Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Short Christmas List

One thing, here it is:
Well, two things, I'd like 2 of these for new living room. In leather por favor. Check w/ me about color. Maybe a pale blue.

They'd be perfect w/ the floor in there.

The Peel

Friday, November 21, 2008

Best Turkey Ever

The recipe that I think makes the best ever T'day turkey was first in House Beautiful about 20 yrs ago. This is a recipe from Gene Hovis--Uptown down Home Cookbook.

Gene Hovis was a black man from the Carolinas originally and made it to top social circles in New York by way of food. His obit is here in NYT

It is the best turkey I know of.

Marinate is :
2 cups soy sauce
2 bay leaves crushed
6 juniper berries ( I have some nice ones from Penseys Spice)
1 tbs. dried rosemary crushed
1 cup sherry vinegar
1 cup white wine
1 cup honey
fresh ground pepper
1 tbs poultry seasoning
1 lg onion chopped
3 or more cloves garlic crushed or minced

Combine all marinate ingred. in lg saucepan and bring to boil for 5 min, cool.

and I marinate it in a big cooking bag tied up tight around it and placed in a big bowl so I can rotate it over a day or two. Marinate at least 24 hrs, rotating bird.

Remove from marinate and let reach room temp.
preheat over 350 F
Pat bird dry and rub w/ butter and peanut oil (or whatever you have )

ROAST UPSIDE DOWN 15 min to the lb.
For last 45 min, turn bird right side up.
If starts getting too dark make AL foil tent.

Let rest 30 min B4 cutting.

Now since I love the marinate, I pour it back in the pan for roasting and let it mix w/ bird juices.

It cooks up w/ dark skin mostly due to the marinate but also the honey browns to dark.

I use some big meat forks that I got from some mail order catalog to flip that hot bird, but to be safe and not scald one's self, if it is a big turkey, man-power is called for here.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Couple of Quick Things

1. Tell any school teacher that you care about to sign up for because if Google does what it did last year (and Yahoo the year before) they send out thousands of Xmas gifts where the receiver gets to go to this site and fund a school teacher's project for $100.

2. If you use your camera to review and delete images off your camera's data card (SD, etc) one at a time while it is still storing the remaining images on the card, you shorten the life of the card. I read this on or PC World or some reliable source, can't remember where but it was recently.

3. If you have any extra rechargable camera batteries do not store them uncharged. The life of the battery is longest if you full charge it and then store it. The charge will dwindle over time, but the battery will take more charges and last longer than if you stored it uncharged. Seems weird, but the last I bought had this warning with it.

November Notes

I am sorry that I have no time to add amusing stuff to this blog anymore...maybe this time next year.
Evey moment of my waking time is needed for stuff I have to do.
Today is Sunday and I used a hose attachment to squirt water on the exterior of the new house as high as possible to see if there are any skipped or missed places in the waterproofing sealant...there are. I would wet an area dn then take a photo really fast before it evaporated. I can reference the photos tomorrow spraying from the man-lift as we have one more day before it is picked up by the rental company.,

We had it for 2 months this time, I probably should have bought one !

I think I have sold the crane..YEAH !! One of the equipment listing companies that is used to large dealers listing their stuff for sale, Equipment Trader, or maybe it is Machinery Trader, anyway, the first listing is free. I only needed one. They had something like 22 pieces of equip. in my category (rough terrain crane) but I got a call the first day. I have only had one call but it is a good one. They have my bank info and are suppose to transfer the money in and send a trucking co to pick it up after I see the $ in the bank. The fellow who works at this Wichita, KS equip. dealer is real nice and has sent me photos of his lake house that he has been working on for some time now. He calls it a lake 'cabin' but that is like Villa Lagoon being a concrete 'cottage' . Anyway--I will be ck'ing online to see if the funds are deposited a couple times a day starting tomorrow.
It is a wonderful thing to sell the crane in this market. Someone told me on Fri that people they know were going to Louisiana to buy heavy equipment at an auction since it is all selling so cheap right now.

Today I placed a bid on a kitchen sink on ebay. About half of what the kitchen supply places sell it for. It only comes in 3 colors so I will buy the white speckled one. I like the black but it would be the only black thing in the kitchen and would look odd. Speaking of kitchen, Valerie and Billy of J and J Custom Woodworking are making my curvy kitchen cabinets and curvy island. I have to figure out about countertops. We cannot get the Cert. of Occupancy inspection w/ out the sink being set. The inspectors are being real nice about working with us to let us know exactly what HAS to be done and what we can let slide till we get to it. We HAVE to have our CO by Dec. 31 st and everyone knows how Gov't offices basiclaly shut down in Dec. (ever had a court date in Dec,... prob not).
I went to look at some huge quartzite slabs in the Summerdale/Robertsdale area that were suppose to be aqua blue-ish. They were not, they were grey-ish. Two that matched were basically grey streaks and one odd one did have blue in it, but the blue was dark cobalt specks, like milky way streaks and not the turquoise color I had hoped for. Besides, I couldnt afford it anyway.
So now I am leaning towards using my solid color cement tiles on the counter tops. Trouble is that I do not have time to order them special for my job and I will have to use some that are suppose to go on the floor.

Aaron (our carpenter) has finished my sturdy wood storage ranks for my tile samples in the basement, so I will begin digging thru the tile in the container tomorrow. I need to make room for a sample ordeer that will be delivered in next few weeks and it will be a huge help to be able to grab samples and pop themin the mail w/out digging. Th etil eis so incredibly heavy that is is on eay task to find what you are looking fo rin the storage container.

The 'sheetrockers' have started, they got the main bedoorm ceiling started on Fri. and they want to be fisnihed on Tues. so I have to be there all day to do stuff like sprinkl;e a line of boric acid powder in the area between the interior walls as they work. I also want to try to foam insulate the wall of the laundry room and hall to living room, for noise sake. Working w/ my magnesium oxide wallboard is not easy. It doesnt score and break like gypsumboard and they have to use screws instead of nails. We had to hire commercial rather than residential crews for it.

OK--now time for me to edit a bunch of photos and get them up on tonight.

Did see an excellent film the other night. The Counterfeiters, aka Der Fälscher. Had some Russian it it, also German, English, Hebrew w/ subtitles. Dave was translating the Russian parts. True story--"Stefan Ruzowitzky’s stark and intriguing evocation of a largely unknown area of Second World War German history: the use of skilled prisoners to create counterfeit currency for Operation Bernhard, a plan to flood the British and American economies with fake cash". Pretty sad movie, made me cry a couple times. If I taught school it is one of those films that I would show my history students.

OK--got to get busy--if you want to see more of what is going on here, take a look at as that is where most of my 'web' time goes.