Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Engineering Test

Watch a Boeing 777 wing stress test .... when it goes....bammmmm
Pretty interesting.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Fried Phone

I jumped out of the shower and took a couple of calls on my cell on Sat....guess what....I suppose the steam off my ear was moisture overload for my delicate little phone,.... now no workie. I am using my old phone for the moment and it holds a charge for about 3 hours, (reason it was replaced) so if you don't get me on cell, try the houses on both sides of the street.

I am giving my dead phone a couple more days to see if it can rise from the dead as per the techniques and advice in Wiki How To article before I march up to Cingular and spend money.

Fun Toy for Today

and you can go to the comments area and copy/paste other people's settings to try

but really, as for fun toys, ZeFrank has everyone beat, hands down IMHO

and BTW, this a.m. was in the 40's when I got up, so nevermind about coldest night, I guess the cold weather retracted back to the north where it belongs.

Monday, January 29, 2007

This is cool

If you get a scan at a hospital, ask for a CD of the scans. There is a lot of open source software out there that will allow you to re-assemble the thin slices on the CD and see for your self what your innards look like. Read this short Wired piece.


It is 37 degrees as I speak. Yipes !

Just got back from dinner at Lulu's and it is only 9:30, so tonight will probably be our coldest night of the year. Shelly Pulliam has been here this weekend and she leaves in the morning so Marti Choate , Mark Berson, Shelly and I went to Lulu's to hear Brent Burns and have dinner.

I am sooooo thrilled to say that Lulu's has added a menu item that is actually really good. The hamburgers and most fried stuff was always good, but other than that, and maybe the gumbo, it was hard to find anything I wanted to they have a marinated rare tuna sandwich that comes with some great 'asian style' , (their name for it) , slaw which is really, really good. I am so glad to have something positive to write about in my Gulf Shores restaurants web page about the food at Lulu's. I end up going there a lot because of 1. location, 2. out of towners want to go there and 3. they actually do sometimes have the best music down here. Now I have something I look forward to ordering.

We had a good time this weekend. Marti and Shelly got to town on Fri evening and Marti made a HUGE pot of beef/veggie soup so we ate her soup and stayed up late visiting and laughing. On Sat. Dave got here from P'cola area about 2:30 and we cooked up a storm. We lit the grill and cooked marinated boneless skinless chicken thighs and grilled veggies including pineapple. Dave can flat-out cook, really. Oh, and it was my idea to make the cookies in the mango sorbet stick up like nuke-liar reactors, I can't blame that on anyone else.

Marti and Shelly brought Mardi Gras tiaras for us all and a Mardi Gras CD. Down here everyone seems to be really glad to get Christmas out of the way so we can get started on Mardi Gras. Mark came to eat with us and good friends Becky & Warren were gonna come but they have been flying about so much and the weather was awful so they stayed in New Orleans since they are headed back out of town in a different direction this week.

Sunday several of us went to Lulu's for lunch....some mutual friends, Allan Lameier & Pam Daniels were here that a while back Marti and I fixed up in the first place, blind date style and sho nuf, they hit it off great and are now quite a couple. So nice when something like that works out. Lulu's makes a great bloody mary with not only olives, but pickled okra on the toothpick..... Perfect for Sunday lunch.

Marti and Shelly, both former interior designers, helped me mark up my plans for things like phone, cat 5 cables, pocket doors, etc....and tomorrow morning my builder, Dan is to be here at 10 a.m. to go over them. Then I have lunch at 2 p.m. with a couple of banker fellows, one a good friend, at Cosmos. Heather is running fever and not able to come into work, so I will need to squeeze in computer time whenever possible.

Because the hobby of scrapbooking is spreading across Europe and elsewhere, we put out a call for volunteer translators in exchange for crafts and scrapbooking books and the response has been wonderful. We just need to make sure that we have everything we want on that one page of text that we get translated into all these languages to explain my site and answer the most common questions. Making handmade cards has been a popular hobby in the UK and Netherlands for some time and my site gives them backgrounds to use for their cards, plus small cut-outs. We want the website to be 'search engine friendly' in all these languages.

Plus, Heather and I have about a dozen other web projects we are working on.

Memphis History

Well, obviously Google Video does not have the 10 minute limitation that YouTube does. I just saw a big 32 min chunk of pure-D Memphis crowd-pleasin' video. I remember all the players in this little mini- documentary. Yep, this peek into the past shows a big part of the Memphis local television audience and live entertainment a few years back.
Jerry the King Lawyer, Lance Russell, Jimmy Hart, ...I just wonder where Dave Brown was...maybe since he is still the best known TV weatherman he opted out of this bit of Memphis history, but he was the co-host of televised local wrestling at the time.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Online Dating

Recent conference showcased add-ons for anyone wanting to ck out that cute looking fellow/ gal B4 you reveal too much about yourself. Interesting article about digging up the facts ( or factoids)

Snakes on a Blog

Python almost long enough to span the width of a tennis court and as thick as a tree trunk swallowed at least 11 dogs before capture.

Read More if you dare

Welcome Whistling Visitors

Seems that the owners of cafe that was the real inspiration for the Whistle Stop Cafe, (Fried Green Tomatoes fame) have linked to my blog and are sending me all sorts of visitors...thanks & thanks for the comments. You'll find some good recipes and food inspiration at

Another Miracle !

Rubber tapper Kamariah Koning, 52, said since her 23-year-old daughter Siti Suhana Saadon was featured on TV3 on Monday, people have been coming to her Taman Cempaka Dua, Durian Tunggal home from far and wide. And the telephone has not stopped ringing.

"People just want to know how the stones grow from my daughter’s toes.

"We are not looking for publicity, but we want someone to research on this and heal my daughter," she said.

Kamariah said that the skin under Siti Suhana’s toenails opens up, releases a stone and then closes itself.

"I don’t work as I have to care for my disabled brother. Also, I feel weak when the stones are about to come out," said Siti Suhana.

The stones, she said, normally come out in fives, but in the past few days only two marble-sized stones have appeared, she said. Read More

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Emails I love :o)

Received from Google tonight:
"After a recent review of your site, we would like to include in our custom placement packs program. Custom placement packs are selections of individually-reviewed sites designed for our largest brand advertisers. ........................


It is great to be sought after !

Wash Your Hands Dude

"Give me some of that" soundtrack plays in the
The candid camera site of guys who don't wash.

Usenet Update

Online discussion forums date from the Internet's early days, and many people consider them passe in the Web 2.0 era of blogs, wikis, and social networks. But Google has no plan to put its Groups service out to pasture.

On the contrary, Google today unveiled an updated version of Groups. The discussion forum now sports a redesigned interface and new features such as the ability to create and edit Web pages and to upload and share files. According to Andrew Zaeske, Groups' engineering manager, this is just the beginning of the service's makeover.

via PC World

I love Usenet and credit Usenet for almost all my early online learning. The feeling of community was strong and participants included many an expert. I am sorry that so many computer users today do not even know about the other half of the world wide web.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Red Lichen

Check out this interesting lichen growing on this oak tree across Fort Morgan Road from my place. It is RED. I have never seen red before. Anyone know more about it ?

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

CC Trivia

How much do you think it costs the CC companies for each new acquision ?
$12.80, $32.67, $80+

Read credit card facts...

little example opf the fun on this site:
Credit card companies are all headquartered in states with high or no cap on interest rates. American Express is located in Utah (no cap), Bank of America is in Arizona (36%), Citibank is in South Dakota (no cap), Capital One is in Virginia (no cap), Providian is in New Hampshire (no cap), and JP Morgan Chase, MBNA (now Bank of America), Morgan Stanley/Discover, and HSBC are all located in Delaware (no cap).
Each American household receives approximately 6 offers a month. The typical response rate is .33% (one third of one percent). You can opt out of these mailings via OptOutPrescreen.

Each direct mailing acquisition costs approximately $80, according to R.K. Hammer, bank card advisory firm.

Credit card companies earned $90.1B in interest in 2006, up from $89.4B the year before (according to R.K. Hammer).

BOTTOM LINE... do not run up credit card debt....I not run up credit card debt

Great Sunglasses

Crazy Love....true story...a movie shown at Sundance this yr. Check her sunglasses....I think this photo was taken before he hired three men to throw lye into her eyes which left her blind. He did 14 yrs in prison and they married when he was released. Wow-e !

I'm just diggin' the sunglasses.

I bid on a pair on ebay this week but did not get them. They were vintage bamboo shaped plastic cat-eyes with green lenses. I really wanted them, I have a pair of bamboo painted mules (open toe, slip-in shoes for those who don't know, actually FMP's) and it would be a great match, but the price went way up over 50 bucks and I am not an idiot. So someone else will be behind those cool shades.

I did buy a really reasonably priced pair of old sunglasses on ebay last week. They are cool too, not as cool as the bamboo ones tho. The coolness is in the arms. They were overlooked by most bidders because the description was bad. Well, the description was fine, the title was bad, poor choice of words. I think I will wear them tomorrow.

I shot these sunglasses to my 'photo studio' , also known as my kitchen counter. If anyone else was here, I'd have action shots, but right now it is just me. They do look rather 60's like Useless Undress in a James Bond movie to me. I saw her the other day on TV, she looked kinda pickled poor thing. I did not realize so much time had passed. She sounded upbeat tho and I liked her attitude as I recall.

Tomorrow my builder, Dan Z and I are riding over to Theodore, AL (home of the silver hair favorite: Bellingrath Gardens) to Ted's DAC-ART plant. Dan will get to see the operation and meet Ted for the first time. We will probably spend some time on the plans for my addition. Ted has his CAD computers and draftsmen there. We want to get some plans that are at a stage that can be submitted for a permit. Dan knows I am on go-go-go. Dan and I will probably have to go up to Grenada, MS soon to see about the blocks I am buying...more on that later.

I had a meeting w/ my new CPA this week. When he heard my nifty ideas he seemed to have a slight smile the whole rest of the appointment. Said my plan was most unusual and a first for him. He shared some insightful info w/ me about tax stuff and GoZone tax breaks, etc...He says I must have my project finished by 2008 to meet GoZone requirements , that is IF I can meet them, I said, NO PROBLEM-O...cause I think once we start it will go fast. (Eternal optimist, I know) CPA said there is a lot of GoZone info yet to be handed down from the tax gods, but we think we will attempt to qualify. Got nothing to lose by trying.

Photo of Dan Z, my builder. Dan has built about 3 houses for my very good friend Becky Gottsegen. She is crazy about him. Great recommendation. AND...He is the kind of guy who enjoys the unusual.

Dan and I went down to the Nasello job one day last week and he got to see a DAC-ART structure happen' and talk to Mary and Jerry the owners plus turns out that he knows some of the guys doing the job already. so that is a big plus. It will be about an hour and half ride over to Ted's plant from here.

Then tomorrow night I meet Dave Perry at my favorite restaurant, Cosmos, in O.B. for dinner, that will be good. Dave has not been there yet. I have been there about 45 times !

Then next day Marti Choate from Huntsville returns for a week plus visit. Another friend, Shelly from Memphis is coming for about 3 or 4 of the days Marti is here. The Hardwood Dr house is still covered up in boxes from last U-Haul, I will be working odd hours to get stuff out of their way and clean bathrooms, etc...hoping that Marti gets here late, late, late in the day on Thurs. Besides a place for a good night's sleep, Marti needs a good place to work on her fabric orders, use Internet, fax stuff to the home office, etc...and the table she used to use now has a daybed in its place...I must improvise.

And my nails need doin'...I can't wait for summer when there are more hours in the day !


This past weekend was jes fine. Dave came over on Sat afternoon. He stopped at Joe Patti's in P'cola and brought huge shrimp, snapper and muscles. ....we cooked together for an hour or two and had a fantastic meal of seafood, brussel sprouts, garlic French Bread (he got at Joe Pattis), sesame dressing salad. In fact, we had so much that I just had the snapper for dinner tonight. It had been marinating since Sat and was great !

I saw a brussel sprout recipe in the newspaper called Maple Syrup Glazed B.S. and we fixed it and it was really good IF you like Brussel sprouts. Glenn had brought me fresh maple syrup the last time he went to Vermont.

Last night good friend, Mark Berson, and I went to the Beach Club for all -you-can-eat shrimp dinners. So-so food, so-so service, as usual for here least Mark had no problem with me asking what that runny white stuff on our plates was suppose to be (tartare sauce we were told) and then ordering some horseradish, chopped onion, relish, parsley, tobasco and we re-made the tartare sauce at out table. We decided that maybe because it is SnowBird season, that they totally de-season the food at all the restaurants. We looked around and we were the youngest people in the restaurant most of the time.

then, later

...I put together a wooden wall mount cabinet, I have had a brain storm on how to pull more rentals to my condo units. The cabinets are part of the plan...more on that later....with photos.


Another incident of an ebay seller selling MY GRAPHICS on a CD collection in the UK. Thank goodness that I have these worldwide scouts that report that stuff to me. I filled out all the necessary ebay UK paperwork and submitted it and wrote the seller an email (scathing)...who replied that she was sorry and would "ck on it". I love it when they include Disney graphics too (as she did), when they do that, I report the Disney infringement to a special email address and I can count on the big guns to kick ass. A later email said that she had removed all her auction items.

Headed to bed, the alarm is set....

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Smokey News

In Mexico and dozens of other countries, especially developing nations, health workers smoke at far higher rates than the general adult population. Mexican doctors and nurses smoke at twice the rate of other adults, according to international data compiled by the American Cancer Society. Similar disparities exist in Paraguay and Pakistan, countries where 32 percent of health professionals smoke, and Iranian doctors and nurses smoke at more than triple the rate of other adults. more from Washington Post

Friday, January 19, 2007

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

These Poeple Should be SHOT

From today's paper to enlarge and read this garbage....Didn't they see Little Miss Sunshine ???

Off the Scale

Anyone who has read that I have made all these trips to Memphis to deal with both boxes and stuff from the Cordova house & attic & U-Hauls and the boxes that Miller packed & stored, (He only expected them to be in storage for a few months)..... all who have read about it know that it has been a huge physical ordeal.
What I have not mentioned till now is the mental and emotional side of this process.

I can't describe the pain this multi-part expedition of discovery has ignited. I guess I understand (maybe) why Harry simply had Miller's packed up stuff delivered to my parent's guesthouse and just stacked sky high....mixed as the boxes are with old school notes and intensely personal memorabilia, dealing with them has been maybe more than he could stand and something I have not felt ready to address to others.

Every day after hours of unpacking, sorting, and crying, I'd think of adding a blog note, but ....I was alway too, too, too drained.

I know it seems like some sort of bragging to say that Miller had interests that spanned a vast stratospehere of subjects but it is true. ...Models, stained glass, brewmaster, music of all types (thank you WEVL & UT classical music classes) , electronics, language, history, engineering, horticulture, investments, reading, every freaking possible aspect of flight, concern for others, compassion, ......there is no end. With every box that I open , I am exposed to notes, plans, carefully & padded protected precious objects of love, sketches, voice recordings of such a varying magnitude of subjects that over and over I am AMAZED and get these multi-layer feelings that there is or will never ever be anyone like him.

Over and over I have I have had my heart ripped from my body. It is like a physical thing to which there is no end. I think it was expressed best in dialog in a movie I saw when they said "you have all this love in you for them and nothing to do with it". It is like it is cooped up inside about to explode. All you can hope for is diversion. My parent's move has been a big part of that diversion, and my life in Gulf Shores.

Sure there are moments of joy and surprise at what I find, and I frequently laugh out loud, but I have to say that the bottom line is "How could the Lord have taken such a FINE, fine, FINE person that I loved so much, and at such a young age".

The emotional drain has been monumental. Added to this is the drain of loss of the future. That is just as powerful as the loss of the past, maybe more.

Miller was a lot like me, in his keeping all sorts of weird but clever things that would be a lot of fun in the future.
He and I discussed how much he wanted to be a Dad and what fun he would have teaching his kids what really mattered. All of this it is up to me to dispose of. Wow, imagine how hard that is.

Another element of the whole process has been the total insanity the opening of the many boxes that Harry packed that contained stuff like rancid Crisco and stale flour from Wilderwood Ln. I do not understand why on earth he had all this stuff packed and delivered to my parent's home. I have dealt with mold-covered 8th grade football uniforms, rusted wastebaskets, dusty empty boxes, pure junk, in addition to precious things like report cards, and achievement test score sheets that show Miller to have been in the top .5 % of the nation in math and science and logical reasoning.

It seems that Harry had every photograph that was ever taken of our family delivered to the guesthouse. Even the ones in frames and the ones of his parents. I have been immersed in time-travel of the oddest kind. I hope that later he doesn't regret disposing of all of his past. I have saved the most significant things of course. I wish him the very best and hope to put together some photo albums for him especially.

And it is not only the past that presents itself in these stacks of boxes, I find all the shattered elements of hope too. Everything a life was built on is in these boxes. The only thing that helps me retain sanity is reflecting on the other people who endured Tsunamis and earthquakes, ship sinkings, war and all the components of human existence that have left moms w/ nothing but sparse reminders of the life that they had and the future they hoped for.

If anyone questions the ME of today and even thinks for a second that I might behave strangely or wonder WHY I am now who I am....stop and consider that it is a miracle that I am not either dead or in an insane asylum. Unless you have been there, no one understands the magnitude of the total loss of all children and whole family. Who would have ever imagined that I would be childless, husbandless, and trying to earn a supportive income on my own after the investment that I made in the 30 yrs of the most challenging of family life.

What does the future hold.....who knows. I feel fearless, after what I have endured, I am seasoned and ready for WHATEVER. That is a liberating thing, maybe the only positive to have come from this process. Need a volunteer for the dare-devil thrill ride, I am ready ! What have I got to lose ?

Cory Morrow

For anyone who doesn't listen to Cory Morrow CDs,
....don't you wonder what is you been missin' ?

Play them LOUD....jump up and dance.

And if you live in Texas, as I know some of you DO, you have no excuse.

Here is the current schedule, Lordy I DO feel TX calling !

Must share again

This photo is so funny, I feel I simply must share it for those who may have missed it the first time.

Little Bit of Momma for Sale on ebay !


From a search I saw:
Similar one still listed

Amusing Tale

Here is a little one page WIRED diversion--When Good Cows Go Mad

A Must-See Webpage

Strange Statues Around the World

Be sure to let all the photos load, a very diverse list....all worth seeing, some twice.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Village at Germantown

Since most people won't want to wait while all the detailed photos that I took at the Alzheimer's Unit at the "Village at Germantown " load in the blog, I have put them on a web page and will link to it from here. It is just a fantastic place, better than I would have even imagined. We children are so thankful that this place got built just exactly when our family needed it. To my knowledge, there is nothing in Memphis that even comes close to providing all that this Methodist Health Care affiliated retirement community does. Daddy feels perfectly comfortable there. It is much like a country club atmosphere.

Play Dress-Up

... all over the house.

I have been working on a web page about drawer pulls, cabinet knobs and such. One of the standout companies is Susan Goldstick's over the top colorful and jeweled home-fashion-jewelry site. Personally, I think I prefer, for the most part, hardware that looks like it will be a bit stronger, long lasting, and resistant to abrasion than this stuff, but it is great fun to look at nonetheless.
Her stuff could be GREAT fun in a little girl's Princess Bedroom.

Come on Girls....look at the potential

"Joyce Park, CTO of invitation site, has written a two-part essay exploring why there is no pipeline of self-taught female engineers entering the tech industry via Open Source or other individual efforts. In The Hidden Engineering Gap, she asks why there are so many self-taught male software engineers in startups, but no similar pool of women.

In A Modest Proposal, she discusses a potential short-term fix to the problem: a one-year, co-op, certificate-granting program for women set up and sponsored by Silicon Valley companies." dgilik notes that his unscientific survey suggested that 93% of Linux users are male.

Via Slashdot

Mystical Banjo Music

Well, I took a nap today...i had a big Cosmos lunch (biz of course) and it was cold, dreary, and it started raining . When I walked in the door at the Lagoon house, I was overtaken by bed gravity. (In case you don't know this term, frequently used by Dave Berry at the Miami Hearld, while couldn't find a concise definition for you, I did find this reference to bed gravity found in a scientific paper: (lumpen = unit of resitance to getting out of bed gravity x intertia x apathy ) which gives you the gist.

So now, after several cups of coffee, I am tying to get into a productive mode, but I am still transitioning, and have somehow gotten sucked into I'll share these three mini concerts that have been helping me transition, all with a common thread...err...string.

Pretty cool but boy do I wish he'd pick up that banjo leaning against the wall on the right.

Spectral Path

Now this fellow does have his banjo in hand:
Mongolian Throat Singing --Xue ting in red light

Mohamad Aznkd with Banjo and doing Cher-Singing

Now for the really fun part: Click the play button on all three , one right after the other. For this you probably will really need broadband, (this works great on my computer) but hey, if you don't have braodband, it is worth it, pick up that phone immediately and order DSL or cable internet NOW.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Senseo Coffee Makers-I'm Hooked

Well , Phillips/Sara Lee knew what they were doing when they mailed me a free one. At first I wasn't so sure that I'd prefer it to my regular coffee maker, but now I find myself hand carrying it back and forth from kitchen to kitchen because I so prefer the morning coffee from it and its expensive little pods.

I tried a Presto gizmo that I picked up locally that is suppose to allow you to use regular ground coffee in the Senseo but it was totally unacceptable. I called Presto about it, and from the sound of the customer service rep, seems like I was not the only one calling. So forget the Presto thing and fork over the extra buck or two for the real deal.
I have just placed a bid for a second one on ebay.

I have a few gripes about the packaging the pods come in, there are several brands. I noticed today that the Maxwell House brand has a better method to open the package than the previous ones I've bought...maybe they had some real people, half-awake, no glasses, attempt to open the old style and came to the conclusion that improvements were in order. I can still think of several other ways they can make the packaging better...but they have not asked...yet. I think most coffee brands are making these small 'pods' as they are called. I imagine the 'warehouse clubs' will offer them too at some point. Phillips has been very agressive in marketing these units in the States. They gave away a ton of them, and you can buy the coffee makers at all discount stores now.

The Move--The Movie

I have uploaded an unedited mini movie in two parts to YouTube. All you cousins and friends that know my Momma and Daddy might find it mildly interesting.
Memphis-Move-Part 1

Keep in mind that the image got kinda fuzzy due to the necessary compression to get the file size down to what YouTube will accept

Memphis-Move--Part 2

Very Cool Photo

This photo was taken above the guy's black granite kitchen countertop thru a piece of glass w/ water drops on it. He foucsed on the images in the drops, not the drops themselves, which he says is the most tricky part. Be sure to see it BIG.
Juicy orange slices:

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Great Weekend !

We are having the mildest winter. It is fabulous. Days in the 70's, nights in 60's. Very little cold weather. My St Augistine grass is leafing out again.

Friday night Dave Perry came over from P'cola area (brought me flowers, see above :0) and we went to dinner at good friends, Becky & Warren Gottesegen's. They are great people who live part time in a very cool home on the Gulf. Becky is an incredible cook. She made awesome crab cakes, grilled asparagus, and a super salad w/ goat cheese and toasted pecans. I took lemon tarts I made with fresh raspberries on top.

Afterwards, I got to see Dave's portfolio. He is a writer w/ a strong science background and does advertising and marketing projects.

Sat was a chill-out day, sleeping late, just hanging out and going to Jerry Nasello's construction site. Jerry & Mary were there and the workers were even there working. The weather was just awesome. The house is getting on up there and they have a great view of the gulf.

That night this whole community was very into football. Indianapolis vs. Baltimore. ....(Peyton Manning)

Sunday, I was having coffee on the porch and chatting on the phone when i looked up to see Doris and Joe Williams from Memphis sitting on the road...turns out there are here for a month. I had not seen either of them since Miller's funeral. They had never been here before. Joe was pastor of Cornerstone Bible Church when we were there and Doris and I were good friends. They came to the house and hung out a while. It was great to see them.

About an hour after they left, Dave came back over and we drove in his convertible down to Ft Morgan and had a little picnic. He had binoculars w/ him and it is fun to watch the ferry and gas rig going's on. I watched a helicopter land on an offshore rig. Back in town later, we went to the grocery and Dave got some fish, asparagus, salad, wine and get this.....came back here and HE COOKED A FANTASTIC MEAL all by himself. He cleaned up too. This is obviously a man of many talents. He can dance too ! Actually likes to ! And smart, smart, smart....into "CQK"....continuous quest for knowledge :o)

Friday, January 12, 2007

The New Me

I just got the word, I am now:
Fort Morgan Web Development, Inc.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Whoa...maybe the peso idea wasn't a good idea

A U.S. pizza chain has been hit with death threats and hate mail after offering to accept Mexican pesos, becoming another flashpoint in the nation's debate over immigrants.

Jesse "Guitar" Taylor

I am in a state of shock and sadness. Whilst unpacking I came across an older copy of experience Austin w/ awesome action photo of Jesse Taylor on the cover. In the back of my mind I remember hearing that Jesse was ill some time ago, so this a.m. I did a search and to my dismay I found that Jesse died this past March.

What a loss. I first heard of Jesse from a radio programmer friend in Memphis, Ann Howard, who knew him personally. When Judy Weeks and I flew to Austin one time we were fortunate to see Jesse play w/ Joe Ely at Liberty Lunch in what, I believe, was the very last show ever at Liberty Lunch in downtown Austin before it became history. The fabulous live recording, Joe Ely Live at Liberty Lunch was recorded there (highly recommended). Another time, Ann introduced me to him backstage at Austin Music Hall on New Years Eve.

I looked on Amazon and ebay and the few of his recordings (other than the ones w/ Joe Ely which were mass produced--and great) are either unavailable or collectors items selling for around 40 dollars from dealers in Holland.

Jesse was not only a guitar player supreme, but a gifted painter and illustrator and everyone and I mean everyone thought he was the sweetest tough guy around.

Moral of this story: get up off your stay-at-home butt and get out and hear some GOOD live music. It is fleeting magic.

I have already looked at the price of air tickets from P'cola to Austin.....I feel Austin calling.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Let your fingers do the walking

Tonight I sent my first text message. It only took about the same amount of time that a message chisled in stone would have. Up until now the only text messages I have received were a few from Cingular that proudly announced that they were no-cost, and encouraged me to sign up for nifty at-cost features. BUT tonight I got a REAL text message from Lauren Flinn Campbell, one of Miller's former girlfriends and friend. It boldly said "Reply", so I figured I would. I can see that I need a tutorial. I did not know how to do a carriage return or capitals, but I didn't care what it cost (I mean HOW much COULD it be ?) I figured that it was time for me to enter the age of technology. Of course, had it not been for adequate strength reading glasses, any text messaging would be out of the question, no matter how nimble my fingers are.

OK--so now I have been initiated into that world. Be looking for future text messages from me.

I am practising dancing Zydeco. I got a call from a guy I know from Memphis. He is hanging out here this winter (who can blame him) and he is doing free Zydeco dance classes at Phoenix III Condos on Friday afternoons at 4 p.m. He needs a dance partner. He is a much better dancer than I am. But hey, these are beginner classes. He said beteeen 25 -30 showed uop for the first class !!!

I had forgotten how cool (trippy) the movie "Pleasantville' just popped on since my Zydeco dance instruction DVD has been on pause for an hour. Jeff Daniels has made some good movies. The B & W vs Color theme is intriguing. How do you see the world ?

Today was a FABO warm and sunny day. Great weather for unloading my U-Haul trailer. Bless his heart......Glenn came right on time and exclaimed "I thought you said you were ready for me" I said "I am"...of course he was thinking, clear path , big pieces only....but that is not how life works. He was a great sport and when he left, the trailer was empty. I must make him some cookies or SOMETHING.

NOW...It is a freezing 39 degrees tonight. (I am sure I will hear from the Chamber of Commerce for announcing this. )
I went over to the Lagoon house for a while , but came promptly back over to the land of bath-tubs for an ultrahot soak after a WHOLE day of unpacking and sorting and arranging furnuiture.


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I'm Baaaaaack !

First, A Dallas-based pizza chain which caters to the Hispanic community is accepting the Mexican currency at all of its 59 U.S. stores starting on Monday. Wow.

I had a fine drive down. Almost no traffic, sometimes I was the only one on the road. I didn't go over about 60 mph, which is most unusual for me, but I noticed the trailer fishtailing when I first got on the highway, and figured I had better not take any chances. I personally know of two overturned trailers from that happening. I think a lot of heavy stuff got put on the trailer later in the game so it was too heavy near the back.

I stopped at Hacks Cross Rd Cracker Barrel and this outstanding cute blonde employee dug in the cabinets until she found the book on CD that I wanted to listen to. Garlic & Sapphires. Cary had told me it was good. A very sensual book...all about incredible food. A good listen. I also got John Grisham's new book, The Innocent Man, for a back-up, in case I didn't like the first one or it was scratched, etc...Cracker Barrel even had the batteries I needed for the portable boombox that I had sitting on the seat next to me. My car CD player doesn't work. I think it is still under warrenty, but we don't have a local Izuzu dealer. Besides, I never liked it anyway. I want a 10 or 12 CD changer. I ordered one online and it never came, I emailed and they said it never shipped and credited my card. Now I will have to watch for another bargain one again.

When I pulled out of Germantown at 1 p.m. Stephen was briefing Mom on the new safe that he bought her for the new house and Daddy was having lunch at the Alzheimers area at the Village of G'town. At first he is going there for Daddys Day Out hours but he and Lisa picked out his room there before she left for Colorado. This move is really just in time. Today was the first time I have ever heard him not recognize one of his kids. Cary came into the room he was in and he said "Now who are you ?" and she replied is a very sweet voice, "Daddy I'm Cary and I have come from Knoxville to help y'all move to the new house." he just said, Oh Ok, good.
I also heard from Cary's friend, Melissa who came too, that the night before he asked "Where'd that lady in the red dress go?" Cary had on a red coat. I will have to tease Cary that he forgets her BUT NOT ME !!! She'll say it is because I gave him so much grief growing up that he will never forget me ;o)

The Alzheimers area is wonerdful. Not at all like a nursing home. There seemed to be just 6 or 8 people having lunch at the two tables, linen table cloths and napkins, flowers on the table. The place has lovely home like furnishings, and a big birdcage w/ multi color birds in it. The Village of G'town also has a couple of dogs about. I saw a nice big Golden Retriever yesterday. It is wonderful that The Village got built just when we needed it, it is really the nicest facility that one could design. This place is POSH !!! All the Alzheimer residents are dressed in dress clothes, looking very classy and totally well cared for.

The moving men came back today and got the clothes, beds, and a lot of odds and ends. There is still a good bit at the old house, and I hope Cary can deal w/ it. Most goes to charity, At the last minute, before I drove off, out of ther charity piles, I grabbed a navy blue hat of mom's w/ big red cherries dangling off the brim and more on the band area. She said she once wore it to Ascot races in England in the 50's...think Elisa Doolittle and Henry Higgins. I plan to wear it friday night, at least for a few minutes !

I know that I have a good SUV load still up there. The new place also has stuff everywhere that needs to be sorted, put away, hung, moved around, etc...

I did a little video, so maybe tomorrow I can upload it to YouTube.

Dave Perry called to be sure I made it. I really appreciated that cause last time I was made to leave the trailer in Foley, parked in an out of biz Shoneys due to a bald tire on the U-Haul. Glenn drove over and got me that time.

Tomorrow that sweet Glenn is coming over from P'cola to meet w/ people about renting one of his Foley houses, so he said he'd come down at 9:30 a.m. and help me unload the trailer....can you believe it. He has unloaded 3 out of the 4 or 5 trailers w/ me I think. What a good friend ! But I know ahead of time that the whole time he will say "You need to get rid of some of this stuff" and I will reply "I know, I know, I am trying to sort thru it as fast as I can". Deja view.

Momma was so sweet and appreciative of all of us kids showing up and pitching in. I don't think this move could have happened otherwise. Lisa is due back from their Colorado place on the 13th. She did a ton right before she left to make the move happen.

Harry's moving Co did the move and the guys were great. Cinda , the office and general manager, came by one day but we never saw Harry. It was wonderful to see Cinda. I miss her 'cause I used to see her every day. She looked great.

I am headed to bed....goodnite all.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Speak English (Dammit)

I think this fellow is a baseball player, anyway....he is selling T-shirts that simply say SPEAK ENGLISH

I think it is the proper attire to wear to W-M lately. He has bumper stickers available too.

I suppose it could say "READ ENGLISH" just as well, since the message is read. But I kinda like the 'Speak English' message.

Why can't I think of the perfect slogan of the moment so I can sell a bazillion T-shirts ?


Cocaine is God's way of saying that you're making too much money.
- Robin Williams

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Dial-Up is making me nuts, or is it something else

Either the earth is spinning faster and therefore my mind is working faster or dial-up has gotten slower than ever. I got onto an unsecured wireless connection for a few minutes tonight, but it was too weak to stay connected. So I am back to Earthlink dial up. It would be next to impossible to do any web business on dial-up. It is next to impossible to just ck email and do mundane tasks. OK--enuf whining.
I am on my itty bitty laptop w/ mini keyboard so I am prome to typo's.

Stephen arrived today, yea. It is great having him around. Momma and I went to the new place, and yes, Randy the floor guy had gotten over there to get his tools, and throw outhis trash (most, not all)and since he had done that, Stephen and I werte able to see numerous places that need attention. Sloppy workmanship. When we got home, we told Momma not to pay him until he deals with several punch-list issues we easily spotted.

We measeured for in-cabinet kitchen slide out drawer-trays and for additional shelves in closets and Stephen and I went to Home Depot, Lowes, and got what we could. I got online and here and ordered more for the extroadinary narrow cabinets in kitchen. The traffic and number of red lights in Cordova make it an ordeal to go anywhere. Tomoroow Stephen will begin to mount the stuff we bought and go back for more parts once he sees just what we need to make the best use of the space.

We had a good laugh after a carry out dinner of gumbo as Daddy told us that once black bears invaded the hospital thru the back door. He said they were looking for tree bark. Daddy tells us many odd and strange stories now-a-days. He told us that Momma couldn't see the color dark-red anymore, and asked me if I missed seeing that car that just drove by because I might have the same problem. I just said, "Yea Daddy, it went by so fast, no way I could see it" and he is fine if you just sorta agree w/ him. Lately he is obsessed with the condition of the tops of his ears. He says there is dead tissue on them that hurts. It used to be his teeth, and he thought everything he ate got in them and bugged him. He wears a hat in the house most all the time and has misplaced his British plaid wool golfing hat that he wore the first few days. Now he is wearing a British wool Sherlock Holmes style hat that he once brought back from a trip for his dad. He sat in front of the TV on golf channel all day while we buzzed all around him packing and so forth. Mostly it was infomercials.

There is so much to do that sometimes I feel like I am just spinning my wheels and don't know what to do next. Momma is rather relaxed. The doctor gave her some pills to help in that respect and she has been utilizing them to good effect.

Well, believe it or not, I slept until 11 a.m. this morning...crazy...but Daddy was still asleep when I got downstairs !! and Momma was having no big rush around here....that is for sure. But I am headed to bed tonight, now at 11:30 so I can get up at a decent hour. Stephen is here now and he is an early bird. Cary arrives tomorrow I think. Lisa is in Colorado at their ski place till the 13th, but she put in big time last week getting tons of paperwork and Dr stuff w/ Daddy accomplished for the move and was really my hero last week. If it wasnt for Lisa, this move might not even be happening. Momma got rather outdone w/ her last week but Lisa told her that she was doing what all the bro and sisters said had to be acomplished and that Momma could just fuss at us some instead of all at her, cause it HAD to be done. It was Lisa who called and booked the Moving Co in the first place, that sort of thing so we are all greatful for Lisa's particular talent for making things happen NOW.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Big Job

Wow, this is sho nuff some job here. 3 ladies have packed all day for 2 days. They are planning to come back Monday a.m.
I would have started taking stuff over 5to the new house but I walked in today and the floor guys had left it a huge mess. HUGE mess. I had to rush back here and get the floor guy on the phone, he swears they will come get the tools and wood scraps , etc...and clean some tomorrow a.m.
Sawdust is everywhere.

I think Momma may find that there is not going to be enuf room for what she is planning on taking over. Esp in the cooking category. Cookbooks, jello molds, etc...

I hope the interior decorator gets on over here and says what goes and what doesn't. There is still some confustion about that. He has been out of town.

It is a really strange feeling seeing so many go/no-go/trash/goodwill decisions being made over so many things that are just such a big part of this house, our childhood and my Mom's identity. So many things we just can't bear to part with, plus my other sdisters ar4e not here so I hate to think they would have really wanted something that we tossed.

The dining room has a big pile of 'if you want it, grab it' stuff.
I am going to put together a box of kitchen stuff for Glenn. Today I called the Orange Mound Community Ctr and they put me in touch w/ the lady that teaches ceramics there. Just happened that she was leaving a dr app't out east, so I got her to meet me at a church parking lot and I loaded her car down w/ plaster ceramic molds. I have since found two more boxes, so she gave me her pastors address , which is really close by, so I can drop them off there for her. There is still plenty of the stuff from my old house out in the guest house that I am having to go fact I am headed back out there now. Maybe I can crank up some music and I'll open a cold Bud.
I am tired !

From Memphis

Good Morning from Memphis

I drove thru rain all day yesterday but when I got here I found warm weather so I was elated.

The packing team of 3 ladies worked all day yesterday and got TONS done. Things are a lot more organized here than I expected.

I do think that perhaps Momma is expecting more to fit into the new space than will realistically fit, so some additional sorting will prob have to take place once the boxes get over there...but that is OK.

I brought Jerry Nasello's video camera so I hope to make a little video for YouTube. I need practice as a movie maker anyway.

The evening before I left for Memphis, advertizing/writer and all 'round creative (& cute) guy Dave Perry came for dinner and we talked a bit about putting together a promotional packet to give to manufacturers who express an interest in getting a listing on my websites.
We will let them know that we can work that out in exchange for components for the Phase II construction. I am excited about putting this together when I get back to LA. That would be Lower Alabama.

OK, the packer ladies are now in my space, so I need to finish getting dressed and get with the program.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Live Longer

I think I am staying off ferrys and out of high schools.

Entertainment On the Water

Living on Little Lagoon is so entertaining. Moments ago a whole flock of loons went by, close to the shoreline and house. They were doing something I have not seen before. All of them were flitting just inches above the water but with their tail feathers actually dipping into the water. It looked like, at times, some of their feet were going in and out of the water too. Of course it was quite a splashy scene and they were moving along at a quick pace.

About 5 minutes before, a lone coyote was trotting across the shoreline. He stopped a couple times and looked back ,over his shoulder then moved on out of sight.

Wonder what I'll get to watch during my second cup of coffee.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Patrick Stewart Video

On writing screenplays (funny):

On the Road Again

Looks like I will be driving to Mempho on Thurs. Momma has packers lined up to come on Thurs and Fri for their move to the new house. I probably won't get much added to the blog in next few days, even tho there is a lot I'd like too.

Between getting my important stuff (that means stuff more important than this blog ) ready and all that goes w/ leaving town and the almost non-existent Internet access for me in at my parents, I will probably be unable to update much. You will simply have to browse the web on your own to uncover interesting tid-bits....and believe me they are out there.

I brought a book of Momma's down here and have almost finished. It is "Being Dead is No Excuse". While it is written about Southern funerals by two Southern gals who know, it is not side-splitting funny (likeSouthern Fried Divorceis (you can get it used for 5 cents for goodness sakes)) but it does have some recipes that look pretty good if calorie or health issues do not stand in your way. The book is about throwing a proper funeral and the food offerings that should go along with it.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Sounds Grim

At least 1,413 people — referred to as "amateur butchers" by the Turkish media spent the first day of the Muslim feast of Eid al-Adha in emergency wards on Sunday after stabbing themselves or suffering other injuries while sacrificing startled animals. Read More

Happy New Year

Perfect weather down here for mid-winter and New Years festivities. Last night was about 65 degrees....ideal. The chamber spokesman has asked me to be sure to point that out....I often get a phone call when I report something like 'bitter cold' or similar.

Cosmos, all of my friend's favorite restaurant, was reservation-full, but we took our chances and got a spot at the bar for a dinner of Japanese salads and sushi. That sweet ultra-waitress, Ginny Lynn was there sporting a new 'do' and a big smile. Ginny, who is an artist by day, is decorated in exotic tattoos and often surprises us with different hair colors and styles.

The Wharf in Orange Beach threw a big free outdoor party along the main drag where shops and restaurants are just beginning to open in this huge, new, grand-e-ous development. It was very 'family friendly' which was a great thing considering that is the theme of this resort area. The tall palms were all lit up along the main street and a big stage with the fabulous Tip Tops was at the north end.

The Wharf had one of those Living Statue Performance Artists, I guess that is what you call them, anyway, you frequently see them in Barcelona and Amsterdam public parks and such, but not around here, so it was a bit of a novelty. She would move every 5 minutes or so.

Santa, taking a beach break, seemed to be enjoying himself.

I am usually not a big fan of cover bands that just perform old hits, but the Tip Tops are an exception. They really are, as my friend Dave stated, "A Review". I counted eleven in the band last night (I might be off by one or two) and they are so talented and so tight that it is a pleasure to get to see them in action.

Click the Photos for a Better View

Seems that every member has a great voice and they just take turns singing lead. Funny thing, we were laughing last night and commenting on the fact that ours is probably the only Chamber of Commerce in the nation who hired a band like the Tip Tops for their annual general membership meeting. Things are just different at the beach.

My friend, Tara Gifford, has opened a second Blue Girl Beading Shop at The Wharf. Tara bestowed hugs and kisses and gave me a great pair of earrings as a New Years surprise. She is really a sweetie. Her new shop has a special demonstration area for glass bead making. It faces the storefront windows so passers-by can watch her using her torches and glass rods to make specialty beads for the shop.

On to Lulu's........

Lulu's (named for Jimmy Buffett's sister, Lucy) over on the Intercoastal Waterway had a full house.

The band was Wet Willie, (unfortunately, minus a sax player). This band is mostly remembered for the Southern Rock hit that included the lyrics:
because ya' know I love ya' baby,
well, you know I love you baby.
If I don't love you baby,
grits ain't groceries and eggs ain't poultry,
and Mona Lisa was a man.
Lucy Buffett looked like she was having a good time and dancing with her husband.

Lulu's is a no cover venue. It was wonderfully refreshing to see Gulf Shores/ Orange Beach locations offer all these festivities to the public and allow a come and go approach to the evening.

Happy New Year to All