Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year

Make yourself some fireworks if you are at home looking at this and not out on the beach watching the real thing.
or let PBS tell you a bit about them.

OR, see fireworks like you've never seen them before ....The Netherlands, 2000.....fireworks factory fire and explosions. See another cameraman's movie of it.

or watch this along with the Swedes who traditionally show this video at midnight. But listen to the weird words.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Whopper Freakout--funny

If you have not seen it on TV, watch the mini-movie online. Lots of careful editing, I am sure. (Requires Flash ver. 9, so overly agressive Adobe will attempt to auto-update.)

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Garage Lintel

While I was gone, the big lintel for the garage door opening was trucked in and set in place. It is the largest individual piece of concrete in the house (except slabs). We have had a couple days of nice weather but rain is suppose to come back. It rained a lot right before i took these can see water standing here and there.

The winter brings lovely sunsets.
This last photo is in the entrance hall area where a recessed niche is suppose to go. Ted is making some special curved top-piece and shelf for it.
Dan told me today that both floors will have a 9'2" ceiling height. He is talking to the truss designer about raising the upper ceiling into the attic space but he will have to re-design the trusses and don't know yet how much more that might cost. Another issue is cramping the area to run the A/C and waterlines, doing that. But I told Dan if we could gain a foot, it would be probably be worth it. We decided to add a foot to the windows on the first floor too. We'll have skylights on the top floor, but the first floor won't have al that extra light flooding in. Plus we don't want any pinched nerves in our necks as we look up to see the Blue Angels practicing.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

It's oooooo-o-o-over.

I am back in Gulf Shores. Flew to Mempho on the 19th and back on Xmas eve. Nice visit. Stayed w/ Momma. Amazingly, there was one day when all of us chullin were there together at one time. Stephen drove up from Mississippi, Lisa had just gotten back from taking her 3 grandchullin skiing in Colorado and Cary (w/ her two offspring) flew in for the day.
Momma says it is the first time we were all together in a long time. I see all of them pretty much, so I didn't realize that.

Now that i am back, I am doing web stuff ninty miles an hour. I have so many projects in motion. Tonight I am designing floor tiles to coordinate w/ Duralee fabrics. My good buddy, Marti, who works for Duralee and is a big hit w/ them for 'E' for effort & strong sales, is going to the annual sales meeting in New York in a couple days and I only found out yesterday. i want to have these drawings done for her to take w/ her.

I have spent massive amounts of time researching classic Hydraulic Cement Floor Tiles, aka Encaustic Tiles and a whole bunch of other terms. I decided that this is the absolute most perfect flooring for my new place. Absolutely. Trouble is, no one in the USA makes them anymore. And the are very heavy. I complied most of what I learned on this web page. Migght as well share the knowledge:

I am pretty determined about this. It is the perfect, green flooring. Waterproof and lasts centuries. I am thinking that it might be a good idea to make my own designs, make them coordinate w/ some popular fabric and get a fabric house excited about the possibility of selling more goods because of a tie in to the promotion for the flooring. I won't be using a lot of fabric in my place, but the average gal does. And, if I can make people aware of these way-cool floor tiles, then it is a service to mankind and might just end up working out for me in several ways. Plus I love the have seen them all over Latin America, Cuba, Spain, Portugal, fancy pancy mansions in south FL, and even France.

Next is a web project that Carol Mc and I are doing together. A website for moms in Memphis. Carol is writing content and I will do the web work.

Also a discussion forum for Dr. Skip P. in Tuscaloosa for patients to discuss the benefits of this startling discovery he made in his practice about IBS and fibromalgia. It is and is a work in progress. Can't believe that domain name wasn't taken, as over 450,000 domains are registered each day !!!

Well, I had decided that the Google Santa must have flown over my house this year , when what to my wondering eyes should appear but a neat white box in my mailbox today. I already knew what they were sending out this year cause the blabber-mouths on webmaster forums were discussing it. A cool flash drive w/ 2 gigs of storage (and to think that is double my first computer) and it is the size of a credit card and made like one. Thanks Larry and Sergei :o)

Plus, get this, Google included a credit card looking card that said it was a gift certificate for . I'd never heard of it, so I went to the website....

What this is , is a website where teachers post requests for stuff they want for their classroom and why. It has the total $ needed and you can browse around looking at the requests, or search for some using keywords. I put in 'physics' plus 'alabama' and found a teacher in Jasper wanting to buy rocket ship kits for general science. She had already gotten about 200 bucks of the total of $307 needed, so I put in my gift certificate and it said it was for a hundred bucks !! ... and it offered me the opportunity to chip in the additional $7.50 by CC or check so she'd get the total bucks for the rockets. I did that and now it is a done deal...

I remember in 5th grade, or maybe it was actually 4th or 3rd, cause he went to Riverdale for 5th, anyway..., at MtPisgah Middle when Miller got his teacher to come out to video tape him shooting off a rocket in the field behind the house. She said it was better to do it there than at the school. It was for some school project. I think he was the only one doing rockets for he assignment. It was just a little stepping stone to his enthusiasm for flying and getting all his pilots licenses. Maybe she will inspire a bunch of little future pilots. Thanks Larry and Sergei :o)

The site said I will get an email thank you note from the teacher. I'll tell her to write Google too.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Bouncing Balls

Ruth S. sent this short, entertaining video. You may have seen this guy on the Tonight Show, I didn't. Wonder how long he had to practice to do this.

A Mom's Day in 3 Minutes

This is very funny,
From my good friend Carol McC :

Tony the Dancing Cop

This guy, a grandfather, comes out of retirement every year at Xmas to direct traffic in Providence, RI. He even has his own website. where it tells what intersections he will be at on what day.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Sandy Xmas

A guy who sends me occasional emails sent a photo of a sand tree he made in the middle of a store. The background had clothing displayed, I cut it out and put it out on a beach. Not our beaches, as they are white and his sand was pretty dark, but I found a pretty good match. He sells cool sand sculpture kits at

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Google Game

You and another player have about 2 min to see if you can guess the same tags at the same time.
It helps Google to identify images and is a bit of fun for you.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Not There

Well I wish I had been in Las Vegas for WebmasterWorld Pubcon this past week. Thanks goodness for the kind souls who work their fingers to the bone reporting what the speakers and panels are saying.
I have only read a short part of the online accounts, but already have picked up one great tip that I put into place immediately on that has made a big difference in earnings on that site.

Speaking of, last weekend I got an email alerting me to copyright infringement on eBay uk and I had to report it and the seller's account got canceled, now today, i have another email about another seller of CD's w/ my graphics included...seems to never end. UK is worse that U.S. for some reason. Fortunately ebay is really great about yanking the offending merchandise and dealing w/ the seller. Just takes time on my part. I have to be sure that it really is my work on their CD.

New house work at a standstill due to crane repairs. No huge deal, and good to get the crane in top notch working order. Recnetly I have seen two ads for same crane, older year model than mine, for sale for 75% more than what I paid...this is a good thing.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Boy do I miss Memphis--NOT

Thanks Mark B. for passing this news story on to me. Mark is making a trip to Memphis for biz in a few weeks, so he must be reading Memphis news just to be ready to face what may come at him while there.

Rarely do I copy /paste a whole news story but this one is so great, and I am afraid the link might now work or somehow you'd miss this, (note the use of "fightin" and "takin" in the quotes).... so here goes :

I call it : "I guess that just pissed them off worser"

Memphis Police continue to search for search three cross-dressing crooks who started a fight at the McDonalds on South Mendenhall Sunday night.

It was definitely not business as usual at a local McDonald's Sunday night as a carful angry transvestites pulled up to Martez Brisco's drive-thru window.

"Men trying to look like women, drag queens, transvestites is what they were," Brisco said.

There was an argument at the window and that's when things started to get a little strange.

"They come to the window, tap, tap, tap. I'm still ignoring them. I guess that just pissed them off worser," Brisco said.

Three men, dressed as women, jumped out of the car, ran into the restaurant armed with a tire iron, and started swinging at employees, but not before they disrobed, kicking off their stiletto boots, hoop earrings, and jackets.

"They just decided they wanted to start a fight with the crew at McDonald's here. They began to get ready to fight taking clothing off to fight," said Lt. Trevor Tisby with Memphis Police Department.

"He swung and hit my manager, manager swung and hit back, so they step back, get to takin' off they shoes, boots and whatever else they had to do to get satisfied to fight," Brisco said.

Albert Bolton had bandaids covering scratches where one of the drag queens mauled him with his fingernails.

"I was fightin with 'em, trying to protect him, and he scratched me," Bolton said.

As the fight carried on, the manager grabbed a pot of hot french fry grease and launched it at the men. One of the men retaliated, smacking the manager in the head with a wet floor sign sending him away in an ambulance.

Before they drove off, the cross dressers smashed in the drive-thru window.

Police are working on a more detailed description of the trio. Authorities said they are looking for a black car and three men dressed as women.

Saturday, December 01, 2007


Here it is Buying Frenzy season again, so PLEASE, use this Amazon search box on the top right of this page for all , ... ALL ...your Amazon purchases.

It will display the top search matches in the grey frame and you can click the best match. Amazon sells everything now, and I find they often have the best price (cameras, inkjets, etc)

Remember, I spend all this time, (over 1000 posts in this blog) telling you about important and cool things, and I do it for pls, use my Amazon search box so I can earn a few cents commission when you make any Amazon purchase.

Happy Buying Frenzy Season from all of me to all of y'all.

Who Knew ?

Get a Tan?: Velma from Milwaukee writes; "I was in Mexico a couple of years ago and a lady saw me tanning outside the hotel and I just couldn't tan, she then said, " want a great tan"? Of course, " I said". She said buy some Coke, not diet coke, cherry coke or generic, just plain Coke and apply it over skin. Believe me, I did, and laid out for a while, I got up, and I had the best tan ever. It lasted for about 6-7 months. So, now I do it here in Milwaukee when it gets hot, I even use the coke in the tanning machines and it really works. And, no, bugs will not eat you. The coke dries in your skin and then your skin is silky. This is the best tanning lotion I have ever used." Thanks Velma! I can't wait to try this out myself!

Read more scientific uses for Co-cola.

And better print this stuff out as these tripod sites have a tendency to come and go.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Thanksgiving in Sunglasses

At good friends Becky and Warren's beach house.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ideal Weather

Could there be any better weather than this ???

Cute Boomer Video

Walt Handelsman
Pulitzer Prize-winning political cartoonist and animator
Watch It

thanks, Nancy K.M.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

This is great

Click the photo if she is not turning on your page...

Do you see the dancer turning clock-wise or counter clockwise ? This is a test of dominant hemisphere brain function.
Supposedly if you see her turn clockwise you are right brain dominant, counter-clockwise= left hemisphere dominance.

When I first looked I saw her turning clockwise, I suppose that indicated the right brain kicking in first. Doesn't surprise me, itis the fun side of the brain :o)

With a little effort, I can switch her back and forth.

Try crossing your eyes and see her dancing with a partner. Just kidding.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Dr Laura Doll

$30 (plus s&h) gets you on-demand advice. The Dr. Laura Doll might be the perfect gift for that dysfunctional loved one.

Memphis Corrupt City Councel

Well, the mostly black voters within Memphis city limits have already re-elected Ricky Peete once after a prison term...lets see if they re-elect him when he gets out this time. Probably.

How about voter registration reform, require one to pass the ACT/SAT or similar to vote.

Guilty Again.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Another Chinese Children's Product Recalled

Even tho I am finding that I have no time for bloggish chit-chat lately, I must pass along this alarming photo that I received from Martin Choate.

And since I am here in blogger-ville, this is my news.

House is progressing nicely. Weather has been perfect for it. Latest twist: A supplier of a fabulous ceiling product want to supply material for it, this is great news as it is a beautiful coffered wood ceiling that comes in various species and finishes, including a lovely natural cherry. I'd like it everywhere, he asked for the sq footage of areas I want it in, I even included the garage...ha !

Bob Maplestone, Instructor, Engineering and Technology at Highline Community College, Seattle wants to use a photo of mine for the website about the fund to finish the construction or a marine science and technology (MaST) center located on Puget Sound. It is a photo of a boat mast...the fund raising logo is “Help Raise the MAST, Change the Future”
I said sure , if he'll give me a link back to one of my pages. His school's website:

I am in Memphis....visiting Momma and Daddy. Short visit but I am doing all sorts of helpful things for Momma. She is pretty worn out at present. Daddy is in a wheelchair now and pretty out-of-it most of the time. He is in the skilled-nursing dept. She still lives in the nice little brick cottage. She spends a lot of time with Daddy tho. Fortunately they are at the best place you ever could be if you were in such a state. The Ritz of assisted living. I am sooooo glad for that. We went thru about 25 years of 'important' papers today. I tossed out a ton, but most need to be shredded as they contain lots of SS number, bank account, investment info, I will be shredding a lot tomorrow. This is the land of crime after all.

Speaking of crime, the night before i left, Visa called and asked if I just ordered Comcast on Demand. Of course not. I am way too busy trying to earn enuf to pay for this house to watch Comcast on Demand...and besides, we don't even have Comcast in my town. So my card was made void at that moment and I had to have another mailed. I still wonder what tipped them off. I had the card, and I had made a 5 grand charge a few days before for appliances for new house (a dealer was having a sidewalk sale of this yrs models ) and that didn't cause any alarm to the card co. Maybe they know every cable tv provider's territory and figure that you don't order cable tv in a place you don't live. And , I know you are wondering, YES, I did get a great deal on the appliances and I get FF miles on the Visa. The new dishwasher is so smart that it comes with some test strips to measure the hardness/softness of the water and them you set a dial on the door that dispenses the correct amount of liquid detergent based on your water conditions. You just add a whole bottle of the creamy kind of bottled detergent every so tells you when to of course :o)

And the fridge has a special cold beer dept that gets it's air blasted straight from the freezer. That feature was a strong selling point ! They know what models to send to the beach.

Last weekend, bro Stephen and his friend Mark and Terry Taylor came to see me in G.S. They went to see Wet Willie, Greg Allman and went on a 3,000 bike motorcycle ride. Delbert Mclinton played the night before but they skipped that. Always nice to have Stephen around. He fixes stuff :o) He is funny too....

ok--tired and cold...i am in the library of The Village at G'town , the only one in here the whole time, probably the only one awake around here and I have on flip-flops as usual and by golly, it has turned winter up here. Nite-nite.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Today I got an automated phone call from UPS w/ a ladies will be getting a package today and it requires a signature....first time ever...she asked at first what language I wanted to hear her message in ..I said English...shudda said pig-latin....but hey, it was a first and I thought it might be something to do w/ Ed McMahon and Publishers Clearing House so I didn't want to jack them around....

it was a replacement battery from Sony for my little tiny laptop. I noticed that the battery didn't hold a charge the other day. It had always worked before, and I know there have been alot of battery woes for computer manufacturers lately, so I went to Sony's website and looked to see if there were any important updates, etc...for my model...I saw that I was to return my battery for a replacement, so I got out my electron microscope to read the battery serial number (after i removed it first ) and then I entered all the microscopic digits into the various online forms and whap...I got a new battery post haste. That is a good thing as laptop batteries cost a fortune.

Today I sat down at a computer only to find out that my two biggest sites were off-line. Totally. I had done a lot of work to the scrapbook one last night and yesterday and figured I might have screwed something up. I tried a couple things I got on the phone w/ tech support and they fixed it immediately, kept me on the phone till it was fixed. Hosting co is 1and1 for these sites, if anyone is interested. I give them A+ for tech support.

Heather and I just moved these sites, (no small job) from the co that has hosted them for years and who once had great tech support and now has basically none. Once my heart-attack subsided, I cleaned the kitchen.

At 3 pm, well 2:30 actually, I had to go to the Chamber to be there when 5 or 6 kids from GS High School Key Club showed up to volunteer to help put SF posters in cardboard tubes, and one old cranky guy. Please remind me to not be CRANKY when I get over 65 yrs old. Cranky stinks.

At 4 p.m. we had cash register training and CC machine training...for Shrimp Fest (Oct 11-14). I felt like a ignoramus. I wrote down every step. Last year we never did figure out how to really use the registers as they were intended. We sorta faked it and things get so crazy, we made up our own system, it didn't matter since they knew I was the one handling the money. I had this one old couple volunteering for a shift and they , well, HE got all bent out of shape cause I didn't want him doing the cash register.....hey, it wasn't my rule, I told him...he kept sneaking behind the drawer and trying to ring up sales...I don't think he was dishonest, I think it was just a control issue.......his poor wife.

When I got out of the Chamber, I was so tired, but I went to Winn-Dixie for vittles. (I was like Mother Hubbard back at home.) Then I collapsed on the sofa and went into a coma.

When I regained conscientiousness, I made 5 pages of cat themed scrapbook artwork for Heather to scan tomorrow.
And by the way, Heather and I are quite proud of the latest scrapbook set on . It has HUNDREDS of pages because everything is available in both U.S. Letter, European A4 size and most of them are in 12" x 12" as well. It is all these co-ordinating patterns...The Meadow Collection...have a look...

Check out this baby carriage from Italy from the 50's...too cool, but would be hot on a warm sunny day.

Tomorrow should be nice, If it doesn't rain, I will have to drag some hoses around and water my neighbor's yard, back and front. I thought it might sprinkle some today, it didn't. He is so good about cutting my grass, that I water his when it is dry. He has had a well dug, but has not run any irrigation lines yet...I might have to bug him about getting that project done.

The new house is coming along nicely....yesterday was concrete truck and pumper truck day. The first 2 courses of blocks were back-filled. I made a nice little video of a block being set into place. You can see here...ConcreteCottage

I found a almost-waterproof product that is made in sheets and boards, It is a PVC/wood waste manufactured lumber product. The marketing dept says they will give me product for Villa Lagoon if I pay shipping....from Vancouver. Might be worth it, I need to talk to Dan, my builder tomorrow. I don't want any sheetrock.

Cary arrived in Memphis from Knoxville. I spoke to Momma today. Daddy is in the skilled nursing wing at Village of G'town. Momma has not given up his room in the Alzheimer's wing yet in hopes that he could go back there. But ,today the staff says NO. He is too far gone in the level of care required they say.

There is a waiting list for the Alzheimer wing....they only have 8 or 10 residents. so once she gives up the will be filled. In skilled nursing he can't go outside like he could at Canturbury Court...and he asks to go sit in the sun. Momma might have to get Man the yardman to come over and get him occasionally and sit with him out in the sun. She could take him out to have a nature walk, or whatever, but she, by herself, can't physically support him or get him up if he falls. She'd need an assistant to go outside with him. Poor Daddy is having issues with diaper rash and that sort of is so sad.

He says that these men came in his bathroom and urinated on the floor and made it slippery and he fell and that is what is wrong with his mind now. Sometimes he is sorta 'with it' and the next minute, he is way out there.

If you get diagnosed with Alzheimer's, take my advice and do whatever you can to get yourself to Heaven asap....while you can still figure out how...believe me...holding on to life is not the best choice.

I have not seen my Osprey lately, everyone asks, but then, I have not been over at the Lagoon house too much this week. But, there is a lot of noise right now, so I don't blame him for hanging out elsewhere, I do.

nite, nite

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Software and more

A court in France has awarded a man 311.85 euros as the cost of the pre-loaded software on his new Acer laptop. His case was that he didn't want the software but that he had no choice but to buy it.

Could have implications?

(312 euros = £220 = $440)

(from webmasterworld comments)

New Age Stone Builders worked both Sat and Sunday on new house. I have photos but they are still on my camera.
Shrimp Fest is coming up. This weekend, we loaded about 300 previous years posters in cardboard tubes. And discovered that this years posters will not fit in the remaining 800 tubes I ordered due to two things, ...poster printer did not roll posters like they did last year, and tube co lied in specs about inside diameter of, I think all posters will have to be unrolled and re-rolled to fit in the tubes..if we can get some high school volunteers on Wed, it will be easier to do that than re-order tubes to fit over sized-posters.

Fabo weather here....sunny and breezy.

Daddy in Skilled Nursing Care at Village of G'town. Momma is holding on to his room at the Canterbury Court Alzheimer's Unit in case he gets to go back there, as there is now a wait list, they only have ten clients at a time...but she said tonight that she didn't think he would ever 'get well' ...I told her, no, that he was on a train moving in one direction only....

She said Cary and Frances may go up there in a few days (both have been out of town in other directions, Dallas and Hilton Head) and after SF, I am sure that I will go up there.

Dan Z, my builder says this is why he brings his mom down here from Iowa for 6 months of the year to here...I told him that my mom was not that portable.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I wrote a big 'ole post last night, all text and it is gone today ! (note, it is back now, more weird)
While I investigate that, you can use the corporate BS generator to get ready for your next meeting.

Monday, September 24, 2007


I talked to a number of possible local house vendor participants today. Kitchens, countertops, appliances, fastners like big hulky hardware, etc...went to phone co and got a handful of DSLfilters for other phone and fax lines (Not for new house).

Millie was 25 min late for lunch. I went on and ordered and my food arrived when she did. She is usually late so I took stuff to work on while I waited. Ate at the new restaurant at The Wharf...Villagio, owned by Ginny Lane (restaurant) owners. It was good. Sorta neuvo Italian. Big tile covered visible oven...for the fancy pizzas. Would be pricey at doubt about it. Lunch for one ran almost 20 bucks w/ ice tea and tip and tax. I took some photos for web so it could be a biz expense. I'll do a little review later tonight on one of my websites. She had been there a couple times before, so I got good feedback from her w/out me having to spend so much to try different stuff.

Found a place that sells American Greeting cards for 10/ dollar. Good gettin' place for some other stuff too. It was next door to a kitchen/bath place.

I loaded my rolling trash can w/ chunks of concrete and got it up to the street when I got back here around 6:30 p.m. When you build you are suppose to get a dumpster, but they are real expensive, like 300+ a month. so I am going to see how long we can hold off. I will just be real steady about taking the big blue BFI can to the street. (Oh yea, BFI is now Allied Waste.) Luckily we still get twice a week pickups. Most places don't.

Daddy is in the hospital again. He went in on Thurs or Fri. Stephen drove up from Greenwood to be w/ Momma and see about Daddy on Sat and Sun. It is pneumonia. He doesn't swallow properly. Seems to be a common problem of the very old. Daddy was very sick when they sent him to the hospital be Stephen said he was much better once the antibiotics kicked in. He had not eaten in a long time and was so weak, so Momma and Stephen got him some pork chops....the nurse walked in and freaked. Said he could have nothing by mouth....part of it will go in his lungs. It is probably going to be a huge issue about feeding tube vs. not. His living wills says no feeding tubes, but the hospitals love 'em. (more $$$$$), plus their stance is to keep people alive at any cost, no matter about quality of life. Probably some tough decisions for Momma coming up.

At The Village of G'town, Daddy hated the gloppy mucus like food substitute and complained bitterly, so we signed wavers to allow him to have sorta regular food, but we knew some of it might go in his lungs. What he REALLY likes is a BBQ sandwich, so Momma and Lisa try to get them for him and bring them in every so often.

Speaking of Lisa, she and Henry were leaving for Hawaii for 10 days, and she is so good about seeing Momma and Daddy almost every day...we told her not to cancel her trip. We told her the other sisters and bro would do whatever we needed to. I expected to drive to Memphis yesterday or today but Momma and Stephen said it wasn't necessary, to hold off, so I did.

Momma's hip is giving her fits she says, had to get help going up to Daddy's room after he was admitted. She is already wearing a leg brace and ugly shoes for torn tendons in her foot. Momma once told me that this Golden Years stuff was nonsense.

I'll have to call and see what the Dr said today. I'll ck to see if I will need to go up there.

We had a nice rainy weekend. On and off. The sun would come out in between. We are still so behind on rain, no one minded. We were not even used to looking at rain or remembering what it sounded like.

My cable TV on Hardwood Dr is acting crazy--it is MediaCom Cable and on channel two I have a DirectTV logo bouncing around the screen like Pong. I think I am getting some satellite back-feed from some neighbor's TV. Turns out it does it on my next door neighbors TV too, but they all use that house in short spurts , weekends only, so no one calls and complains or signs up for repair service. But I am sorta glad it is doing it on his TV too. Lots of my channels are screwed up....BUT, officially I am only suppose to have the $9 package of local stations only, and I was getting 100 channels before this new thing, so I was reluctant to complain. I have already called DirectTV and they insist it is not their problem....they say call MediaCom. And since you have to be on hold at MediaCom for something like an hour+ to get to speak to a is such a drag.

The neighbor on the other side uses Dish Network, so he says it isn't his feed coming into my house. And another crazy thing is that I get slightly different channels on the two TV's. It is all screwed up. Blame it on the hurricanes !

I stayed on hold for over 30 min today and then had to leave the house. I have speaker phones for this very reason.

Insurance on my Lagoon house has gone up to $4000...can you believe it ? I am gonna have impact glass in new place. I may just cancel the insurance. My friend , Jerry Nasello, who is building DAC-ART also, says he will not carry homeowners when it is finished.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Prison Needlework

In the UK there is an organization that sends volunteers into the prison system to teach needlework to inmates who work on projects in their cramped cells to be sold thru the Fine Cell Work website. It is called FineCellWork

Lady Anne Tree was a prison visitor for twenty-five years, entertainments officer at HMP Wandsworth and a prison inspector, she founded Fine Cell Work and continues to contribute her wisdom and support to the charity.

Both men and women participate and by looking around their website, it looks like certain companies may donate some supplies. The laws had to be changed to allow these people to earn money outside of the penal system. Most send the earnings home to children and spouses and save some for living expenses if and when they are released.

Website includes pillows, rugs, quilts, bags and takes private commissions.

Now a former prisoner (15 yrs) who learned needle crafts in prison is out and trying to get a similar program stated in the States. His gallery shows him to be big on baseball and down on vice.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Today I think I will have to make a decision on my windows and doors. I am waiting on a cqll back from the Swift's Supply Weathershield Window fellow, Joey. I'd have already talked to him but for the fact that occasionally my cell just doesn't ring, and the called leaves a message and immediately the phone does seem to have enuf signal to give me the "yo, message left" beep-beep.

Patty w/ Vetter has given me what I think is a really fabo price. Esp considering they will be impact glass (think car windshield) .
gotta continue later...

Friday, September 14, 2007

Great Little Timewaster

Get your celebrity real estate kuv-ridge right here.

we as a culture are obsessed with celebrity and celebrity lifestyle. We all want to know where they go, what they wear and who they're sleeping with. And of course, where they live. This blog is focussed on who lives where, who's buying and selling and for how much. Real Estalker

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Crane Arrived

Finally....several days late, it came this afternoon. It looks wonderful. I put a bunch of photos on but I will put one here. I tried making a little movie of the first block it picked up, i just used my regular camera, not a movie camera, so will see if I can upload it.

Well , it looks like it uploaded. This is an unedited video, so no telling what it is like. I have not seen it yet.

It says it is uploaded but processing. I think Blogger automatically changes it from one file type to another...OPPS--no audio, not sure why...maybe my digital camera doesn't do audio, but I thought most did now. I know my older ones did. Also, excuse the sideways shot of grass in the middle :o)
Guess I dont know where the off button is.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Great Idea...maybe

Bike Dispensers for metropolitan areas....park that car or get off a train, bus, etc and slide your card to get a bike, return it to the same or any other bike dispenser location when you are thru.
Gulf Shores wants to re-do the beach front area, they want to re-route the hwy....this would be perfect for resort area pedaling. Oh wait....salt air....rust.....

Monday, September 03, 2007

Facial Hair Competition

In Britian this year,
glad none of my family members were entered....

See some wild hairs

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Just look how handy cranes are !

Burning Man was set ablaze ahead of schedule by some psycho according to the report and the commenters...I think you have to be pretty psycho to go to Burning Man anyway...what would it be this year, 120 degrees out there in the desert ?
I have never had any desire to go, I know some go just out of curiosity...any of y'all ever gone ?
Burning Man Resurrected

Watch a Gmail Go 'Round the World

Great fun collaborative video

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Coming up for air

Well, it is 10 pm and I am over at the Lagoon house uploading new scrapbooking sets to that website. Heather has been busy making the various components all week. Ever since we started making the pages in both the US letter size and Europeran A4 size plus the increasingly popular over-sized printer scrapbooker preferred paper size of 12" x 12" , my goodness, we have multiplied our tasks many-fold. We have so many site visitors from overseas now...and believe it or not, they are the ones who make the most free-will financial contributions to the site. The percentage of people in the UK and Netherlands who make a donation far surpasses the US or Canadian %. So we like making the pages in the sizes that their paper comes in and their printers are set up for. I suppose it would be just as hard for them to purchase our 8 1/2 x 11 paper locally as it would be for us to buy their A4 paper. Funny thing is that there is only about a half inch difference in both directions. A4 is a tad longer and more narrow than our std. letter size.

I stay pretty confused as to what is where . I bounce between both locations off and on all day, and each time I tend to forget something that needs to be at the other house, if even for a few minutes. Then there are always new kinks...I mailed a ck for 5 grand that seems to be lost. Now I have to do a stop payment I suppose. But the info I need is always at the other house.

The temp has been very nice, great breeze at the Lagoon, hotter across the street, but I am not getting any time at all to enjoy being outside right now.

I got a call from a writer who is doing a scrapbooking story for a ladies magazine for Jewish gals. She is really nice , and she sent me a copy of her story for review. She did a great job and my scrapbook site is one of the 4 she talks now...I am sorta frantically trying to get some Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvha stuff ready before the article is published. I have needed to add it for a long time and there is pitifully little available to Jewish scrapbookers. And get this, I have been reading up on Bar Mitzvha, seems the timing is based on when the male grows two pubic hairs...who knew ? Rest assured, I am not making any scrapbook paper that reflects that timing...

And card-making is a huge deal right now (it came over from Europe while scrapbooking passed from here to there out in the Atlantic) I am making a new website to be called "Print Picnic". It will have greeting cards, invitations, postcards, announcements, etc...

with this new house project started I just feel this tremendous urgency right now to make the money to pay for it. So it is work, work, work...

I had a nice call from the big skylight guys, Velux skylights interested in partnering up on my skylights in the new place...I have also had good offers from two much smaller skylight companies. Looks like I wont have a problem getting skylights at a discount. If I could just get some roofing material companies interested...

We have had to have a BUNCH of surveys different now than 4 yrs ago. Inspectors require all sorts of surveys as to height and distance from property line, as you go along. in fact, they will not let us start stacking walls till they approve the above sea level permit...slab is 9 ft 3 or 4 inches (I forget ) . Nine ft is required, so we are cool on that.

I have been on the phone about crane insurance...Hopefully resolved tomorrow. The crane should prob arrive first of next week. Some repairs we being done and this weekend is Labor Day. The last big hurrah for jet skies, will be lots of road traffic, cops and all that, but I don't mind...soon as Tuesday arrives, it is BLISS here till the blasted snowbirds arrive. They don't usually come till after Christmas, so the fall is total paradise here.

When they come, I think I may make a sign if I see some spare plywood, that says "The speed limit is 55 MPH on this State Highway so why the hell are you doing 35 ????"

We always rejoice when they leave in March.....and heaven forbid that they should actually BUY a condo and come at any other time of the year !!!!

OK--I am getting too negative...they do help some businesses stay open all year that might struggle otherwise, but I have never met anyone who actually likes them...the post office hates them secretly I think !! The employees put on a fake smile and do their job but they are so much more fun and relaxed when the snowbirds leave. Most of them ar etoo cheap to pay for a PO box, so they stand in line , no actually they create the line to ask for general delivery every day they are here, so they get used to seeing each other in line and think of it as some social time. Prob the highlight of their day..but the worst for us. PO wont let snowbirds come for general delivery till after 1:30 pm, so it gives us some relief if I can just get up there early.

But fall will be always is...I am almost ready for Shrimp Fest. I have laminated tons of this years posters, have my tent props ready, and have a good, reliable, co-chairman for the poster ten this year, so I wont have to be there every waking hour. It is in the first part of Oct.

I am sooooo glad that I had the irrigation system & well put in last yr on Hardwood Dr. My yard looks best-on-the-block and I water my neighbors next door w/ hoses from the well when it gets really dry and they do most all of my yardwork in return. Edging and all. We have had another terrible drought year...I think there is definitely some climate change going on. I am noticing a distinct change in under story plants...the once abundant ferns are almost gone.

Nite, nite

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

See some awesome drains

Drains of Canada--
hope you have broadband, big photos, but cool ones.

also from same blogger:
Single Hauz

This guy must get paid to do all this good and time consuming blogging...I see he is a green housing speaker, I suppose it is part of his 'job'

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Airport Anguish

This might help in planing a multi connection flight so that you don't miss your flights....(that is assuming the flights are not canceled or delayed as often happens). can check the typical wait times of the various levels of security checks at all the airports here :

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

French Scrapbooking Website

I was quite surprised to see the legit looking site at

Ran across it while doing some image searches.

It is in French and the name of the online scrapbook supply shop appears to be:
Fee Du Scrap

Unfortunate choice of a URL.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Quick Update

Looks like we have found the crane....I may be the owner of a Link Belt 22 ton rough terrain crane (in TX called a cherry picker) w/ a 70 ft boom w/ a 25 ' jib, new tires, new paint.

Sorry I have not added to the blog much lately, I just dont have the time.

Ck for more info.

All well here, not as hot as Mempho or B'ham than goodness, but still real hot for those who work outside, like the two guys hand digging footing trenches for me today.
My osprey is back every day now, so nice to hear him out there chirping. I get to see him dive for fish quite often.
Going to see Momma and Daddy. Got to get some BBQ to Daddy, seems he hates the foods there and wants OUT. Frances went to see M & D today on her way to Houston.

Oh and get this, the crane & owner lives 4 hours away but BY CHANCE...he has a Gulf Shores house on Little Lagoon, on Fort Morgan Rd. 4 doors down from me !

OK--bed time, nite nite

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Blue Angels

A couple of weekends ago Dave and I went to Pensacola Beach to watch the Friday Blue Angel air show. They flew the Friday one with five planes with the show in honor of the pilot that went down a month or so ago. Some of the maneuvers were done with four planes. Pensacola Beach has some nice beach homes. We watched the show from a houseboat docked at one of the marinas. The houseboat is owned by friends of Dave's. All around us people floated in every way imaginable and watched the zooming planes overhead. Great weather, perfect day.

Big Job

Heather has been working for several days moving and the DAC-ART site to a new hosting company. It has been an ordeal. We are trying to do it in a way that is the least likely to cause disruption of the flow of traffic and search engine rankings. To move the site, we had to first move the domain to a different managing register. Then move the actual files that make up the site. My original hosting co, Radiant Communications of Vancouver was great back in the 'old days' . As they have grown, the customer service and screw-ups have become totally unbearable. It is the polar opposite of Network Solutions who got a bad reputation for horrid customer service and now have such excellent customer service that it is hard to believe. We will move all my sites that Radiant has hosted all these years, but have to do them one at a time.

I have an appointment w/ a writer on Thurs. who writes for Better Homes and Gardens, but in this case it is a piece she is working on for Jewish Womens Magazine. It is about my Israel themed scrapbook sets. We had a brief conversation and at the end, she said 'you are Jewish aren't you?" ...I couldn't lie...but I think the focus of the article is about the usefulness of the scrapbook graphics, not me, so it won't matter. I told her that I loved Jewish people, that one of my very best friends is Jewish and college roommates, etc...should be interesting. And since she writes for BH&G, I will mention the Villa Lagoon project.

Momma is out of the hospital finally. Lisa got back from Canada just in time to pick her up on Monday and take her to the Village at Germantown's skilled nursing wing so she can get some PT and strength training . At her age, it doesn't take too much lying in bed to get really weak and she can't go back to her cottage until she is pretty fit. Cary talked to Lisa who gave a good report that Momma was feeling good and happy and that she had been over to see Daddy, who had been very worried while she was not able to visit him. She doesn't have a phone in the room, Lisa is gonna bring one to her soon. Weird that they have phone service in the rooms, but you must provide your own phone !!! Maybe they think phones get cooties and shouldn't be shared, I don't know.

Got to go now and start on a written proposal for the Trane Co (Air Conditioning) for Thurs.


Lots of us have used TinyURL to make small URL's to put in emails where a really long link might not work if it gets chopped up in a delivered email, but there is a rogue site called www. tinyurl. cc ( I am purposefully putting spaces in there so it is not a link)...if you use it to make small URLs from your long ones, the person who clicks on the link in their email gets slammed with pop-up's and Dan said his anti-virus popped on and said it had detected a virus and removed it. So just make sure, if you do a search, that you use the real, older, trusted site, not the .cc one.

I was sending Dan some ebay links of boom trucks and accidentally used this rogue site ...i noticed it looked different but never imagined it was a bad bad had it in the search results for a search for 'tiny URL'...I will file a google bad site report.

Busy Day

I met with John from Island Air, a local Trane dealer this afternoon and at same time I received a UPS package which was a lovely gift from Viking Range. It contained an assortment of Viking branded items including a mousepad, keychain, wine stoppers, apron, pot holder, oven mitt, coasters, and several other items. They said the local distributer would be in touch. Cool.

My osprey has returned. I heard his loud CHIRP thru the house walls (only bird noise that comes thru my thick walls) and sure enuf, he was in a tree very near my house. Later in the day, he sat in the tall tree next door and Dave and I happened to be watching while he dove right in front of the yard into the lagoon and brought up a fish. He flew off to the east w/ the fish. I bet it is a 'he' and he was taking the fish to Mrs. Osprey and kids. Last yr he would sit in the tree nearby and eat the fish, but maybe he got married this past winter. Click these photos to see any of them in a larger size.

Slabs & Footings

We are moving right along on the house project. My builder, Dan Zehentner is just the greatest. He stays so totally on top of every detail. He is in and out of the job all day....nothing gets by him ! I feel so secure about this project happening RIGHT. Inspectors came on Monday, Dan and I were there and first slab was poured Monday. Today the digging for the footer for garage and porches was happening. These heavy DAC-ART walls require a big ole footer, plus being on the water and recent hurricanes and all that.

The center section of the house slab was poured first. What you see now, as slab, will be the above ground basement. No blow-out walls or vents. If water gets in there, it will be by seepage or because it got high enuf to enter front door or guest room door and went down the steps in the guest room to the basement. This room will be tall enuf to stand in and do art projects, etc...good lighting, but everything I store down there will be in rubbermaid tubs so I can carry them up if a huge storm is threatening. If I ever mysteriously disappear, look for my body there...don't forget !