Saturday, April 28, 2007

From Memphis

Nice weather here. Had wonderful BBQ at Germantown Commessary last night. They prob have as gooda BBQ as anyone here.
We have been helping Momma by unpacking boxes, throwing out old useless stuff and making her laugh !
I have had a couple of good visits w/ Daddy, who by the way, has really 'rallied' and seems very much morer 'with it' now that he is off aLL the excess drugs. Stephen is coming up today for the day and I think he is going to be really surprised by the difference in Daddy since the last time he was here.

Old Camel in Arizona

Workers digging at the site of a future Wal-Mart store in suburban Mesa have unearthed the bones of a prehistoric camel that's estimated to be about 10,000 years old.

Arizona State University geology museum curator Brad Archer hurried out to the site Friday when he got the news that the owner of a nursery was carefully excavating bones found at the bottom of a hole being dug for a new ornamental citrus tree.

"There's no question that this is a camel; these creatures walked the land here until about 8,000 years ago, when the same event that wiped out a great deal of mammal life took place," Archer told The Arizona Republic.


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Mid Week

The first two photos show my friends, Jerry and Mary Nasello's DAC-ART house that is under construction. Looks pretty impressive ! It is down here in Gulf SHores, tucked into a nice parcel of wilderness overlooking the Gulf.

Next is the type of huge wallof concrete condos that are going up down here all over...yuk ! I understand that they are not selling either.

A flock of birds spent the whole day in the property next door recently.

My 'Johnsons Lilies" that I dug in memphis and moved down here are blooming...I am compiling a list of plants that really don't mind a lot of salt.

My windowboxes are looking wonderful...I keep them on the ground until I am mostly using A/C as I have casement windows and they block me opening them .

The hinges on the remaining south window hurricane shiutters ahve completely rusted thru...we took the shutters down so none would let loose in a wind and crash into the glass.

The surveyors were here this week and marked the corners of the new construction.

Well, I have been in a Photoshop class at Faulkner Community College for 3 days. The instructor is really good. She is truely an expert and not just teaching a workbook. Heather is going to the class too. It is suppose to be a 3 day class but the instructor wants to add a 4th day tomorrow, unfortunately, I had made otehr plans and cannot go. Heather willtho, and she can fill me in on what i miss.

Last week a whole flock of white birds came to visit. I took a photos. They stayed ALL DAY in the property next door.

I will expound on these photos later...I am exhausted right now.

Sunday, April 22, 2007


Fabo weather here...we drove around in the Thing, but it pulled it's opossum trick of acting dead at Tacky Jack's II and we had to leave it in the parking lot and 'hitch' a ride home last night.

The three gals who took us back to the Lagoon House were a hoot....3 mom's in their 30's having a big ole time at a beach house for the weekend or week. They were very sweet to take us back to the house even tho it was out of the way for them. They entertained us with stories of their last few days the whole way back...describing how lady like they were in their most trying moments and how one of them threw up in a cup by the side of the pool and the fellow sunbathers around them never noticed.

Dave and I went over to Becky and Warren's beach house and hung out on the decks and beach walked on Sat. Also took wireless laptop and got online w/ their open wireless connection.

On Sunday we went to the Episcopal Church on my street. The new rector is a really nice guy, Chris and his wife Barbara, had a notice in the bulletin that they were looking for someone to help make them a web page.
He does the sermon w/ no notes, I noticed...must require a good amount of prep time.

After the service, I inquired about the response to the request for help w/ a web page and the note had been running for weeks, an no one had volunteered so I told them that I'd do it when I got back from Memphis....
Rector Chris seemed really excited to hear that.

Tomorrow Heather and I have 3 day Photoshop class at Faulkner State that I have been looking forward to. It was suppose to happen in last Dec but it was canceled at the last minute. It is a 3 day class.
After it is over, I'm headed to Memphis to lend a helping hand to Momma. Dave is coming w/ me. He is a real help.

The trees that must come out for the new addition have been marked by Dan Z, my builder, so who knows, they may be gone when I get back. We are waiting on drawings from our engineer to get a building permit. He is way behind on my stuff and other people I know's stuff too.

I have been busy changing out a lot of web stuff from code in my name to code in Fort Morgan Web Development's and and tax number in a number of web sites. Big Job. If I get a ck in my name, I have to pay Alabama income tax and I don't in the incorporated version.

On the ride back to the house from Tacky Jacks, I told the girls that I actually had to pee in a cup under my friend's house on West Beach and pour it out on the ground...that info combined with her throwing up in a cup episode caused one of the more creative moms (an artist) to come up with an idea for a new cutting edge Gulf Shores bumper sticker, "Gulf Shores, where cups are for more than drinks" this is actually quite interesting, when you think of all the variations on the usage and definitions of "cup"

I am sure that The Chamber will get back to me and let me know if they think this bumper sticker idea has potential.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

For Those in Memphis

Chris Smither is playing on Sunday evening at Walnut Grove and Perkins over at Holy Communion's Coffee House Concert series. If I was there, I'd go for sure....Harry and I once drove to Nashville to see him. Another time, I took Miller and Nick to Knoxville to see him and Cary, Frances, and Harrison went w/ us. I drove to Helena, Ark to see him one afternoon.

He is so very talented, and does a good show. ...a guitar player of the highest order.

Here is the 'write up'

Chris Smither

At 7 p.m. on Sunday, April 22, Chris Smither returns to the Coffee House Concerts Series stage. (It's a place to enjoy a really good cup of coffee, a glass of wine, a snack or dessert and some extraordinarily-talented acoustic musicians and singers. )

Smither was the second artist to play in our series when it began in 2004 and that show sold out very quickly (see the Previous Concerts page). Chris continues his non-stop touring, this time in support of his new CD, Leave The Light On, featuring Ollabelle and Grammy-winner Tim O'Brien. One of the most memorable points in his first Coffee House concert was performing Bob Dylan's "Desolation Row" as lightning streaked across the dark sky in the big two-story picture window behind the stage. Let's hope for a repeat! One of the most forgettable moments in that show was the neighborhood-wide brown-out (it was July, the hottest day of the year so far that year!), that momentarily shut down his performance of "Love Me Like A Man", made famous by none other than both Bonnie Raitt and Diana Krall. We're counting on NOT repeating that moment! Get your tickets today! The Coffee House opens at 6 p.m. and the
Chris Smither music starts at 7 p.m.

I notice also that Bruce Cockburn is playing there in June....another killer performer.

Georgous Day Here

Good Morning, the sun is shining and today should be a perfect temp. Maybe I will put on a swim suit and mow the grass at Hardwood Dr.
Well, the weeds, as the actual grass is still flat and short, it is the weeds that stick up.
Yesterday the surveyors staked out the new house (roughly) for the tree remover guys to come. Got to take out about 3 or 4 living ones and 2 dead ones. All pines. My builder, Dan Z. and the block fellow, Mike, came over and we discussed betting my blocks here from Granada, MS. No small job. I scanned and emailed some questions about the plans to Ted and his draftsman yesterday. The main thing we are waiting on is drawings from the engineer. He is way behind. We keep bugging him, but it doesn't seem to help. He promises things by one date then doesn't deliver.

I just got an email from these people in the UK, called BabyExperiences. They want me to link to their site. Look at what they sell...I was amazed.
Make a cast of your pregnant stomach and boobs.

Lovely isn't it? I don't know what people would do with this thing. Hang it over the sofa ? A BIG Christmas ornament ? Sell it on eBay to weirdos ?

And, do you have to be pregnant to want to make one of these,.... they could offer the Beer Belly Kit. I will tell them that I will link one of my sites to them if they also offer an Alabama Beer Belly Kit. Of course, the people in this state would want it to also include either an Univ. of Alabama or Auburn symbol on the belly if they were going to proudly display it. You know, down here, you must chose, it is one or the middle ground. You have to be on one side or the other. What's it gonna be ? Alabama or Auburn ? Funny how Alabama is most often mentioned first, I bet that buggs the Auburn fans.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Google to Add Presentations

On the Google Blog, adding presentation software to the Google Docs and Spreadsheets. Move over Powerpoint.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Blue Man Group

Dave took me to see Blue Man Group in Mobile last night. Big show. Great show. Sorta a rock concert for grown-ups. Also a bit like Vaudeville. The big band (which had 3 different people on drum sets) and a really great female vocalist was very talented and 'tight'. The show is a percussion extravaganza.
If they come to your town or you live near one where the show plays, go. Not inexpensive, but worth it !

Sunday, April 15, 2007


Momma said day before yesterday was maybe the worst day of her life. Daddy's Alzheimer induced behaviour has taken a big change for the worst. The area of The Village of Germantown that he has been living in can no longer deal with the amount of help and attention he requires. Before he is moved to the next level of care there he must be evaluated by a psychiatrist who looks at every drug he is on and assesses the whole situation and writes up new recommendations.

Daddy has been on a lot of meds from all sorts of different doctors, so it is a good thing to have one specialist in charge of his entire med situation.
Since we didn't already have a 'family' psychiatrist, I got on the Internet and found two in Memphis that specialize in geriatrics. One of them, Dr. Kenneth Sakauye, a middle age Asian fellow teaches at UT and has an office downtown but also on Wolf River Blvd in G'town...he has agreed to take Daddy as his patient. We think this is a very good thing.

When things got out of control last week there was a lot of confusion. Stephen had to leave work in mid-day last week and drive to Memphis from Greenwood. Henry, Lisa's husband showed up and spent a lot of time meeting w/ the administration at The Village and Momma. Harry came over and went out and bought a Momma rolling suitcase for her to pack some essentials for Daddy. All of this was a big help to Momma.
Daddy is now an inpatient at St. Francis Hosp while they try to get Daddy off all these meds and figure out what might help.

Momma is going back and forth in all that Memphis Ridgeway traffic twice a day to feed him at lunch and dinner. Daddy has not asked where he is. Momma thinks he would be mad if he knew he was at St.Frances. He is miserable as it is and is constantly clicking his teeth now.

Here is a tip: If you ever get a diagnosis of Alzheimer's "do your self in" while you still have the mind to figure out a way.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

I Won !

Check this....a couple weekends ago, I went to a Sat afternoon fund raiser on P'cola Beach at the Elk's 'lodge' and bought 10 drawing tickets for 10 bucks. They had boxes in front of the various prizes. I dropped one in this gift basket's box and low and behold I won about 100+ bucks worth of booze and one package of cookies. The baskets were wrapped up in shrink wrap and ribbons and bows and to be honest, I didnt really look to see what was inside when I put my ticket in.

This photos is after I took the wrapping off.

Long Time...No Post

I know it has been a super long time since I have made a post. I have just been super busy.
Some of it is written here...on this page on Concrete Cottage.
Photos too.
I have been working on several websites night and day as it just so happens tons of stuff HAD to be changed at once.

Plus getting taxes in the mail and doing the banking so the checks wouldn't bounce. Fed and AL. Big Ouch !

Plus, I went over to Island Winds West to take some photos and Dave was helping me hang a scrapbooking tool cabinet and low and behold, the rental co had not done the big Spring Cleaning and the place was not only filthy, it had a ton of stuff in need of repair. I worked 3 days solid trying to get it ready for the busy summer season. There was no time to line up a cleaning service and I mean, I worked my poor little fingers to the bone. Tons of stuff needed work that required tools & paint, so I had to do it to make it happen fast and right.

Big changes in Memphis, but I will add that tomorrow. Too tired now, It is already 1 a.m.

Sad note, Momma told me a couple days ago that Nan Bailey died. She is my very good friend Sally Baily Thompson of Jackson, MS's mom. I spent many a night at their house in high school and really loved her. She gave me many new perspectives on life.


Friday, April 06, 2007

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Yahoo now locates foreclosures

Go to
Add location, click forclosures

You get some info but not all, they lead you to a site that charges for exact address. Some have photos, some don't. Some have sq ft and number of bedroom, etc..

I see 5 houses in the subdivision directly behind the Wilderwood Lane house in Cordova, TN are in final stages of foreclosure. Too bad.

Only 12 in Gulf Shores, they all look like older places except one 2 million gulf front and a 600 thousand beach place.

Six in Orange Beach, 3 expensive, 3 cheap.

The Fruitcake Lady Remembered

Seems this older woman has died. YouTube has a video segment from the Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno that is going to make you laugh--I promise.

If you don't see it above, click here.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

little to big to little

Be sure to have your window max so you can access the scale at the bottom to click. Click everything.
Courtesy of Nikon
Big to Little and back again...

Little Quick Fun

I scored 90% Dixie....

And I didnt try to.

See how you rank...kinda fun and quick.
They could have had a question about the word "PECAN", I certainly hear THAT mispronounced on a regular basis.

Yankee and Dixie Quiz

Monday, April 02, 2007


We finally got a good rain on Sat Night and Sunday. We sure needed it. So did P'cola.

Sat night, Dave, Warren Gottesegen and I went to a new restaurant in Orange Beach, Geno's Fresh Catch Grill. The newspaper said the guy who has opened it is from Memphis. It was packed and had really good food, we thought. All the cooking takes place in full view and the fish is totally freshly caught....big choice and grilled tastes like a wood fire. We took notes for a restaurant review for my website about Gulf Shores.

Earlier Sat, Dave and I went to Univ of West Fla. for a Festival on the Green. Pretty campus w/ tons of live oaks and flowering trees in bloom, way north of P'cola. Small festival but nice outing.

Most of Sunday afternoon was spent trying to get a universal remote control to work on the TV at Miller's condo. Renters were coming in later in the day. It took two trips to the store and about a bazillion thumb clicks to try to get one of them to recognize the code for the Toshiba TV/DVD/VHS combo. Almost made me crazy....we had to take a break at one point and run down to Bahama Bob's for refreshments.

Today beautiful weather has returned, warm and sunny. Perfect for outdoor projects....I need to do some cleaning out at the mini-storage to make room for some stuff to come out of the Hardwood garage. My sweet neighbor, Charles, next to me on Hardwood, did tons of work on my yard over there, filling in the deep spots were the irrigation system installer's lines had run and getting up rocks that had come to the surface. He also mowed the grass (mostly weeds). I put weed'n feed'n ant poison out last week so now the centipede grass has a chance to grow over the sprinkler system tracks. That Charles is a jewel to do all that work for me.

Are you a good swimmer ?

Heather did a screen-shot of the Google Map directions for getting fromNew York to Paris. Read the instructions. It is real might have to click it to see the big version.

Keeping Condos Rented

I had this brainstorm idea to put a cabinet of scrapbooking tools in each condo and then advertise them on my scrapbook site, as well as in local scrapbook stores. The cabinets are very shallow and put in sorta out-of-the-way places, up fairly high. It cost about 200 bucks for cabinets and to outfit them and already I have heard about renters getting real excited about their being there.

I put everything in w/ industrial strength velcro and will add a laminated photo of everything in its place to assist people putting stuff back. The sturdy bin on top holds some folders w/ leftover stickers and background paper I had on hand and don't need. I just put a note asking people to not put back any cut sheet, just use it all or nothing. That should help keep things neat. I don't advertise including any consumables, so the paper stuff is just a bonus. I have tons more I can replenish with.

We have so many new huge condo buildings getting completed that I need a 'edge', a reason for people to pick mine over others. We'll see how it goes.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Google Paper

New Gmail feature....want your gmail printed out and delivered to you from Google for free ? Sounds odd, but I just saw the notice today...

Pretty funny if you read the text....Google is good about clever April Fools Day jokes.

Spelling Matters

I got a great deal on 4 antique exterior copper lanterns due to the guy's misspelling of the ebay item's description. Now eBay does spell correct, kinda like Google, but if it doesn't recognize what the misspelling is, it doesn't somehow, I stumbled upon the sale of 2 sets of 2 lanterns off an old mansion in Winter Park FL that a guy named Julio had under his 'camp' .. think English is his second language......and he and i developed a private correspondence since I wrote and asked for larger pixel resolution photos before I bid. Anyway, he seemed to want me to get them and even sent me tips on how to outbid the other one or two bidders.

There would have been more bidders if he had spelled Lanturn or Exterior or Candle correctly...and he described them as tin in the description, but later when I asked him to ck them for me, he said they did not resopnd to a magnet.

B4 I bid on them, I showed my builder, Dan the photos and he said "get 'em".

Shipping should be around 40 bucks for the 4 of them, but worth it. Similar custom made fixtures are sold by places like Grahams in Memphis for $800-$1500 (over priced , I agree).

All together, all four, including shipping is costing me about $132.