Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I'm Baaaaaack !

First, A Dallas-based pizza chain which caters to the Hispanic community is accepting the Mexican currency at all of its 59 U.S. stores starting on Monday. Wow.

I had a fine drive down. Almost no traffic, sometimes I was the only one on the road. I didn't go over about 60 mph, which is most unusual for me, but I noticed the trailer fishtailing when I first got on the highway, and figured I had better not take any chances. I personally know of two overturned trailers from that happening. I think a lot of heavy stuff got put on the trailer later in the game so it was too heavy near the back.

I stopped at Hacks Cross Rd Cracker Barrel and this outstanding cute blonde employee dug in the cabinets until she found the book on CD that I wanted to listen to. Garlic & Sapphires. Cary had told me it was good. A very sensual book...all about incredible food. A good listen. I also got John Grisham's new book, The Innocent Man, for a back-up, in case I didn't like the first one or it was scratched, etc...Cracker Barrel even had the batteries I needed for the portable boombox that I had sitting on the seat next to me. My car CD player doesn't work. I think it is still under warrenty, but we don't have a local Izuzu dealer. Besides, I never liked it anyway. I want a 10 or 12 CD changer. I ordered one online and it never came, I emailed and they said it never shipped and credited my card. Now I will have to watch for another bargain one again.

When I pulled out of Germantown at 1 p.m. Stephen was briefing Mom on the new safe that he bought her for the new house and Daddy was having lunch at the Alzheimers area at the Village of G'town. At first he is going there for Daddys Day Out hours but he and Lisa picked out his room there before she left for Colorado. This move is really just in time. Today was the first time I have ever heard him not recognize one of his kids. Cary came into the room he was in and he said "Now who are you ?" and she replied is a very sweet voice, "Daddy I'm Cary and I have come from Knoxville to help y'all move to the new house." he just said, Oh Ok, good.
I also heard from Cary's friend, Melissa who came too, that the night before he asked "Where'd that lady in the red dress go?" Cary had on a red coat. I will have to tease Cary that he forgets her BUT NOT ME !!! She'll say it is because I gave him so much grief growing up that he will never forget me ;o)

The Alzheimers area is wonerdful. Not at all like a nursing home. There seemed to be just 6 or 8 people having lunch at the two tables, linen table cloths and napkins, flowers on the table. The place has lovely home like furnishings, and a big birdcage w/ multi color birds in it. The Village of G'town also has a couple of dogs about. I saw a nice big Golden Retriever yesterday. It is wonderful that The Village got built just when we needed it, it is really the nicest facility that one could design. This place is POSH !!! All the Alzheimer residents are dressed in dress clothes, looking very classy and totally well cared for.

The moving men came back today and got the clothes, beds, and a lot of odds and ends. There is still a good bit at the old house, and I hope Cary can deal w/ it. Most goes to charity, At the last minute, before I drove off, out of ther charity piles, I grabbed a navy blue hat of mom's w/ big red cherries dangling off the brim and more on the band area. She said she once wore it to Ascot races in England in the 50's...think Elisa Doolittle and Henry Higgins. I plan to wear it friday night, at least for a few minutes !

I know that I have a good SUV load still up there. The new place also has stuff everywhere that needs to be sorted, put away, hung, moved around, etc...

I did a little video, so maybe tomorrow I can upload it to YouTube.

Dave Perry called to be sure I made it. I really appreciated that cause last time I was made to leave the trailer in Foley, parked in an out of biz Shoneys due to a bald tire on the U-Haul. Glenn drove over and got me that time.

Tomorrow that sweet Glenn is coming over from P'cola to meet w/ people about renting one of his Foley houses, so he said he'd come down at 9:30 a.m. and help me unload the trailer....can you believe it. He has unloaded 3 out of the 4 or 5 trailers w/ me I think. What a good friend ! But I know ahead of time that the whole time he will say "You need to get rid of some of this stuff" and I will reply "I know, I know, I am trying to sort thru it as fast as I can". Deja view.

Momma was so sweet and appreciative of all of us kids showing up and pitching in. I don't think this move could have happened otherwise. Lisa is due back from their Colorado place on the 13th. She did a ton right before she left to make the move happen.

Harry's moving Co did the move and the guys were great. Cinda , the office and general manager, came by one day but we never saw Harry. It was wonderful to see Cinda. I miss her 'cause I used to see her every day. She looked great.

I am headed to bed....goodnite all.

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