Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Busy Day

I met with John from Island Air, a local Trane dealer this afternoon and at same time I received a UPS package which was a lovely gift from Viking Range. It contained an assortment of Viking branded items including a mousepad, keychain, wine stoppers, apron, pot holder, oven mitt, coasters, and several other items. They said the local distributer would be in touch. Cool.

My osprey has returned. I heard his loud CHIRP thru the house walls (only bird noise that comes thru my thick walls) and sure enuf, he was in a tree very near my house. Later in the day, he sat in the tall tree next door and Dave and I happened to be watching while he dove right in front of the yard into the lagoon and brought up a fish. He flew off to the east w/ the fish. I bet it is a 'he' and he was taking the fish to Mrs. Osprey and kids. Last yr he would sit in the tree nearby and eat the fish, but maybe he got married this past winter. Click these photos to see any of them in a larger size.

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