Wednesday, December 30, 2009

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

SUPER Sick-O Ex-Judge in Mobile on Trial

Trial of former judge Herman Thomas

It is 'off the scale' horrible what all this sick-sick-sick black judge in Mobile Alabama has been doing to young men in his courtroom for years.

The amazing thing is that the local newspaper there is not even covering this shocking trial.

The smaller little paper "The Lagniappe " has been:

So why is the big old Mobile Register not printing the horrific things that this man has been up to all this time and the details are coming out in court ? What is up with that ?

This man even took advantage of retarded people "The other sodomy charge involved Witness 4, who has an IQ of 55."

Just makes me want to cry.

Night Sky Viewer

Might work on the blog, might not...

Please enable JAVATM to use the Mini-AstroViewer night sky map.

current night sky over Mobile, AL
Sky map by AstroViewer®

Pumpkin Stencils Free

Free pumpkin carving stencils and templates

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Ain't Online Shopping Great !

Just got back from Office Depot up in Foley. I need to print and put together more tile catalogs. I bought what I thought was the right clear plastic pre-punched covers...the photo showed a punched plastic all the way home, opened them and guess what...they are not punched for the comb binder thingie that holds it all together. I am so mad.

I went back to a place I had ordered my pre-punched paper from before and am ordering the correct thing sent right to the door, free shipping and no sales tax. Should have done it in the first place. They have all sorts of do-it-yerself presentation folder and catalog stuff.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Sofa Arrives

Most amazing thing about the new sofa. Who would have expected deluxe customer service from a Russian guy running a LA, Calif online el-cheap-o furniture store w/ Asian knock-offs of contemporary Italian designs ? The sofa got delivered on 2 pallets all wrapped up like a major mummy. No visible damage to the exterior.

Once I got it upstairs, I could see that a piece of framework had come loose and was showing against the sofa back and was at an odd angle w/ the top of the wood bar pushing against the covering like it could poke a hole over time. Didn't look like something i could fix myself. I called the online store and reported this. Told them I had made photos if they wanted me to send them. They did and I emailed photos. Owner said he'd have someone come by and fix friends kidded me... "My sister is currently in the Ukraine but the next time she passes thru Lower Alabama I'll have her swing by and fix your sofa." phone rings early next morning and it is a regional "Furniture Medic" who sets up an appointment to be here on Monday.

Can't believe it. Then that afternoon the owner out in LA, CA calls to check to see if someone had contacted me about the repair. WOW--what majorly excellent customer service. I can recommend this online shop...

The sofa is in 3 pcs. The piece w/ no back can be swiveled around to be grande footrest in front of the sofa for Netflix time. Got to pick up some of those teflon disks at Lowes today to facilitate that happeneing. Eventually want to do casters but will require some leg-engineering.

Custom print fabric on demand

How cool is this ? Print-on-Demand Fabric
Want to recreate your favorite vintage tea towel or put your own spin on a Liberty of London print? Head to Spoonflower, a Web site that allows users to print their own designs on fabric. Launched last year out of an old sock mill in Mebane, North Carolina, the site has rapidly attracted a crafty fan base of 15,000 users. The process is simple: upload a file (JPG, TIF, or PNG), select from multiple placement options, and check out. Prices range from $5.00 for an 8” x 8” swatch to $32.00 per yard of upholstery-weight cotton sateen, and designs are printed (using eco-friendly, non-toxic pigment inks) within five business days. Textile design veterans and amateurs alike can enter the "Fabric of the Week" contest, which is voted on by fellow Spoonflower users. Winning designs are offered for sale as limited-edition fabrics at Spoonflower’s Etsy shop. I may just upload my tile designs and make sofa pilows to match my floors.

Polypodium leucotomos

Why is this stuff not more well known ???

I read a little sniplet of info about this extract of a fern from Honduras that prevents you from sunburning in a ladies magazine about a year ago. Then when I was headed to Dominican Republic ill prepared for full-tilt-beach-boogie sunshine I ordered some thru Amazon. Took the capsules as suggested and sho nuf...I used no sunscreen and got zero sunburn out on the Punta Cana full-sun beaches...and we even took a Hobie Cat for a sail. It worked for me. I figured that if Polypodium leucotomos could protect one's skin from the UV rays that maybe it was a better investment to take the pills daily than invest in wrinkle creams and potions.

Originally I bought a product called Heilocare...bright orange capsules. This time I found it for less sold as Sun Pills in yellow packaging. Looked at Rite-Aid and low and behold, they had it and it was on clearance, half off. I bought all they had for $7.50 a package of 30 pills.

When I tell people about this stuff, they roll their eyes. So I did some web searching for facts. Seems several of the biggie Med Journals have published studies and it seems to work both as a topical and a systemic protection agains sun damage.
Here is a full-on real medical study report.

I plan to take it daily for a while....see if I can stop the ravages of old age. Of course, some exercise might help too !

Monday, July 13, 2009

Mobile----the IM-port-ANT city

How could I have missed this video for so long. See what Mobile is all about.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Paper Extravaganza

Entire city of the future created of paper by hopeful Japanese art student. See photos of it w/ different lighting and close-ups.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Extra seating

I know it has been ages since I posted to this blog...I feel guilty about it, but you know, of all my time at computer, this made me absolutely zero money....

Trying to decide what to do. Thinking of posting Gulf Shores related posts to on some new section....that site at least makes a little bit of $ and adding new stuff is a good idea.

Might put the family stuff here...unless it has to do with sharks or something else beachy.

OK--watch this video--very short--very cool...make sure you have Flash installed, it is free, might need shockwave player or something too.

Flux chair from flux chairs on Vimeo.

I think this is a fabo design...can it be adapted for lower setting beach chairs ???...I will ask, and market them !
This chair is great for people in hurricane zone who need to get everything from first floor upstairs really quickly...wonder if it is comfortable...anyone know ???

Friday, May 15, 2009

Headed to Memphis

I seem to never have time to post to the blog anymore...I sure do look forward to my days returning to a more leisurely pace when I could read about interesting things and share them.

Tomorrow I drive to Memphis. I called to rent a car so I would get better gas mileage than my Trooper but Enterprise was sold out. So I am trooping up to Mempho to see Momma. She has not been doing well and my sister, Lisa has had FULL responsibility to deal w/ her ailments, doctor app'ts, and m,ovingher into the skilled nursing area of The Village at least for now. We have a meeting on Monday aft w/ the staff at The Village to discuss our options.

If we could find someone who wanted to share Momma's cottage and keep an eye on her, that might work, but we dont know who that would be. There are no spots available in Assisted Living and one guy has been waiting 2 months, so Momma would be on the list after him. One optionis for her to get a suite in the Cantubury Court wing, the Alzheimers unit but have the ability to come and go until a assisted living suite becomes available.

We have hidden her car keys and she is furious. I think she is scheming on the phone to somehow get back on the road. Not safe. Not gonna happen.

It is such a shame that she is just now settled into her cottage properly . with the boxes all unpacked and such. We even went out and bought a deciduous holly and dug out the Village ornamental small tree and put her holly in this winter. Now she may not be there to ever see it have berries. At least not out her window. And it was seventy bucks !!!

In all 4 children's opinion she cannot be in charge or her own meds any longer or not have someone in the same building w/ her. Too many falls, too many nights on the floor in blood, etc...

I told here the other day that I could bring her down here, I said well you are miserable up there, you'd just be miserable no big deal !

my sister Cary's son, Harrison's wedding. I am not there. Neither is Momma or Lisa. This health crisis with Momma pre-enpted everyting. I had a plane ticket and was suppose to stay at a nice suite w/ Momma who was goingt to ride up with Stephen. He was going to stay with his son Christopher in Knoxville. I suppose he is stayng w/ Chris but I had to cancel my flight as did Lisa. has been tending to Momma for about 5 days, all day every day...she is exhausted. Momma is unappreciative of her efforts and thinks everyone is ganging up on her. Which is true.

I am so sorry to not be at Harrison's wedding. He is marring a gal named Beth who is in nursing at Vanderbuilt. I think it is a grad degree, i have kinda forgotten, maybe Nurse Practicioner.

Lovely weather here but oh so dry. Need rain like crazy. Thank goodness I have a well and pump at both properties.

I am close to being moved out of Hardwood drive and now need to sell it. The houses on the street are going for about half of what I hoo. Not good.

That is all I have time for, Lundy

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Wolfram|Alpha-- New search coming...

Check out the new search method from . You can request that you be added to the small number of beta users.
From Wikipedia:

"Wolfram Alpha will be an answer-engine developed by the international company Wolfram Research. The service will be an online computational data engine based on intuitive query parsing, a large library of algorithms, and A New Kind of Science approach to answering queries. It was announced in March 2009 by British physicist Stephen Wolfram, to be launched in May 2009."

Personally, I am still finding LeapFish to be a great way to search. Everything , well every major search engine at your fingertips and it s lighting fast.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Sunny, humid, windy and no rain

Good weather for moving...and it is taking over a week. But no rain in so long...weeks...that I am moving hoses a lot. I had to put in French drains and that tore up a big part of the yard and driveway, so had to have tractor level it all after drain work and install 4 pallets of St. Augustine grass. All that has to be watered every day.

It is after midnight and i need to think about getting sleepy...I worked all day at Hardwood going thru clothes. D finish. It is SOOO depressing how fat I have gotten...i started tonight on Major Diet and now that i have 3 flights of stairs, that should help too. I go up and down all day, moving stuff.
Dave and I went to Win-Dixie and Brunos for Fri nite excitement. Found out Bruno's Grocery in Orange Bleach is closing...the parent co has been in reorganization, etc...for a good while. Seems the stores sold out to another co, all but 3 stores and OB Bruno's is one of them. Publix has opened about half a block down...that can't help them.

Made nice free Mothers Day card to print and make, A 3-D flower bouquet that pops-up. Go to

too tired to type more...

Sunday, April 05, 2009

sequential dates

Barbara Taylor emailed to say:
At five minutes and six seconds after 4 AM on the 8th of July this year, the time and date will be 04:05:06 07/08/09. This will never happen again.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Google's (very good) April Fools Joke

I always forget and Google always does a spectacular job of doing a April 1 joke...I am busy reading about the new Autopilot feature in Gmail on this page and going "WOW" this is amazing and I finally realize that it is April Fools when I read this:
What happens if a sender and recipient both have Autopilot on?

Two Gmail accounts can happily converse with each other for up to three messages each. Beyond that, our experiments have shown a significant decline in the quality ranking of Autopilot's responses and further messages may commit you to dinner parties or baby namings in which you have no interest.

Battery powered beach wheelchair

My good friend Jerry Nasello has invented and made several very cool power beach wheelchairs that go over all kinds of sand. Jerry designed it after he was diagnosed with ALS during the construction of his and Mary's beach house. Now that Jerry is in a wheel chair full time, this is the only way that he can get out to the beach from his house. He has made extra power beach wheel chairs to rent to vacationers down here. Great idea I think. Have a look

Friday, March 13, 2009

Toothbrush water fountain

Brush and Rinse...simple concept. Back of toothbrush has engineered curved scoop shape to re-direct a stream of water into your mouth--pre-order for $1.18....later 5 bucks.
Or invest in the co. , buy stock, you might get one free.
Now selling a 5% stake in the Brush & Rinse Intellectual Property (patents). For more information email

Meatload Cupcakes

I think it is a good idea, portion control and all. They look cute, all meatloaf-y w/ mash potato 'icing'. A piece of sundried tomato would look cute on top. Meatloaf Bakery

Best recipe I have found so far is on the little paper fold out label on the big jar of chopped sun dried tomatoes from Costco.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Listening to Webinar

At this moment I am one of about 300 people logged in to a online seminar called a webinar. Jeremy Schoemaker (Shoemoney) is answering questions about how he makes money online. He has a blog that is visited by about 40,000 individuals each day.

It is a pretty universal topic. Even Martians want to know how to make money online. Jeremey has made a ton of it. A big help to him is that he is a self taught programmer. Lots of the stuff he talks about is edgy. At this point he has made enuf that he can do experiements.

His two posts that have drawn the most traffic are the one where he talks about loosing something like 200 lbs. & shows photos (he got some stomach surgery) and the other one is where he is holding a check from Google for + $132,000 dollars. That photo has been passed around and even used illegally and he has had to get lawyers.

He is a very open and chatty guy.

Friday, March 06, 2009


I have looked at a zillion sofas this morning. I was also cleaning up a web page that i made a while back that had links to a lot of Italian leather sofas and knock-offs of Euro style sofas. It was amazing how many dead links there were.

I don't know if it that they closed shop[ of late or if it was just a flash-in-the-pan idea that never really worked out. But a lot of the online modern furniture shops were gone and in their place were pop-ups for garbage. Yuk !

Anyway, the web page is all cleaned up and a lot of images of leather sofas added now.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Green or Blue ?

Lundy is trying to decide if she should order a lime green (like the green on small sofa in photo) or a sky blue sofa...oh wait, this is not Facebook, I can type in first person...

I have located a semi-circle sectional sofa that comes in leather in good colors. I called LAFurniture (Not Lower Alabama, but the other LA) and asked about getting swatches. They came today. I got 3. Each one is aprox. 1/2 in. x 1/2 in. kidding. Much smaller than a postage stamp. Smurf size. But I can see the colors OK.
The blue is about like the blue on the sofa here minus the deeper blue on the loose pillows. The green like the green on the little sofa.

Of the 3 they sent me 2 are great. This makes it hard to decide. One is the exact shade of the lighter blue in the tile floor and the other is a wonderful rich deep lime green. The blue would be very serene and matchy-matchy. The lime would really pop, but is that a good thing ? I mean it would REALLY pop, and a semi-circle sofa is gonna be attention grabbing no matter what color it is.

I have my momma's old sofa here but since I think I am going to try to rent out the Hardwood Dr house as a bed and sorta-breakfast, I will need it here. Plus it is very traditionally styled sofa and would require that I use other furniture in the new living room whereas this awesome sofa will be all I need.

I have been doing deep web searches and the same sofa seems to be imported by several different people. Prices are usually similar. All of them are on west coast, I have been looking for someone on east coast that imports it. No luck so far.

Sky Blue or Deep Lime Green ?

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Who has time for all this

Between Facebook, emails, multiple email accounts, and all the rest...I just can't keep up w/ Twitter, and LinkedIn, Alibaba, Hi5, and the rest...and besides, catch this interesting bit of news:

Matthew and Michelle Reed, along with their 2-year-old son and newborn baby boy, are the first of what could be a stream of people to move to Dothan under a program that offers Jewish families as much as $50,000 to relocate and get involved with the city's only synagogue, Temple Emanu-El.

A family that's been part of the reform congregation for decades funded the $1 million resettlement program and launched it last year, fearing the congregation would dwindle and die without an infusion of new blood.

With one new family already in the fold, and hundreds of others expressing interest, the goal is to bring as many as 19 more Jewish families to this mostly Christian town of 58,000 in rural southeast Alabama over the next five years. AP Article

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mardi Gras Parades

Yesterday afternoon was fun. I skipped the morning parade in Gulf Shores but went to the Orange Beach parade. I was at Silver Beach Condos to take photos of the snowbirds and the party given by Picard Rentals for their website. Once back here, I edited 90 photos last night !! But now they are ready to add to their site today. Picard had a cook-out in the parking lot, fun and games before the parade started.
Today is suppose to go up to 70 degrees---yeah !!

My friends at Picard Rentals climb up on the balcony over the elevator lobby and throw fancy beads and surprises during their snowbird (old folks from the north who rent during winter) party and before the parade comes by.

Down here Mardi Gras is a family event and the local churches all have floats. Everybody but the Baptists that is.

The guy by the orange float is my very good friend Mark Berson who is pres. of the Chamber here. The float had a big shrimp in the front but i didn't get a good photo of it.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Back from Parades

I didn't see the Gulf Shores parade but I did see the Orange beach parade up close. I took a lot of photos. I didn't want to ride on the Chamber float this have to be there at something terrible like 7 a.m. and it was 37 degrees at 7 a.m.
This afternoon it was nice and warm, total sunshine. Perfect day for a parade.
I took a bunch of photos of the Snowbird parking lot party for Picard Rentals.

Happy Mardi Gras !

Today is Fat is out and parades are all day, even a boat parade later on today. It is gonna be 60 degrees and sunny. I am wearing long-johns under my jeans.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I think he can do it

One of these days I think I will try to hire this guy to get my life organized:
Create a Perfect World w/ Cool and Innovative Ideas

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Send Valentines

Well, Valentines Day is your chance to make amends to all the people who send you Xmas cards every year and you don't send cards to and also to contact all the old friends that you wish you had time to keep up with. Heather and I have made these great Valentines for you to print for free....we put them all on PrintPicnic. See free printable Valentines.
Grab a pair of scissors an some double stick tape and you can make them 3-D.

Speaking of 3-D, did you hve your 3-D glasses for Superbowl Ads ? Also for that insipid so-called-comedy "Chuck" that was broadcast in 3-D the next night ?
I am all about 3-D, I love it, but pleeeeese, give me Masterpiece Theater" or 'My Name is Earl" in 3-D , not that stupid show "Chuck".

I think ALL tv should be in 3-D.

Well, new topic, now my 'ring' finger on my right hand is becoming a 'trigger finger' ...holy cow. I sure can't afford surgery on another finger. Why am I getting trigger fingers one after another ?

I read up on it online, am taking Ibuprofen and changing up hands from how I usually use them,,,,doing right handed stuff with left hand and vice versa. Do you have a backwards keyboard I could borrow? Oh wait, I'd need to move all the plastic keys around for that to work. I think. Anyway, Mayo Clinic says to sleep in a finger brace...fortunately I still have some bailing wire to make one. It also says to go get a shot in your joint...I might do that if I can find a hand doc that I have confidence in. My thumb surgeon retired right after my case. Right now I have no time to go traipsing off to big cities in search of hand specialists. If I am going to do that, I need Botox specialist in the worst kind of way. This has been a big time wrinkle year for me. Boo Hoo. I suppose one has these plateaus and then,,,whamo--Grand Canyon....this has been a G.C. year for me.

BUT...dear friends of mine have way worse problems than I have a lot to be thankful for.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Fool the Eye

This clever 2 Gig flash drive from looks like a severed USP cord. Cute.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Home Inspectors are Pessimists

We got back the inspection report on Momma and Daddy's would not want to live there. According to the inspection report, this moldy, termite damaged, leaky, shack is about to collapse. Well, maybe not collapse right away, but certainly over time. Boo hoo....we will have to see what happens. The buyers have asked for a contract extension to recover from their shock. This is a hopeful thing...if they wanted to walk away , they could.

I am hopeful that they will submit an amended contract, asking for a fix-it-up allowance...maybe their son-in-law is Norm Abrams. Who knows.

I just realized that I have these very dark hinges on all the doors in the new house and that is a mistake. They look like holes in the wall from across the room. Oh well...I suppose I will white-wash them eventually. I have been over there white-washing ceiling panels today. There are TONS to so. I get them done 10 at a time and then I have to take a break.

We still have a leak under the first floor bathroom...water had run out into the hallway today. We shut the water to the whole house off until our plumber can get back to tend to it. I talked to him yesterday, his son broke his leg and he is in the hospital to have tests run for this critical high blood pressure thing that has been going on for a while.

It has just been work-work-work since I got back from Mempho. My bookkeeper people want all this info in preperation of taxes and making W-2's and all that. Plus my tile shave been specified for the restaurant floor in a Golf Club house in the Miami area...yeah ! But I have gotten a ton of emails and phone calls from contractors who are bidding on this project. Dasve has helped me tons, I have had to quickly make up all sorts of contractor, designer, architect and distributor price lists. Dave is good on Excell so he is making me all these charts. I als o got a good call from CA about the tile today, someone who presents 'new' products to architects and designers once a month. I wish I had some time right now to do some promotion of the tile....hopeflly soon. I want the tile to be my main gig.

I submitted a huge list of domains to the folks running a big domain auction at the end of this month. Out of about 50 they chose one to be in the
Hope it sells for enuf to pay my domain costs for the whole list.

Big news around here is this guy who was flying his private plane and called in w/ engine trouble and then jumped from his plane and parachuted down safely. His plane was on auto-pilot but ran out of gas north of Pensacola and crashed. Thankfully it did not kill people on the ground. He was arrested at a Tampa campground. He screwed up becasue when he called in engine trouble, the ground control sent up military planes to have a look ( there are tons of bases around here !) and they saw the plane flying along pilot-less with the door standing open !! I think he miss-calculated and maybe meant to let the plane go down in the Gulf...oh probably his (almost former) wife is stuck w/ the plane monthly note and no insurance money for the demolished plane and a husband in jail. Bummer...

Was cold as 'up North' here for last few days but is suppose to be in 70's next couple days. Yeah...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inaragaral Day

Pretty sunny, but way chilly day here.

I need to design a contemporary bed frame that my carpenter or Dave can build out of ordinary wood. I want a sloped headboard for coffee and reading in bed. For TV watching too. But upright for reading like newspapers. I have just never understood why people would want a vertical headboard. Anyway, I figure that I can make a wood frame one and use a staple gun and some batting and vinyl or upholstery fabric and do a quickie cover-up over wood frame. I need legs on it too to set mattress/box springs (maybe as that is not really necessary but I already have a normal king set) on. I could do legs that show or legs that get covered w/ box pleat or mini-pleat bedskirt. I kinda like the look of the crushed pleat fabric on bedskirts...Fortneroy (sp?) style. I also like Hula grass skirt raffia, but I guess that is for another bedroom !

I also like up in air exposed legs but bed is heavy and it takes some serious legs. Maybe bro. Stephen can weld some creative legs for me.

We made a bed frame in Memphis once using milk cartons on the four corners. Plywood under mattress. Made navy blue bedskirt to cover all of it. Used it 25 years.

I have to go out and buy a disposal this a.m. I think someone stole mine....Ahrrrrr.....
Dave, Dan and I , have already spent too many hours looking for it, if I find it (not likely) I'll give it for a Xmas present.... :o)

Glad I am not in Washington DC today !!! On TV it looks like Gandhi's funeral. I can't imagine looking for a porta-potty or keeping warm or getting in the traffic. I do wish I was there w/ a couple cases of knit hats to sell tho !!! Enterprising people would have gone to fabric stores and bought up all the marked down polar fleece and quickly chopped out thousands of scarfs and be selling them. That stuff is light weight to carry around. I'll be glad when my house is done and I make a lot of money on tile or something and I can quit thinking like this !!!

Momma got a contract on her old house while I was in Memphis. First contract to have come on the house.

Got call from Momma's real estate inspection yest. turned up bad termite damage under house. She has a termite co contract, but the fine print can give them loopholes. New potential buyers are spooked, I am told. Our agent is on top of it and doing everything possible to make this sale work. She needs to unload that house asap...on market 2 years, priced from 800,000 now down to 500,000 in the totally stagnant Memphis market--the nations capitol of bankruptcies. No lie.

We need to sell that house. There is also $400+ monthly utility bills, taxes, insurance, satellite connected burglar alarm, yardman, ...huge burden. And risk.

And speaking of Stephen...he now as a patent on a clever bug, slug, ant proof dog bowl. A project he has been working on for some time. You just never know what the Pridgen kids are up to. Did you know that Lisa and Henry went to Africa few months ago? Can you imagine Lisa in Africa ?? I have not seen the photos yet, but they went on a mission trip for church planting w/ local pastors.

I am off to buy a disposer and white thinset to do a trial of the mosaic countertop idea that i have.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Memphis in the Meantime

Today was sunny and chilly. Momma and I spent most of the day at Dr office, errands, getting prescriptions, buying her a deciduous holly to plant here at Village of G'town, etc...she has yard man lined up to come tomorrow and secretly dig out the Village planted smoke tree that she hates and plant the holly we bought at Dan West's. She and I also loaded (I loaded) the loose bricks at the old home driveway edge to be used to widen the narrow driveway here at the Village. Momma's faithful yardman, Man, will do the digging. I will do the supervising. I am sick of getting out of my wide car into a squishy flowerbed every time I come to see her. They scrimped on pavement. We will fix it. Much easier to say "I'm sorry" to the admin. for unauthorized landscaping than to get permission.

Turns out she has some pneumonia in her left lung. She has a 1 week round of antimicrobial. Doc didnt want to start her on anything else, like maybe Wellbutrin for depression right now, one thing at a time. The doc was nice and friendly and really did not want to hear about 3 complaints in what was suppose to be a follow-up visit from some recent past ailment, but turned out to be a 3 new separate complaint visit. I had to verbally snag him as he tried to escape. Whoa Doc, we have only covered 2 points, come back and have a seat.

She was amazed that he sorta, no make that completely, brushed off the hot-flash--night sweats complaint. He also brushed off the IBS complaint and said she should see a specialist about it or my cousin Dr. Skip Pridgen in Tuscaloosa. I told him that she needed one dr that could oversee all of it, not different docs in different states when it would be mostly her by herself consulting them or him. He still would not address the IBS issues.

She thinks she picked up the cough and pneumonia in the visit to emergency room about 10 days ago..who knows, maybe so, but she has been coughing for a couple years but can or will only remember coughing for last 10 days. If what I tell the doc doesn't match what she has already decided, she tells us both to hush-up. She coughs much worse when eating or drinking...bad sign.

Looks like there is an accepted contract on Momma's Freeman Oaks house subject to the house inspection. That should happen this week, so she should know something by Monday. I asked Ward W. to pls call me or one of the other kids w/ all details as Mom tends to get things confused and he will not pick up on it at first, maybe. She is a great faker...speaks with tons of authority I told him. He understands.

We had dinner in the cafe here. Momma told me bluntly that I was not dressed properly for the dining room. I thought I looked jes fine.

We were on our way walking to the Cafe (across the hall from dining room) when I saw Ruth Morrow walking to dinner. Ruth was wearing hose, black kid pumps and a smart black and white 2 piece wool suit with a classic bowed silk blouse. She had matching clutch and perfectly coifed hair (as she has had every day of her entire life) . I asked her if she had been somewhere important, she was simply dressed for dinner.

We had a good supper in the cafe at a table with mom's friends Charlene Mattingly, Dorothy ?, (me and Momma). They had a very lively and laughter-filled conversation which included news, gossip, reminiscing, and scrambled facts. It was a hoot. They all speak w/ great authority on all subjects. The word 'proper' comes up now and in "proper upbringing" , done in the "proper manner", "done properly". It is not said in an snooty uppity way necessarily, just a pronouncement that something has been done in a way they approve of, not in a casual, sloppy, or sinful way.

Folks, this is the end of an era.

I tried to imagine what an upscale retirement home would be like for me and my friends...I think take-out and to-the-door delivery would have a bigger emphasis. Maybe more live music, maybe more experimental opportunities. I don't know tho...maybe when the marbles start to roll around a bit , we'll be just like the group here. But I think there will be a lot less stockings and hosiery.

Monday, January 12, 2009

News from Memphis

They have cold winters up here ! So far, not so bad, but it is suppose to get r-e-a-l-l-y cold later this week. Luckily I brought ear muffs and gloves and my $10 Walgreens fluffy muffler/scarf.

Today Momma and I went to W-M and several stops, plus app't at PT for first visit. It was mostly an evaluation but she sent Mom home with a page of 6 exercises that I am just about sure that momma will do at most once or twice at most if left to her own devices. She is suppose to go back for several twice a week sessions at Campbell Clinic's (big Mempho ortho group) PT dept. A super tall beautiful blonde girl with a nice Southern double name did the strength evaluation on Mom. When asked if she ever fell or had balance issues, Mom was all smiles as she reported, Why no, she is just fine, maybe a little weak, but otherwise fine. On the side, I was doing hand motions of person collapsing on the horizontal.

That adorable Geary Irwin took us to lunch at the Mexican rest. in the OakHall shop ctr on Poplar. We met Geary there and had a great visit. She is amazing. About a size 2 still, cute as can be and 85 yrs old. She has this swingy whiter hair and a bounce in her step and still works 2 or 3 days a week at The Pink Palace gift shop. Her mind works at 150 mph still and she is so witty and sharp. I love spending time with her, a great role model.
All 3 of us ordered the mushroom and black bean quesadillias. I asked for extra fresh chopped cilantro. I would have to rate them as so-so. Not bad, but certainly not divine or inspired. There are great cooking shows on TV 27/7 now....why don't all restaurants aspire to great heights w/ seasonings, crispness, freshness, etc...I just don't get it.

Tomorrow Momma has an app't w/ an internist, Michael Pruitt. She likes him. I know him from way back. She is seeing him about several things, one being her persistent cough. I think she is aspirating. She thinks she picked up something in the emergency room last weekend. She seems to forget that she has had a cough for last couple years. Daddy had a big problem w/ the food going down the wrong pipe thing , as did Mr. Kaestle, a friend of mine who died of old age. Unfortunately other than making all your food have the consistency of goop, so it slides down in one blob, I dont think there is much they can do for the swallowing thing. We used to tell Daddy to swallow w/ his head tucked down, chin to chest, because the therapist told us to tell him that. But I tried it recently, and it is uncomfortable and takes the fun out of eating. Daddy almost never did it, and she prob won't either.

Momma got an offer on the old house today...The agent, Stepehn's friend Ward Walthaul (sp?) brought a contract. Trouble is that the amount offered is not enuf for her to pay off the mortgage she took to move to Village of G'town, so I don't know. She signed it but later Cary called and said that Herbert said not to. But it may be too late and a done deal. I was there and she signed it (I didn't know how much her loan was and the details of all that). I was just glad to think that finally it might be sold, her taxes are huge, ins, upkeep, etc...The buyers also want a home inspection and they can walk away if they don't like what they hear. So it is not for sure but one good thing is that they do not have to sell a house to buy hers.

Momma has been really weepy and it is no surprise, this was her first Xmas w/out Daddy, their anniversary was Dec. 30 and now the finality of (maybe) finally selling the home. I told her this was very normal. I was sad the day I closed on Miller's condo. Also same thing when I sold the VW Thing that Miller and I had bought together. I knew it was best to sell them but still was sad over the whole situation.

I am in the library of Village of G'town and ready for a cold beer. So I am ending and heading back to the cottage. Besides, Momma got me a cute 20 dollar dress at W-M today and I want to try it on. Guess whenever I get around my sister Lisa I get real fashioned minded :o)

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Family News

Momma is not doing so well. She had a minor wreck on Friday and I talked to her Fri night and she sounded fine. Turns out that she got up to go to bathroom that night and never got off the potty.
The security guy at The Village found her on the floor late Sat. She was bleding from hitting her elbow.
(There is a pull cord right by the potty in Momma's bathroom but she didn't use it. )

They called Cary in K'ville who in turn called Lisa who is skiing in CO, so Cary got Daddy's sister and her husband to go see about her and they took Momma to hospital. When Cary called hospital Sat morning she found out that Mom was back home, she had called a cab at 4 a.m. to take her home !!!!
Now she is too weak to do much. We don't know why. But, i remembered the shots that she got in her back vertebra a week or two ago and wondered if there might be a connection.

Stephen drove up Sunday and fixed her food and did stuff for her. He went back to be at work on Monday and Cary along w/ Frances drove over from K'ville on Monday. Today they took Mom's car to repair place and tomorrow they have an app't w/ the Campbell's Clinic Dr. who did the back shots.

I know that Momma has just really gotten all settled into her 2 Bd Rm cottage but she may have to move to the apt. part of Village of G'town if that is a higher level of assistance. We are looking into all that now.
This was Momma's first Xmas w/out Daddy and their anniversary is Dec 30th, they were married something like 56 years. She was really 'down' over Christmas, understandably.
My plan right now is to go up to see her on Sat. I'm planning to stay for 4 or 5 days then really do need to get back here to get this house finished.

Cary told me today that their good friend, the mayor of K'ville, Bill Haslam is running for Governor of TN and the paper announced it today and said Herbert, her husband is going to be his finance manager.

The mayor named longtime friend and Knoxville lawyer Herbert Slatery as his campaign treasurer, with Nashville consultant Kim Kaegi to serve as fundraising coordinator.

His family owns the Pilot Truck Stops and gas stations. Sometimes Cary flies to Memphis for the day when there is an extra seat on the Pilot jet.

Today I whitewashed tons of components for the coffered ceiling that goes in the Lv/Kit area. I have a ton more to do...prob all day tomorrow and then some.

All for now...

Monday, January 05, 2009

One of these days I will return...

to blogging about useful and cool things.

Meanwhile, I am overwhelmed with stuff to do. We got the Cert. of Occupancy on the house before the end of 2008 which was our goal. But there is tons-tons-tons left to do. Some of it can wait, but some of it, must be done now. One of those now things is the Cuban ceiling effect in the main bedroom. The ceiling is 20+ feet tall. We have scaffolding set up in there now, on top of the fabo tile floor and it is so tall, I am scared to climb up to the top. I want that ceiling primed, painted and outfitted with little strips of wood before I move in. The room is so big and so concrete that the echo is unreal. I am not cant even stand in there and talk face to face with anyone. The wood ceiling effect should help.

Also, I realized that the house basically has no closets. Ted often overlooks closets when drawing plans, He just says to get some armories. So I looked on ebay and low and behold, the same folks that I bought the fancy sideboard from way back in 2002 had these two incredible Italian gigantic armories for sale. One is mahogany and one is walnut but they are very similar. Both have 3 mirrored doors each and fancy-pants carving on top. I made him an offer on both of them together and he took it. One is in N.Y. and the other is still in Italy and has to be brought over.

The thing is, I got these huge antique armories for less than the construction cost of trying to make closets somewhere in the house and they will be a lot more fun to look at. It wil be several months before they arrive.

My tile biz is keeping me really busy too. Since all the tile is custom made for each order, you end up talking to the clients a lot usually. One couple drive over from Waveland, Miss to see my tile floors this past weekend. Really nice people. They travel a lot and love these floors from Argentina visits.

But my real big deal is making the reproduction tile for an important Los Angeles landmark that has been 20 years in the process of deciding what to do with the historic property. The total order is over 10,000 tile. But the hard part is the tile have to be exactly like the 1920 tile which is no longer made in this country. And every step has to be approved by a whole panel of board members and historical society folks. We have to have custom molds made and lots of strike-offs sent via air freight to California for approval. Lots of little twists and turns to this big job but will be a real feather in my cap in the end.

I think I am going to Memphis to spend some time w/ Momma this weekend. It has been a while since I was there. Almost a year. She has been really understanding about the house project taking all my time, and Cary has been really good about going to see here several times this year.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Snorkeling in Canada

Alcohol may have been involved...

Wall Stickers are BIG

I see more and more brands of wall stickers and removable wall decor including 3D Clock Art. I have put together a list of many of brands and suppliers of removable wall stickers.
These are great for people in apartments, dorms, or anyone who wants a quick shot of color in their life. The wall words can be inspiring until you get so used to looking at them that you forget they are there. Then it is time for new wall words.

And speaking of 3D, I can't wait till the Superbowl halftime show in 3D. I have my glasses ready.