim to have 1.8 million titles listed now. If someone wants your CD, and you mail it off in the provided envelopes they send you ahead of time, then you get to go pick one that someone else has.

Also, my free T-Shirt has never arrived even tho I got an email saying it was mailed ....

When I get around to it, I'll list more CD's. You just have to remember where they are in case you get asked to mail one out.

Photos from Carol

Being Jackson Pollock

Al Gore's Penguin Army

At over 333,000 showings by Sunday nite, this controversial YouTube video is one of the most viewed.

A tiny little movie making fun of Al Gore, supposedly made by an amateur filmmaker, recently appeared on the popular Web site

At first blush, the spoof seemed like a scrappy little homemade film poking fun at Gore and his anti-global warming crusade.

In the movie, Gore is seen boring an army of penguins with his lecture and blaming global warming for everything, including Lindsay Lohan's thinness.

But when the Wall Street Journal tried to find the guy who posted the film "Al Gore's Penguin Army" — listed on YouTube as a 29-year-old — they found the movie didn't come from an amateur working out of his basement.

The film actually came from a slick Republican public relations firm called DCI, which just happens to have oil giant Exxon as a client.

A separate video covers the

Misuse of the Linux Mascot

Ocean Street

Sunday afternnoon I participated in a call for extras in the filming of an Ocean Street music video at Lulu's.


The Atlanta band is made up of some smart fellows, a Vandy grad, one from Rhodes (Memphis) , and one from one of the Ivy League schools (I forgot which), an AA baseball player. They were good. I chatted with a guy my age from Atlanta who was putting them all up in his Perdido beach house for the weekend. Look for me in the crowd on MTV I suppose, turquoise top & black sun hat.

They played the same song over and over, and it was play-acting, the microphones were just props the director kept reminding the band. The music really came from a little walkman looking CD player that one guy turned on and off over and over, that youc an see in the photo.

They filmed w/ the band on the outside stage in the Lulu's kids sand play area. The director wanted lots of clapping, hooping and hollering, and hands in the air. The mini-crowd was cooperative.

It was kinda hot, but we had a stiff breeze the whole time and the band bought for everyone over 21. They gave me a EP CD but I didn't stick around for the T-shirts.

Star Wars on Banjo

This is good...& watch the eyebrows at the end.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Bad Site Alert

Google has begun alerting users whenever they click on a search result that may take them to a dangerous Web site.

The new feature, which had been spotted earlier this week, goes live officially Friday, according to an announcement from The Stop Badware Coalition, which is collaborating with Google on this effort.

When users attempt to click over to a Web site considered to be potentially dangerous, Google shows users an alert page that informs them of the possible risk and gives them the option to click back to the results page or continue on to the questionable Web site.

Read More PC World

Friday, August 04, 2006

Two Opsries or is it Ospreys

I had wondered why the last couple of days that the osprey in my tree would take off flying when he'd see me approaching at all...usually he'd let me get really close. I saw this morning that there were two ospreys in the tree ! One took off when I approached, camera in hand, the other one stayed put,eating his fish.

That explains has been the 2nd osprey in the tree the last few days,not 'my buddy'. My osprey is still out there eating, as I type this, but he other one is flying figure 8's along the coastline of Little Lagoon. My osprey stops eating every once in a while and CHIRPS at the other one (or me :o)

Photos taken in the morning are back-lit and look like silhouettes.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

My Osprey

Well, he has been around a lot lately. First photo he was in his favorite tree but took off flying when I walked too close. Second set of photos, early in the morning, he was eating in a tree very close to the house. Last phootos are from about 6 p.m. tonight. He was in his favorite tree but flew off to a piece of property a couple acres away.