Monday, January 29, 2007

Memphis History

Well, obviously Google Video does not have the 10 minute limitation that YouTube does. I just saw a big 32 min chunk of pure-D Memphis crowd-pleasin' video. I remember all the players in this little mini- documentary. Yep, this peek into the past shows a big part of the Memphis local television audience and live entertainment a few years back.
Jerry the King Lawyer, Lance Russell, Jimmy Hart, ...I just wonder where Dave Brown was...maybe since he is still the best known TV weatherman he opted out of this bit of Memphis history, but he was the co-host of televised local wrestling at the time.

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Anonymous said...

Hey L,

Just wanted to let you know that J the King was behind me in line to vote at the last election. I wouldn't have noticed but the guy ahead of me said something. I guess he's still a celeb to some of us. Memphis has a few left, but one fewer since you left town, dear! Hope it's warmer there!