Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Weird weather

I am siting here using the computer, expecting to lose power at any moment...TV says big storm headed to me w/ rain, hail and 60 Miles per Hour Wind !!! Sixty Miles per Hour !!! Holy Guacamole. This is way stronger than a tropical storm, I think hurricane starts at 60 mph.

update;;weatherman wrong as usual. storm not so bad and center already past us. but it looks like another one is over New Orleans now and headed here later today.

Monday, December 08, 2008

New Cement Tile Floor

Click photos for bigger view.

We started work on the tile floors this past weekend. Very exciting to see this finally happening. Our Mexican crew, headed by Roy, started laying bathrooms on Sunday. Today the big living/kitchen area got started. The name of the tile in the Lv/Kit is Surf "Agua" . It comes in other color schemes too.

The tile have all been crammed into a storage container on the property and they weigh so much that it has been next to impossible to locate individual patterns to send to people as samples and such. Now I will have some room in there to find stuff.