Sunday, January 27, 2008

Mosaico Hidralicos

ओद्द थिंग, तेरे इस अ न्यू बटन ओं माय ब्लॉगर न्यू पोस्ट
Well, I was gonna report that there was a new button on the interface that said "Use this button to type in Hindi" and I looked up, and low and behold, I was typing in Hindi...and I didn't even know I knew Hindi !!!
And another spell check isn't even noticing !!
But they are neat looking little designs aren't they ?

My Mosaico Hidralico mold patterns came from Argentina. I found them on ebay of Argentina, by chance. I bought all that the dealer had. Eleven of them. I emailed him , he said they are hard to come by.

I was surprised, some are little bitty. Well, about 4" x 4". (The standard is about 8" x 8".) I didn't expect that, but then the whole description was in Portuguese or Spanish and I only sorta really read one items entry, and the photos were all about the same size in the on screen description, but no matter, they are really interesting. I did expect them to be brass tho.

Everything I had read about the industry (if you can call it that ) said the patterns used to be made in bronze and were now made from brass, which would stand to reason since they get a very alkaline mix of marble dust and Portland cement poured into them. And steel rusts so easily, but steel they are. Most of them have a light crust of cured floor tile mix still on them. Some show light tints of the colors that were used. I do not know the age of them, the seller listed them as 'antique' but I think 'vintage' might be more like it. Some have very Art Deco looking patterns.

I think they'll look good hung on the DAC-ART wall. I am undecided if I should give them a good spray coating of a clear finish to retard rust forming (or continuing as there is some slight rust on some) right over the old crusty cement mixture on them, or clean them up really well and then coat.

My own floor tile mold patterns are now being made in the Dominican Republic. I have been really busy getting my color combinations figured out and making graphics for , which gets added to every day or so. Got to get it finished asap.
The tiles it will offer should be about $20 a sq.ft. delivered to a job site or one's home or biz. Might sound high, but they are totally waterproof and forever, and oh-so-classy.

On another subject, don't ya just wish the Dean Martin Show still came on TV. Wonder how old he was when he died and why ?

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