Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Well here it is a week later, or will be in 4 minutes. Here is the news in shorthand, well sort of.
I'm just busy as can be. Not nearly enuf time in the day.
Momma is in hospital in Memphis--Bapt East...oops, HIAPPA violation probably. Having lots of severe back or side pain. Stephen came up to Memphis from Greenwood for what he thought would be a cheerful Sunday afternoon visit only to find Momma in a bad way. Lisa is in Canada. I am here, Cary in Knoxville and Momma's doc out of town. It has taken a bazillion phone calls and emails to try to get info and such due to HIAPPA law. We don't even know who her doc is. She doesn't either...tall and good looking w/ no bedside manner is all we know. Nurse gave me one doc's name and phone number, but Momma say's that is not it. She may go to skilled nursing for a few days at The Village when released from hosp, and she ain'ta gonna like that idea but then she isn't gonna like having someone hired to stay in her cottage w/ her 24/7 for a while either.

Daddy is fretful I am told and keeps asking about his and her funeral arrangements. I have talked to the staff at his wing, Cantubury Court a couple of times. If Momma goes to skilled care, they can walk Daddy over to visit her.

I may try to get a cheap air ticket and fly up and get rental car for short visit. Can't stay long, I am in middle of lots of decisions about house project and meeting w/ suppliers, etc...

All my blocks are here...12 truckloads instead of projected 18 !! Yea, a savings there. All rental equipment is turned in for now. I have been searching for old flatbed boomtruck to buy to do this job , then sell afterwards. Got to be a 16 ton at least, 18 ton better. Every close-by , good deal one we find is already sold. Know anyone with one in their backyard they want to get rid of?
First footing is dug and termite sprayed (its the law) so once electrician and plumber get all their access pipes in place, pouring will commence. Then two more footings will be dug and poured. Then a bit of curing before we start stacking blocks. Some photos on

Builder, Dan is way on-the-ball and caught a , almost, mistake this past weekend. It could have been a big problem. He is at my job several times a day and was there both days of weekend. There is no way I could do this way...

He thinks stuff thru very carefully and co-ordinates everything so well. Plus he is nice and funny, no wonder my good friends, Becky & Warren have had him build 3 houses for them. He brought me ripe tomatoes the other day.

Saw MY OSPREY today for first time in ages. I heard that peculiar5 LOUD CHIRP as I was driving out of the driveway yesterday and wondered if it was him (her?) and today I heard it while I was at Lagoon house and went out side and sure 'nuf he was in a smaller tree pretty close to the house so I whistled back and he stopped chirping on and off when I whistled. I took a photo but no time now to add it. So glad he came back. Probably just off on lecture circuit for a while or something.

Childhood friend , Nancy Kenworthy , now McMahon and her family were here all last week. Great to see Nancy, it has been a couple years. I didn't get to see her kids and grand daughter. We were both just so busy.

Thurs was Chamber event. Good food and drink right here across the st from me at Peninsula Golf Course.

I did take one day off and went to see the Blue Angels do a airshow over P'cola Beach last weekend. Great day for it and we watched from a nice houseboat as they flew overhead. Photos later hopefully.

I am meeting w/ a local graphic artist on Fri aft about getting him to do some artwork for the web for me. I like doing it myself, just don't have time right now.

Sat is Shrimp Fest work day , to go thru the supplies and take inventory and make list(s) of stuff to order, etc...

Finally getting rain now---short afternoon ones, then sun and nice sunset.

Got to get to bed now, headed to P'cola tomorrow for an app't and that also means I get to go to my fav Thai restaurant, great el-cheapo lunch.


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