Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Ain't Online Shopping Great !

Just got back from Office Depot up in Foley. I need to print and put together more tile catalogs. I bought what I thought was the right clear plastic pre-punched covers...the photo showed a punched plastic cover...got all the way home, opened them and guess what...they are not punched for the comb binder thingie that holds it all together. I am so mad.

I went back to a place I had ordered my pre-punched paper from before www.mybinding.com and am ordering the correct thing sent right to the door, free shipping and no sales tax. Should have done it in the first place. They have all sorts of do-it-yerself presentation folder and catalog stuff.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Sofa Arrives

Most amazing thing about the new sofa. Who would have expected deluxe customer service from a Russian guy running a LA, Calif online el-cheap-o furniture store w/ Asian knock-offs of contemporary Italian designs ? The sofa got delivered on 2 pallets all wrapped up like a major mummy. No visible damage to the exterior.

Once I got it upstairs, I could see that a piece of framework had come loose and was showing against the sofa back and was at an odd angle w/ the top of the wood bar pushing against the covering like it could poke a hole over time. Didn't look like something i could fix myself. I called the online store and reported this. Told them I had made photos if they wanted me to send them. They did and I emailed photos. Owner said he'd have someone come by and fix it...like RIGHT...my friends kidded me... "My sister is currently in the Ukraine but the next time she passes thru Lower Alabama I'll have her swing by and fix your sofa."..ho-ho-ho....wrong....my phone rings early next morning and it is a regional "Furniture Medic" who sets up an appointment to be here on Monday.

Can't believe it. Then that afternoon the owner out in LA, CA calls to check to see if someone had contacted me about the repair. WOW--what majorly excellent customer service. I can recommend this online shop...http://www.lafurniturestore.com

The sofa is in 3 pcs. The piece w/ no back can be swiveled around to be grande footrest in front of the sofa for Netflix time. Got to pick up some of those teflon disks at Lowes today to facilitate that happeneing. Eventually want to do casters but will require some leg-engineering.

Custom print fabric on demand

How cool is this ? Print-on-Demand Fabric
Want to recreate your favorite vintage tea towel or put your own spin on a Liberty of London print? Head to Spoonflower, a Web site that allows users to print their own designs on fabric. Launched last year out of an old sock mill in Mebane, North Carolina, the site has rapidly attracted a crafty fan base of 15,000 users. The process is simple: upload a file (JPG, TIF, or PNG), select from multiple placement options, and check out. Prices range from $5.00 for an 8” x 8” swatch to $32.00 per yard of upholstery-weight cotton sateen, and designs are printed (using eco-friendly, non-toxic pigment inks) within five business days. Textile design veterans and amateurs alike can enter the "Fabric of the Week" contest, which is voted on by fellow Spoonflower users. Winning designs are offered for sale as limited-edition fabrics at Spoonflower’s Etsy shop. I may just upload my tile designs and make sofa pilows to match my floors.

Polypodium leucotomos

Why is this stuff not more well known ???

I read a little sniplet of info about this extract of a fern from Honduras that prevents you from sunburning in a ladies magazine about a year ago. Then when I was headed to Dominican Republic ill prepared for full-tilt-beach-boogie sunshine I ordered some thru Amazon. Took the capsules as suggested and sho nuf...I used no sunscreen and got zero sunburn out on the Punta Cana full-sun beaches...and we even took a Hobie Cat for a sail. It worked for me. I figured that if Polypodium leucotomos could protect one's skin from the UV rays that maybe it was a better investment to take the pills daily than invest in wrinkle creams and potions.

Originally I bought a product called Heilocare...bright orange capsules. This time I found it for less sold as Sun Pills in yellow packaging. Looked at Rite-Aid and low and behold, they had it and it was on clearance, half off. I bought all they had for $7.50 a package of 30 pills.

When I tell people about this stuff, they roll their eyes. So I did some web searching for facts. Seems several of the biggie Med Journals have published studies and it seems to work both as a topical and a systemic protection agains sun damage.
Here is a full-on real medical study report.

I plan to take it daily for a while....see if I can stop the ravages of old age. Of course, some exercise might help too !