Sunday, January 27, 2008

Mosaico Hidralicos

ओद्द थिंग, तेरे इस अ न्यू बटन ओं माय ब्लॉगर न्यू पोस्ट
Well, I was gonna report that there was a new button on the interface that said "Use this button to type in Hindi" and I looked up, and low and behold, I was typing in Hindi...and I didn't even know I knew Hindi !!!
And another spell check isn't even noticing !!
But they are neat looking little designs aren't they ?

My Mosaico Hidralico mold patterns came from Argentina. I found them on ebay of Argentina, by chance. I bought all that the dealer had. Eleven of them. I emailed him , he said they are hard to come by.

I was surprised, some are little bitty. Well, about 4" x 4". (The standard is about 8" x 8".) I didn't expect that, but then the whole description was in Portuguese or Spanish and I only sorta really read one items entry, and the photos were all about the same size in the on screen description, but no matter, they are really interesting. I did expect them to be brass tho.

Everything I had read about the industry (if you can call it that ) said the patterns used to be made in bronze and were now made from brass, which would stand to reason since they get a very alkaline mix of marble dust and Portland cement poured into them. And steel rusts so easily, but steel they are. Most of them have a light crust of cured floor tile mix still on them. Some show light tints of the colors that were used. I do not know the age of them, the seller listed them as 'antique' but I think 'vintage' might be more like it. Some have very Art Deco looking patterns.

I think they'll look good hung on the DAC-ART wall. I am undecided if I should give them a good spray coating of a clear finish to retard rust forming (or continuing as there is some slight rust on some) right over the old crusty cement mixture on them, or clean them up really well and then coat.

My own floor tile mold patterns are now being made in the Dominican Republic. I have been really busy getting my color combinations figured out and making graphics for , which gets added to every day or so. Got to get it finished asap.
The tiles it will offer should be about $20 a sq.ft. delivered to a job site or one's home or biz. Might sound high, but they are totally waterproof and forever, and oh-so-classy.

On another subject, don't ya just wish the Dean Martin Show still came on TV. Wonder how old he was when he died and why ?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Russian Kitchen

Very cool Russian kitchens. I was looking at all sorts of Russian kitchen websites today, and found this one. (CLick the Title) I added this automatically thru my toolbar) I love the curvy look. Most Euro style kitchens have very sharp edge, box-y designs. This is a more hospitable look I think. I can't find anything like it in the States. Every time I explain that I was curvy cabinets, people roll their eyes. But since the kitchen is a part of the living room area, I want it to look real-un-kitcheny and more harmonious with everything else in the room. If I cant order it from Russia at a discount, then at least I now have photos to show the cabinet-builder.

Interestingly, I found about a dozen Russian kitchen manufacturers with totally uber modern styles.

I have added photos of Russian Kitchens and links to the kitchen manufacturers here.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Resession Related Searches

Yahoo's Molly McCall at The Buzz Log reports that Yahoo searches
have spiked in the past week regarding "recession"

She writes:

"Over the past seven days, searchers propelled queries on
'economic recession' and 'recession' upwards. Lookups like 'last
u.s. recession' and 'recession proof jobs' spiked. Even
'stagflation' - a term not normally found strolling the Buzz
aisles-more than doubled its numbers."
The phrase "definition of a recession economy" is up 500%; "what
is a recession" is up 260%.

This is seen heaviest in
places you might expect, where the real financial centers are like
New York, Illinois, and California. Strangely, the recession-
related searches are extra-heavy in Tennessee, too.

As the for square states, the nobody-lives-there states, and the-
economy's-always-bad-anyway states, they don't seem to be all that

Friday Night

Well, almost Sat morning...don't you just hate it in winter when you finally get out of the house to run errands, etc,,,and you go into a gas station or store and check out and the person behind the counter says 'have a good evening' and I am like just starting my day for real.
They do it down here in winter. Due to the super short days, somehow they think it is evening the minute they finish lunch. That really bumms me out cause usually I have tons left to accomplish that day and am trying like crazy to get cranked up to get it all done...and not at all thinking about evening yet. Just another of the reasons I really hate winter. Well, fall is worse cause it is like the forerunner of the impending doom of winter. I really only like increasing day length, decreasing day length is not good for my bio-rythums.

This week Heather and I worked on printable stuff related to Mardi Gras, which BTW is in full force down here already. MG is very early this year, not good, from the stand point of temperature. I love parades when it is warm, but no parade, I don't care if Britney Spears is giving birth on a float, is gonna get me out in cold weather. We have been working on this week. So far so good.

This weekend, I have to work on my new tile website, I decided to make be the main one. Nothing published yet. I did get all the DNS stuff configured this afternoon. Should have something up in a couple days.

My watch quit. Always messes me up...i put on a second watch, one i keep for a travel back-up, it quit. So I was wearing 2 at that point, I added a 3rd. I am afraid if I take them off I will forget to get a new battery in them. I want a jeweler to do it and use silicone on the threads, for waterproofness. Places like W-M wont do it, and I am all about waterproof watches. Dave gave me a pretty dress-up watch for Xmas, but I save it for special stuff cause I am hard on day-to-day watches. I always get the kind that had a guard around the 'winder'. I have broken them off before when they did not have the guard.

I just looked at hotels in the Orlando area for end of April. There is the big floor covering show at the convention ctr then. I am sorta thinking about going. I saw this one place, and I am not making this up, it was over a 1000 dollars a night. The Orlando World Center Marriott Resort and Convention Center. Every night is over a thousand bucks and it had over 1000 rooms. In fact, it has 2000 rooms. Do the math. Even the Ritz-Carlton was just a little over 500 bucks per night, how could it be twice as much ????? I can't imagine who stays there. If I go , I think I will camp.

I had a phone interview this week w/ the author of an article on encaustic cement floor tiles for TileDealer Magazine. It should be the cover feature and is coming out the week of the big Orlando floor covering show...pretty cool. I signed up for a subscription to the magazine today. This might do a lot to help me sell my tile designs to others.

And, I got a call about buying my crane. A nice couple building a DAC-ART house over near Biloxi. I have met them before, first time about 4 yrs ago. I called my contractor and asked him when he thought we'd be finished w/ it and to my great delight, he said end of March-first of April. Hope it works out for them to buy it. Perfect for them and I sure need the money to finish the house.

Well, headed to bed now. Nite, nite.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wednesday ?

I lose track of what day it is, but the faithful blog software always gets it right. I have continued to be really busy working on web stuff, and tile stuff. Oh yea, and paperwork stuff, as in getting taxed to death. I have had a ton of taxes to do. Business taxes from the City on both condos plus on the corporation. Owner assessments on the condos to pay building insurance ...ouch :o( a ton more paperwork that I cant even remember. I am terrible at paperwork. I hate it.

But I have made myself use notebooks for everything. I have a paper punch that does all 3 holes at once, and I 3-hole-punch everything and file it away. As a result I have about 12 notebooks, and every year I have to come up with new year I was lucky and found clearance Pirate of Caribbean notebooks for something like 25 cents..I bought them all. I have used all of them now. I have to label them front, back and spine, to keep up with which is which so I got some clearance stretchy bookcovers that if I sew two together , they are large enuf to fit over the assortment of notebooks. Like a Speedo.

Gail Broussard of Louisiana has digitalized two of my drawings for her machine embroidery business. They look so cute. She sells these files online as downloads I think. She is gonna send me the file and somehow I think I can get my Brother Pacesetter sewing machine to sew them on jeans or anything. The web just puts you in touch with so many people.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Tile of Your Dreams

Well, you will be able to order it soon. I am going into the tile business. Not just 'any' tile, no-sir-ree-bobtail. This is fabulous tile that is available and used just about everywhere in the world except the USA. Why, I don't know...but I plan to change that !!

I suppose that because it is labor intensive may be one reason it has ceased to be produced here, but I really think over time, that could change too.

If McDonalds can have monkeys squirt out catchup in controlled amounts, then I am sure my bro. Stephen can engineer a system to have encaustic tile slurry squirt out in correct colors and proportions in molds in the USA one of these days.

But for now, I have designed 6 field tile patterns and 4 tile borders & corners to be made outside the USA. Now, I have never been to this place in person, but I am sure it won't be too long B4 I need to make a biz trip. ;o)

Click the image to see it bigger.

The tiles will be named after my house project. The Villa Lagoon Collection,....and yes, I have registered the domain, that ans several others I may use...for the massive promotional campaign I will have to embark upon to make sure that these tiles gain an audience.

"Encaustic cement tiles" or "Mosaic Hidraulicos" as they are known elsewhere, are made from marble dust and fine cement and are pressed in a hydraulic press before they are exposed to water and allowed to cure. They weigh about 10 lbs. per sq ft. They come in fantastic patterns, like Persian rugs and cost about 25 bucks per sq ft delivered to your door or jobsite. Maybe even less. Well, that is for the patterned ones, the solid colors ones will be less, and you can do a rug looking design and surround it with the solid tiles. I am planning to have them made 10 inches square even tho 8 in. sq. is sorta the historical size. We will use my place for the photos for the brochures. I'll need a professional photographer...any volunteers ?

The encaustic cement tiles that are made in all the Latin countries are of historical patterns or cool art deco ones...but I am introducing tiles with seacoast themes. These tile floors are a permanent flooring solution...they last centuries. Any of you who have traveled, to Europe or Mexico, Latin America, Vietnam, and elsewhere have seen this type of flooring. It is majestic. The color goes deep into the tile so wear is no problem. The finish is waterproof and scratch proof and only needs to be waxed occasionally. They grow more beautiful with age. Cuba is full of them.

The same tile can be rotated in different ways to produce different flooring effects. Note the one here with sailboats, it looks good tessellated 90 degrees and also in a fish scale pattern.
Anyway....I am having the molds made now and we are pushing to have the tile samples ready for the Coverings Show in Orlando in end of April. I'll be busy on hand-outs and brochures as well. Oh yea, websites too.

Two short videos of the house construction

Villa Lagoon

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

If I Won the Google Fridge

A fellow named Dan Perry (no relation to Dave that I know of ) is having a contest to give away a very cool Goggle mini-fridge. He wants us to tell him how we'd utilize it if we won. Well, my current project, Villa Lagoon ( ), would not be possible were it not for Google.

And, everyone can imagine how wonderful it would be to have a small fridge for cold beer or sweet tea in a guest room, so that is where I would use this awesome appliance since it is only because of Google that my guests will have a place to stay.

I love having out of town company, and since I live at the beach, everyone loves to come down here. The contest's creator, Dan Perry, is of course invited to come for some Gulf Coast deep sea fishing, beach time and checking out historic Fort Morgan and Bon Secour Wildlife Reserve if I win.

Not everyone appreciates Google paraphernalia as much as I do, but I gotta say, Google has definitely had a huge impact on my life and for that, I am eternally grateful.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Should they be tested ?

According to CNN...Missile Deflectors added to passenger jetliners.

Tens of thousands of airline passengers will soon be flying on jets outfitted with anti-missile systems as part of a new government test aimed at thwarting terrorists armed with shoulder-fired projectiles.

Three American Airlines Boeing 767-200s that fly daily round-trip routes between New York and California will receive the anti-missile laser jammers this spring, according to the Department of Homeland Security, which is spending $29 million on the tests.

Jets will fly with the jammer device mounted on the belly of the plane, between the wheels. The device works with sensors, also mounted on the plane, that detect a heat-seeking missile and shoot a laser at it to send the missile veering harmlessly off course.

Officials emphasize that no missiles will be test-fired at the planes, which will fly between New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport and the international airports in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

No ???

Worst Album Covers of 2007

The comments under the photos are funny...


Carol will say this is repeating myself, but it is so newsworthy, I think I must let othres know. She told me the author of the Sweet Potato Queen books will be at Davis-Kidd for a booksigning. She posted this info on her blog.
I then commented:
Celebrities must be sweeping thru the South...Jill Conner Browne in Memphis and guess who was in Mobile today, none other than Jerrit, or is it Jared, yep I think that is it. They showed him signing autographs on a piece of paper that had before and after photos. I am sure our grandchildren will be lying on the sofa watching Antiques Roadshow when someone will present a signed , illustrated document about Jared for evaluation. They will say that they think he lost all this weight working to build mass transit systems--Subways...and the guy will agree, that in the old days it WAS hard, heavy work....and what a wonder that this document survived.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Important Info

Think you might be flying out of Europe anytime ? Read and print this info and take it with you. Most or many US passengers will not know this and will lose their opportunity to take advantage of passenger protection rights (if needed) Here is a summary

Browser Add-on

I usually dont like interactive browser add-on stuff, but honestly, I have found Snap-Shots to be a big help and also a time saver when looking over search engine results...i can spot a MFA or spamy page before i open it and just move on to the next.

I just found out, after making the preceding post that the Snap-Shots device will allow you to scroll thru a page of flicker photos like a slideshow without having to load the entire flicker page. See my screenshot of how it works.

Remember, you can click the image to see it bigger.

I dont know what the business model for Snap-Shots is, maybe they just sell userdata stats to others...maybe later it will become ad-laden. (It already has that small 'related-searches' list in blue, so technically, those are ads probably )..I'll uninstall it if that happens. But for now, I find it helpful.

OK--just went to their site and it is aimed at getting site owners to install Snap-Shots on the site or blog, but quite frankly, I think it resides on my computer, not my site. I remember ck'ing it out to see how to install it on a site, and I suppose I downloaded something, but as a result the software now works on every site I visit if I want it to. I don't think I get it installed on the site itself..did I ? Let me know if you see it too, please. Use comments function so all can see it.

Snap Shots™
Snap Shots is the world's most popular way to give your users a more fun and interactive experience on your site or blog. Now with Snap Shares, ...

Highminded Tatoos

What kinds of inky-arts do scientists wear ? See for yourself.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

My Little Message

For you !

And then a bit more penguin fun in French


Very clever animation, appreciated by anyone who uses graphics/photo-editing programs or Flash. Animator vs. Animation

More video fun. The "O" Phone

And a really good parody