Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Gulf Shores Mostly Spared

Some neighbors from across the lagoon borrowed my pedal boat to sneak onto West Beach to get a look at their house--they took some photos that I should be able to add to this blog tomorrow.

First is my neighbor, Mary Louise Brush's yard---she lives about a mile down from me. Ivan broke out all her southern windows and trashed her house interior, so this is a small deal compared to that. None of her windows broke. She had plywood on them. Then a photo of a street a mile or so down towards Hwy 59 (G.S.), as you can see, the houses have water in the lower foors.

Next is the pool next door to me once the water receeded.

Shown here are some various photos. I drove to Orange Beach today and found several over turned trailers, one smashed by a crane, and a good bit of road errosion near the state park area. The streets are nearly deserted. I couldn't get on Beach Blvd in Gulf Shores today.
Thankfully, our Silver Beach condo in O.B. is a-ok and the pool was not destroyed. The newly replenished beach is not badly erroded either, so that is a huge blessing. We were down to almost no beach after Ivan.

Lake Shelby, in the State Park is out of it's banks and across the park area and up to the road. The little white fence was just put up around the picnic areas and along the boundry near the road.

But our problems are NOTHING compared to Gulfport. Moss Point, Pascagoula, Ocean Breeze, Pass Christian, and on into Louisiana.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Gulf Shores

Hwy 59 and Beach Blvd

GULF SHORES — Hurricane Katrina played havoc with Alabama's coastal playgrounds Monday as Gulf waters churned across beaches and flooded resort roads, but wind damage appeared minimal, at least compared to Ivan.

On Mobile Bay's eastern shore, however, stately homes of the well-to-do were awash in brown baywater storming over docks and porches, and into ground-floor rooms.

"I've been here 25 years, and this is the worst I've ever seen the water," said Fred Wright, watching muddy waves of Mobile Bay breaking over a seawall and hitting the back of his big, brick home.

Homes were flooded up and down the shaded, normally tranquil bayside, and a lot of limbs had fallen from the oak trees that line the bay and have long made the area attractive for the affluent.

"There are lots of homes through here worth a million dollars. At least they were yesterday," Wright said.

Surging waters

Across Baldwin County at the beach resorts, where high-rise condos and seven-figure homes mix with the T-shirt shop and beer joint crowd, Gulf waters surged across sandy beaches, smashed over seawalls and flooded beach roads.

But by late afternoon, the main beach road was mostly usable, with water standing in some spots but apparently no seriously washed-out sections. Rain ended and the sun broke through gray clouds for a while.

A metal roof was partially peeled off a condo, and shingles were missing from several homes. But the wind damage was nowhere near as devastating as that left by Hurricane Ivan in September, when entire condos crumbled.

Authorities said residents could begin returning to parts of Gulf Shores and neighboring Orange Beach today, but it may be days before coastal Gulf Shores is reopened because of downed power lines and flooding that was far worse than in Orange Beach, to the east and further from Katrina.

Both tourist cities resembled ghost towns as the storm roared ashore in Louisiana around 5 a.m. Street lights dangled sideways amid wind gusts around 60 mph, and palm fronds flew down roads covered with sand blown in by Katrina.

Conditions worsened by late morning and Katrina's harshest winds began arriving, with floodwaters spreading.

In Gulf Shores, white caps broke in the flooded-out parking lot of The Original Oyster House and brown bay waters blocked access to the beach. Police Chief Arthur Bourne said the water was as high as it was during Hurricane Ivan a year ago, meaning it could be days before homeowners get in to assess damage and begin cleaning up.
Above is from a Alabama Newspaper.

We have electricity on north side of Ft. Morgan Rd but not on the lagoon side. Gonna take the generator and try to get the pump going to pump well water to rinse salt out of new grass so maybe so much won't die. Ditto trees. We didn't get much rain w/ Katrina.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Katrina Photos

These are just a few shots of Little Lagoon & our yard taken today. Couldn't get down into G.S. --curfew--police ran us off, I plan to sneak in on bicycle tomorrow w/ camera.
Phone started working but my back-up dial-up account isn't, sooooooooooooo this is where it pays off to jot down the log-in info when your friends get you to help you with their computer problems, so you can use their accounts w/ other carriers in a pinch--ditto for the log-in and pass for Holiday Inn's just never know when it might come in handy !!
Still no electricity or cable, so laptop is operating on generator power. I reduced the size of these photos so they'd upload on slow dial-up, but you can still click for a bit larger version.

Two shots are the neighborhood of the Granny House in the little subdivision on Ft. Morgan and the tall skinny trees it backs up to during the storm.

G.S. is pretty badly under water, so we just don't know how bad the beqach errosion will be, or if this is gonna mess up the Shrimp Festival that is suppose to be in a few weeks......hope not. Whole community hopes not. Thanks for everyone's prayers--this hurricane just was not as bad as expected for us. But, New Orleans got it bad.

Katrina Afternoon Update

Hello all of you in cyberspace- this is Cary, Lundy's sister, reporting to you from Lundy's satellite office in Knoxville, TN. It's about 2 p.m. Central Time and I just spoke to Lundy on her cell phone. They do not have power, cable, or telephone. The rain just let up to almost none so she and Harry ventured out in Harry's little close-to-the-ground Neon to check on the hurricane-proof Italian villa. They have no flooding in Mrs. Wilder's subdivision, or at least the part they are in, and they saw a Police car drive by so they went. The closer they got to the beach front, the windier it got. They were amazed at the how much worse the storm was there. The newly re-built boat dock next door to them is destroyed. That development has ocean water over the swimming pool. There were 3 foot waves at the base of their house with the water up to the bottom step. The part of the new fence close to the lagoon is down and they have new lawn-art of bales of straw, unidentifiable stuff and a porta-potty! They walked against the wind up onto the porch of their house, Lundy snapping photos but trying to protect her camera from salt-spray blowing at her horizontally, but when she got to the end of the porch not protected by house, she could not stand against the wind. Opposite from what everybody was told to expect, there has been very little total rain. That is good news for people who have recently gotten their new sliding doors or windows put in. But it was scary out there because there were a few trees snapped off and loose power lines were swaying and making popping noises. She and Harry were amazed at the difference in wind force as they returned to Mrs Wilder's neighborhood. Stay tuned.........!

Katrina Day

Well, it is 7 am and we still have electricity and cable tv . I just got up. I was semi-conscious for a while, I could hear the storm and windows making poping noises. We are to expect 10 inches of rain today the local forecast says. Pretty amazing, but the light poles are still standing here and they got bent over during Ivan on this street. More later if I still can get online.
Pascagoula has reports of 113 MPH winds. this morning, but we are about an hour away from there. Mike Slidel on tv says we are not near the worst period of wind yet.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Preparing for Hurricane Katrina

Well, here we go again !
What is this, our 7th hurricane this year ???????????

Edit--staying in Gulf Shores for now....canceled Holiday Inn for Sunday nite., traffic is all tyed up and besides, if i am gonna be miserable, rather be miserable w/ something exciting to photograph other than road rage....will ck weather tv at 2 a.m. and f Katrina turns back this way, we will jump in car and head towards Columbus GA. Staying at the granny house in subdivision across the st from Little Lagoon. Car loaded w/ computer stuff is in the garage. Fridge full of beer !

10:30 p.m., weather prediciton on TV downgraded here from wind at 130 MPH to 100 MPH, so maybe we'll live thru it. So weird to hear the local report say, in it's automated voice, 'rain likely, wind gusting to 100 MPH. "
High water predicted to be about 12 or so ft, and that will be close to the door here at the 'granny house' . Went over to my lagoon house few minutes ago and water is over the seawall about the same as it was in the afternoon. All electricity is off on the beach...all totally dark across the lagoon. I guess to prevent fires like what happened during Hurricane Georges, I think it was, when Marlin Key Condos caught fire and burned TO THE GROOUND. I remember they turned electricty off on West Beach for Ivan too.

Changed mind--reservations for two nites now at Holiday Inn in Columbus GA...closest place to the east I could get.

Don't know yet what will actually happen. If it is a biggie, might just go on to Memphis, or might just need one or two nites out of town---weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell see.

WeatherBabe Stephanie Abrams is right here in Gulf Shores, so she will keep us up-to-the-minute on the Weather Channel TV.
Meanwhile, tons of preperations to take care of.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Medical Scam Alert

Do not fall for this, it is a scam! Let all your loved ones know about
This is a medical scam.

Sent to me by alert friend Marti Choate who did not say if she was taken in by this quackery.....

Awsome Mapping Photos

Amazon's A9 is still in Beta, but you can see storefronts just like you are bicycling down the road !!! I do not know how they have amassed so much data or how they have gotten it all uploaded and properly indexed, can't imagine the work involved. Depending on your monitor, you might need to scroll to see both sides of the street. You can move the little magnifying glass, or type in an address.
Have a look at the Blockview Photos of the following cities:

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Subway Stops Stamps

Subway has dropped the stamps w/ purchase for free sandwiches program. Seems people were counterfiting them and selling the stamps on eBay....empty those pockets and purses....hurry if you have any partially filled cards. They are suppose to be getting a special code or something from headquarters to enter into the registers to use to help regular customers make use of any partially filled cards they have on-hand.

Lost at 'sea'--and found !

Back in June, Tropical Storm Arlene was headed directly here--predicted to hit between Mobile and P'cola (that would be Gulf Shores !!) as a T.S. or a Hurricane and Russ Conn, my web helper, Heather's husband was helping me get my peddle boat up out of the water. We were down in the lagoon battling against bad wind and rain trying to lift that thing to safety...I ended up using a rope hooked to the back of my car to drag it to the north side of the house once we got it up on the lawn. Anyway---in the process, soon as I put foot in the lagoon, I lost my flip-flops in the waves. The second they came off I looked down grabbed the only one I saw and flipped it up in the yard, they were some favorites---never saw it's mate again, (we both looked and looked)---until today.

Now, almost three months later, I went down on our mini beach in front of the house to see what was 'happin' (never know what those hermit crabs might be up to) and low and behold, there was my long lost flip-flop, sitting bottom-side-up on the sand !

I hated to tell it that it's mate had long since gone to the county land fill :o(

New Pool

Well, I had to send this photo up big because this is a big blow up pool. I spotted it at Tuesday Morning way back in something like April. Talk about impulse sale. Well, here it is August and I am just now getting time to get it out of the box and play in it. It is perfect !! About 12 ft across and came with one of those rechargable little pumps that blows this thing up in something like a minute and a half--no kidding. The instructions say--stick it in the valve of your air bed. So obviously , same co that makes those instant matress things. The detachable , floating beer holders are stuck on velcro tabs on the rim in the photo. I loll around reading and tanning. It is wonderful. When my friend Carol Mc flies in we can take turns taking photos of each other reading and relaxing in repose.

I tried to put it on the porch, but the porch is just way too narrow--didn't work out--on second day, as I was half asleep, I heard a big swwwwwwoooooosh. The rim dipped over the edge and water poured out. So now, it is on the driveway, but in a spot where Hurricane Ivan stripped all lower vegetation from the property next door so there is a nice breeze blowing thru.


Saw this on the Today show--FedEx is none too happy. Don't think they have too much to worry about. Most people are either too lazy or too un-creative to make their own apt furniture out of free FedEx boxes, but a few might--he tells you how.
This guy got a new job as a software engineer and writes :
"Using FedEx boxes and packaging materials, I constructed a desk, bed, couch, dining table and chairs out of the boxes. I'm currently stuck with double rent (both my new and old apartments), and can not afford real furniture. FedEx Furniture is furniture put together by empty FedEx Boxes, and held together by fedex packaging supplies. All of the furniture seen here is 100% functional." See his house full of white/orange/purple decor at FedExFurniture till they swap him some real stuff in exhange for his taking the site down !

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Blogs into Books
Can create a bound book out of any English, Spanish, French, German, or Russian blog. They offer three different forms of binding and the prices really are not expensive considering it is a custom order deal. I have a friend w/ no internet access but he can get books and I had already printed out the blog about our trip (after I added the photos) to mail him or I might have used this service instead.
And speaking of printing from the web to print the blog, I use a great piece of shareware that I have used for years called FinePrint which allows you to print 2 pages per sheet, 4 pages per sheet, etc...the free version will let you do it free as long as it prints a little line of ad across the bottom of the page. Their other nice little program the PDF Factory makes great pdf files and costs a mere fraction of what the Adobe software to create them does. Plus, when I tested it, the files it made were a smaller file size than the ones Adobe made.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Artful Graphics --Sin City, the movie

After reading WIRED Magazine's article:
The Man Who Shot Sin City --How Robert Rodriguez, the one-man digital army behind El Mariachi and Spy Kids, brought an "unfilmable" cult comic to the big screen,
I knew I wanted to see it.

OUTSTANDING...esp considering that it is pretty much a one man digital production, done in Austin, TX.

If you have a pretty strong stomach--or can look away when necessary , as I did, then by all means, rent or go to the theater to see Sin City. The DVD has a short bit of extra technical info about shooting this ultra-graphic which of course is way interesting. I had read additional articles about the technical side of the production and I think that is more reason I enjoyed it.

Not for little kids...... that is for sure.
Wanna read folks reviews on Amazon? Sin City

Friday, August 19, 2005

Humorous T-Shirts

Funny T-Shirts, some of them anyway, esp for 11 yr olds or those who like potty jokes.

Interesting Wallets

Ever wondered what creative things can be made from old bicycle tubes? Stefanie Mihoulides makes belts and wallets by hand. Ck 'em out.

Stand By Your Man...

takes on new meaning when you look at the website of My SweetPee, a new product that facilitates women being able to stand and pee in places like porta-potties or yucky bathrooms. Invented and marketed by two sisters from Texas.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

US on TV--DIY Network !!

Our TV show aired !!! We almost missed it...the coffee shop that had satellite TV and had agreed to let us come watch it there let us down. We met w/ friends from Mobile and Perdido Bay at 8 pm for our 8:30 show, and we were next door having some drinks first when we found out that the coffee shop was closing at 8 p.m. ! Luckily, Ted Dial's girlfriend, Rene's brother lives in Peninsula on Ft. Morgan Rd and also has satellite TV and she called him real-fast......we zoooooomed over to his place and got there just in the nick of time.

A most excellent job on editing . I was so glad that they actually used all of the old construction photos that I spent so long digging thru my hard drives for or re-scanning prints in high res. just for them. They used shots of the house in previous storms when talking about Ivan, but who would know except me.

I watched the show with one of my friends who is a professional model and does TV commercials all the time, so that was tough....she is very, very photogenic, I'm not, ....the camera seems to remove 10 lbs from MaryJo while it adds them to me !

One great thing the DIY Network has done is add web links to my website and to Ted's (see below), and I know that an inbound link from them carries a lot of 'weight' w/ the search this is a very good thing. Hope they keep the links online for a long time, at least until another Google indexing.

Cool web links (lots of text and photos from the show) they added to the DIY Network website tonight:

Coastal Living, Italian-Style
same link--their print version (no pop-ups)

Additional Information on DAC-Art Construction
same link-- their print version (no pop-ups)

Additional Information on the Homeowners and the Gulf-Shores Vacation Home
same link-- their print version (no pop-ups)

EDIT: WOW--they have added several more web pages in last day or two...!

DIY is not gonna be to happy about my linking to the non-commercial print versions and I may get a 'take 'em down' notice....but for now...maybe they don't look at their log files...

Be Your Own Contractor--Vacation Homes will repeat on Fri and Sun too.

August 18, 2005
9:30 PM Eastern
August 19, 2005
12:30 AM Eastern
August 21, 2005
1:00 PM Eastern

BTW, I am having to set the comments function to 'register' , it just means having a Gmail or Google groups account I think. This morning there were 10 so called 'comments' w/ spam links in them on this blog. So, feel free to comment, but youmight have to 'register' w/ Google, it is prob no big deal, if it is, email me and they offered one other option on the blog settings and I can try that. I wasn't sure exactly what the two options besides 'anyone' require from the potential commenter.....but I have to stop the blog-spamming.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

301 Perm. re-directs and FrontPage

techie stuff : I will add additional info to this post later, but I am putting this here in hopes that others will find this info if they do a seach for it, and save themselves hours of frustration.

Upon the advice of Google engineers at the Webmaster World Conference in New Orleans in June and stated on the Google website, etc...I left instructions in July with my web helper for her to work on changing our .htaccess files on our servers to include a few lines of code that would cause anyone accessing my sites without the www. to be automatically redirected to the www. version.

Little did I know that changing the .htaccess file on a site that uses Frontpage extensions would totally screw up things.

On the surface it appeared that things were working well, the did an auto-redirect quickly to the version and everything seemed fine.

But I couldn't update any sites. It often looked like they were updating on my end...but not to the viewer.

I either got error messages or it appeared to publish and all the files published outside of the docs folder. I stayed on the phone w/ my hosting co tech support for hours while we tried all sorts of things to no avail. Finally I spent hours reading fourms and came to the conclusion that if you use FrontPage, you are not going to get the Apache mod rewrite script to work for you unless you are willing to do some powerful and time consuming stuff that still might not work.

In the end we tried to change the .htaccess files back to the original versions, BUT because I was using an old version of FrontPage 98, it just complicated things. I had to back up all my folders for every site to disk, transfer to a different computer running FrontPage 2000 and make sure I stripped all the oddball FP98 stuff out of the folders first, then import the site's files into the new version of FP and in some cases rebuild the sites w/ all the shared borders and SSI's , and then ask the hosting co to purge the server of all my old files, and totally reset the FP extensions---and then I republished each site as if it was a brand new site.

And of course, along the way there were glitches, some servers didn't want to act right when they tried to reconfigure the FP extensions, etc...and we discovered various things like the user admin interfaces non-functioning on some the hosting co had some housekeeping to do too.

I still have to keep FP 98 running on the one computer as I have a site that I use that version to work live on the server on just that one site. But even tho it has taken about two weeks to work thru all of this, it is a good thing I suppose, as FP 2000 does an auto correct on spelling (a la MS Word) and goodness knows I need that. I have found and corrected a zillion misspelled words in this process. I know I could have run spell ck on FP 98, I just hardly ever took the time to do it.

I have a copy of FP 2003, but some of the older servers (some of these sites have been up a long time) don't have those extensions installed and no matter what people tell you, stuff is not backwards compatible in FP....I found that out in another incident on another server platform last year after much frustration and wrong info from tech support.

I hope to goodness that Google is able to program the bots to deal with the duplicate content issues that arrise from the www. adn non-www. versions of a website, as I know there are plenty of people out there that use FP, even tho in the forums people are loath to admit that they do.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Rite-Aid Free $10 Pre-Paid MasterCard

Don't know why they'd do it--unless they figure you are gonna like it so much that you re-fund it somehow. Anyway--this week, Rite-Aid Drug Stores are offering a $9.95 Green Dot Pre-Paid MasterCard, less 5 bucks, less $4.95 online rebate, so that equals free. Limit one...
I do their online rebate thingie frequently, and it does work, they actually do mail the checks, but it is one per month I think, so read the instructions, you might want to bundle all purchases in one month together.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

WEVL webcasting at last !!!!

Just got an email from Judy Dorsey, the station manager at my old alma mater WEVL FM90 Volunteer Radio and you can now listen online. This is GREAT NEWS !!!

Still in 'beta' no link on the official website yet.

"Using Winamp:File -->> Play URL---> Cut & paste this URL into the box:
, click Open and enjoy.

Download the latest at

Using Windows Media Player:File --->> Open URL---->> Cut & paste this URL into the box:
, then click OK & enjoy.

Some listeners using Windows 98 and/or Windows Media Player version 6.4 may experience difficulty connecting to the stream. If your Windows Media Player has trouble connecting to the stream, upgrade your player to the most current version that is recommended for your computer.

Download latest at

Using Itunes:Advanced ---> Open Stream or Open URL ---> Cut & paste this URL into the box:
, click OK and enjoy
Download at (There are free versions for BOTH PC and Mac)

WARNING: You might see "WBAI 99.5 New York" in the WEVL webcast window, along with WEVL FM 89.9"

I am listening to my favorite show, NIGHT TRAIN and it sounds great !!!!! Lordy Charles I have missed you and your show !!!! Great to hear you down here in Gulf Shores.

For the weekly schedule of WEVL's eclectic programs go to
And if you listen, is 100% listener supported, one of the very few in the nation.

11:55 p.m. WOW--Charles Just said "Hi Lundy--thanks for being there" on air !! Now I do feel special.......

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

See us on TV !

The DIY Network on Cable TV--sister station to HGTV

Clickable Link to DIY Site:
Gulf Shores: Dac Art Home -

August 18, 2005
9:30 PM Eastern
August 19, 2005
12:30 AM Eastern
August 21, 2005
1:00 PM Eastern

On this episode of Be Your Own Contractor: Vacation Homes you'll meet Lundy and Harry Wilder They acted as their own contractors on their unique waterfront home in Gulf Shores, AL. They share why they decided to be their own contractors and why the wanted to build an Italian Architecture style house. And you'll find out all about the unique concrete block construction that they used to achieve that look and to withstand the seacoast elements. Like hurricanes. Find out how the house made it through Hurricane Ivan with little damage -- and how the major hurricane made a direct hit on Gulf Shores, causing major damage to the area.

Magnetic Reading Glasses

My new site is online
Spread the word !! Everyone who saw my cool Clic front magnet closure reading glasses in Europe wanted to know how to get here it is. They're cheap, they're great, come in several colors. Some come as sunglasses.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Read ANY Book Online Free

WOW:EDIT: Looks like they have pulled it from the web--giving only server errors as of 7:50 p.m. CDT 8/12/05--see edit note below. 8/13/05 a.m. --Google server error fixed

New, in Beta: Google Print
go to
and enter any book you want to read. You might need to log-in, use your Gmail info. Don't have a Google log-in, then get one so you can access Usenet from anywhere and do research, but I digress.

I tried The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference
by Malcolm Gladwell

they seemed to have this book but not the newer one by Gladwell, "Blink" (both great books, IMHO),

anyway--put 'introduction' or 'table of contents' into the 'search within the book' search box on left.
Most books are going to say that you can read certain pages but no where near all of them...if you search for say, "Page 12" might say "this page is restricted"....BUT

The trick to getting to read every page is to use the search box to find the page with a certain phrase that appears on the last page you read, then you can read for 3 pages past that. You just have to keep asking it to give you search results for word phrases that you know are on the pages that you want to see. Seems to work for now, but I heard there were some lawyer types upset as if this 'work-around' or 'mini-hack' gets to be used too often, some might consider that this online text 'fair use' is overstepping things up at the Googleplex.

Google Halts Scanning of Copyrighted Books

(08-12) 09:58 PDT SAN FRANCISCO, (AP) --

Stung by a publishing industry backlash, Google Inc. has halted its efforts to scan copyrighted books from some of the nation's largest university libraries so the material can be indexed in its leading Internet search engine.

The company announced the suspension, effective until November, in a notice posted on its Web site just before midnight Thursday by Adam Smith, the manager of its ambitious program to convert millions of books into a digital format.

"We think most publishers and authors will choose to participate in the publisher program in order (to) introduce their work to countless readers around the world," Smith wrote. "But we know that not everyone agrees, and we want to do our best to respect their views too."

Google wants publishers to notify the company which copyrighted books they don't want scanned, effectively requiring the industry to opt out of the program instead of opting in.

That approach rankled the Association of American Publishers.......

Robot Wisdom in Memphis?

I read recently that Jorn Barger of fame--he coined the term weblog which became Blog--might have moved from homeless in San Francisco to Memphis. You Memphians be on the look-out for him....possible scruffy blonde hair, possible Google cap, beard, mid 50's.
A web celebrity, albiet a slightly underground one.

Paste Magazine

Watch Paste Magazine really take off....I see they have bought a full page ad in WIRED Magazine, The ad says "The music and film magazine for thinking adults". Since every issue comes with at least one music CD and a DVD of stuff like music videos, indie short films, off beat ads, and interesting stuff in general, I'd say it is a pretty good value. I even have a hard time reading it cover to cover as it includes so much good text.

The illustrations sometimes bug me, they like the messy looking, ink spill art a lot, but the info in it is good. I picked up my first copy in a bookstore on the Memphis-Gulf Shores route where I stopped for coffee and bathroom. After that, I subscribed. I can say that I have bought CDs of musicians that I had never heard of after hearing them/reading about them in Paste. It has also turned me on to some interesting movies. Paste Magazine

Google Satellite Maps

For those who don't know, Google has made available a satellite image service--Google Maps/Satellite-- online whereby you can have a birdseye look from above at a lot of the globe from satellite images.
Several new websites have popped up as off-shoots of this new service. is a hub for people who have located interesting landmarks, homes of the famous or infamous, etc...see what others have found and identified and submit what you know about.

A Yahoo company--Flickr, try
for a look at your old high school

Scavengeroogle - Google Maps Scavenger Hunt
Scavengeroogle: a scavenger hunt type of game where you use Google maps to find
a graphical clue.

Looks like Big Brother really is watching, and his name is Googlebot.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

New Blog !

I have created this blog for general comments and posts about this and that. My other active blog is all about mine and Sara O'Dell's trip to Europe and it seemed a shame to get it all mixed up with other off topic information. This new Lundini blog (couldn't get 'lundy') will do things like give advice on movies to rent and which hair conditioners work best---bet you can't wait ! L.