Thursday, March 05, 2009

Green or Blue ?

Lundy is trying to decide if she should order a lime green (like the green on small sofa in photo) or a sky blue sofa...oh wait, this is not Facebook, I can type in first person...

I have located a semi-circle sectional sofa that comes in leather in good colors. I called LAFurniture (Not Lower Alabama, but the other LA) and asked about getting swatches. They came today. I got 3. Each one is aprox. 1/2 in. x 1/2 in. kidding. Much smaller than a postage stamp. Smurf size. But I can see the colors OK.
The blue is about like the blue on the sofa here minus the deeper blue on the loose pillows. The green like the green on the little sofa.

Of the 3 they sent me 2 are great. This makes it hard to decide. One is the exact shade of the lighter blue in the tile floor and the other is a wonderful rich deep lime green. The blue would be very serene and matchy-matchy. The lime would really pop, but is that a good thing ? I mean it would REALLY pop, and a semi-circle sofa is gonna be attention grabbing no matter what color it is.

I have my momma's old sofa here but since I think I am going to try to rent out the Hardwood Dr house as a bed and sorta-breakfast, I will need it here. Plus it is very traditionally styled sofa and would require that I use other furniture in the new living room whereas this awesome sofa will be all I need.

I have been doing deep web searches and the same sofa seems to be imported by several different people. Prices are usually similar. All of them are on west coast, I have been looking for someone on east coast that imports it. No luck so far.

Sky Blue or Deep Lime Green ?

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Anonymous said...

What size is the room it's going in? The lime green might add so much pop that it would fill the room visually. I vote for blue. It co-ordinates with the tile and matches the ocean and sky. Lots of love, Ruth