Sunday, April 01, 2007

Spelling Matters

I got a great deal on 4 antique exterior copper lanterns due to the guy's misspelling of the ebay item's description. Now eBay does spell correct, kinda like Google, but if it doesn't recognize what the misspelling is, it doesn't somehow, I stumbled upon the sale of 2 sets of 2 lanterns off an old mansion in Winter Park FL that a guy named Julio had under his 'camp' .. think English is his second language......and he and i developed a private correspondence since I wrote and asked for larger pixel resolution photos before I bid. Anyway, he seemed to want me to get them and even sent me tips on how to outbid the other one or two bidders.

There would have been more bidders if he had spelled Lanturn or Exterior or Candle correctly...and he described them as tin in the description, but later when I asked him to ck them for me, he said they did not resopnd to a magnet.

B4 I bid on them, I showed my builder, Dan the photos and he said "get 'em".

Shipping should be around 40 bucks for the 4 of them, but worth it. Similar custom made fixtures are sold by places like Grahams in Memphis for $800-$1500 (over priced , I agree).

All together, all four, including shipping is costing me about $132.

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