Sunday, November 16, 2008

Couple of Quick Things

1. Tell any school teacher that you care about to sign up for because if Google does what it did last year (and Yahoo the year before) they send out thousands of Xmas gifts where the receiver gets to go to this site and fund a school teacher's project for $100.

2. If you use your camera to review and delete images off your camera's data card (SD, etc) one at a time while it is still storing the remaining images on the card, you shorten the life of the card. I read this on or PC World or some reliable source, can't remember where but it was recently.

3. If you have any extra rechargable camera batteries do not store them uncharged. The life of the battery is longest if you full charge it and then store it. The charge will dwindle over time, but the battery will take more charges and last longer than if you stored it uncharged. Seems weird, but the last I bought had this warning with it.

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