Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Big Job

Heather has been working for several days moving www.ScrapbookScrapbook.com and the DAC-ART site to a new hosting company. It has been an ordeal. We are trying to do it in a way that is the least likely to cause disruption of the flow of traffic and search engine rankings. To move the site, we had to first move the domain to a different managing register. Then move the actual files that make up the site. My original hosting co, Radiant Communications of Vancouver was great back in the 'old days' . As they have grown, the customer service and screw-ups have become totally unbearable. It is the polar opposite of Network Solutions who got a bad reputation for horrid customer service and now have such excellent customer service that it is hard to believe. We will move all my sites that Radiant has hosted all these years, but have to do them one at a time.

I have an appointment w/ a writer on Thurs. who writes for Better Homes and Gardens, but in this case it is a piece she is working on for Jewish Womens Magazine. It is about my Israel themed scrapbook sets. We had a brief conversation and at the end, she said 'you are Jewish aren't you?" ...I couldn't lie...but I think the focus of the article is about the usefulness of the scrapbook graphics, not me, so it won't matter. I told her that I loved Jewish people, that one of my very best friends is Jewish and college roommates, etc...should be interesting. And since she writes for BH&G, I will mention the Villa Lagoon project.

Momma is out of the hospital finally. Lisa got back from Canada just in time to pick her up on Monday and take her to the Village at Germantown's skilled nursing wing so she can get some PT and strength training . At her age, it doesn't take too much lying in bed to get really weak and she can't go back to her cottage until she is pretty fit. Cary talked to Lisa who gave a good report that Momma was feeling good and happy and that she had been over to see Daddy, who had been very worried while she was not able to visit him. She doesn't have a phone in the room, Lisa is gonna bring one to her soon. Weird that they have phone service in the rooms, but you must provide your own phone !!! Maybe they think phones get cooties and shouldn't be shared, I don't know.

Got to go now and start on a written proposal for the Trane Co (Air Conditioning) for Thurs.

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