Monday, July 02, 2007

Back from Tuscaloosa

Great weekend, if you ever go to T-town, stay at the Holiday Inn Express. I remember years ago when the H.I. Express concept was first introduced. They were itty-bitty little pre-fab cracker box cubicles no bigger than a Ritz-Carlton bathroom. Times have changed. This place is fabo. Quite upscale, with big free b'fast which included sausage and biscuits and gravy as well as waffles, and a ton of other stuff. Fantastic beds, all those bazillion-thread-count sheets (3), fancy pillows embroidered 'soft' or 'firm' plus free fast wireless everywhere, no password needed and no frustrating, idiotic in-house software to navigate thru for wireless. I give it 5 charcoal brickettes.

Jenny Rankin's wedding on Sat. was lovely, the dinner the night before was at Indian Hills Country Club and groom, Henry Mize's family was kind to include us. In fact, when we ck'd in, there was a silver gift bag waiting all full of great snacks, chocolate, etc...and we found out later that there was SUPPOSE to have been a 6 pack of beer but we think the youthful desk staff might have thought the beer was for THEM, as it was missing !! But no-biggie. It wasn't a dry county !

We had lunch w/ my cousin, Skip Pridgen and his wife Kelly and their son Jonathon. They took us to a nice hamburger place called Mugshots that is very popular there. We had a wonderful visit and Skip drove us around and showed us his new office building that he designed, his new restaurant, the drive thru coffee-shop, new apartment complex and all the plans for this 52 acre development that he has done in addition to doing surgery...if you can imagine !!!! His daddy, my daddy's brother would have been so proud of him. He is a very resourceful fellow and an artist to boot !!! And a genuine nice guy....

On the drive back, I had a hissy-fit when we passed a Jim and Nick's BBQ and I got Dave to do a stop-action turn and halt so I could run in to get 2 dozen of their 'to-die-for' sweet , buttery, mini cheese muffins (which they call cheese biscuits, but they most certainly are not )....Lordy those melt in your mouth balls of fluff are good.

OK--I just registered a new domain...drum is... which will be a showcase for photos of actual fast food with the company's portrait of what that food item is suppose to look like. I will have it up and running soon and you will be able to add your own photos too.

What fun :o)

It is absolutely mind blowing to me that the drive thru food places are allowed to show you one thing and serve up an entirely different looking concoction. Can you imagine what would happen if you ordered a blue Buick convertible and was delivered a brown Buick hardtop ? I think there would be some dissatisfaction on the part of the customer and eventually the car dealer would have to show an illustration that more closely resembled the final why not in the fast-food industry ????

We will start here:
I ordered a Burger Kind Whopper Jr, no ketchup, no mayo, add mustard please.

What I really got:

I love onion, but alas, this close up shows my only piece of onion.

I ordered some un-sweet ice tea (which fortunately looked much closer to the photo-illustration). I asked for some sweetner. The window girl looked perplexed. I made a little rectangle with my fingers and then held up two fingers and said 'yellow' , 'yellow rectangle' ...she smiled as a light bulb appeared above her head, she dashed off and returned to hand me two sweet and sour dip containers...


Anonymous said...


Love your idea. Will have to visit this site. I remember when Front Street Deli used to (maybe still does) have bags of Fritos on the wall with the actual weights posted. There was quite a range from the lightest bag to the heaviest. So much for quality control.

I've read about people called food stylists whose job is to make the food look good for photos. They use lots of non-food resources, from what I understand. Everyone probably knows that they use Elmer's Glue for the "Got Milk?" ads.

I think you'll have fun with your new site!


Anonymous said...

You sir have horrible tastebuds!!!!!!