Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Daddy's New Room

I went to Memphis this past weekend. It was a 2 part visit. The Annual Zydeco Festival was on Beale St so there were lots of Zydeco bands, and friends from all over there to dance. Atlanta folks gave free dance lessons on Sat Afternoon. Dave and I had fun until about 10:30 when I started feeling really crummy. He was a very, very good sport about it even tho he had brought his harmonicas and had hoped to get to play along with some blues bands, etc...

On Sunday, Stephen came up from Miss and Lisa and Henry so we all participated in getting things ready to set up Daddy's room over at the Alzheimer's Unit at Village of Germantown. Dave and Stephen put together a do-it-yerself 4 drawer storage unit for the bathroom, did all sorts of organizational stuff and I lay around almost totally worthless due to some mild bug I seemed to have picked up.

Lisa and Henry found a TV and the perfect table for it out at their farm house and brought those in on Sunday. Dave and I hung some prints and some of Daddy's medical certificates, etc...took over family photos, hooked up the TV, etc....then we took Daddy over on Sunday afternoon and told him we had fixed him up a Daddy Hotel Room for him to stay in overnight so Momma's leg could be propped up and heal. All of that is very true and he seemed happy to be on board. His favorite nurse , Helen , was on duty and awaiting for him so he was actually very excited to see her. He had been asking about her all morning.

Lisa had shoulder surgery today, and Henry had called her to say that Lisa did really well in surgery and should be pain free for a couple days at least due to some nerve block they did. She had a BAD ski accident in Colorado last week. Shoulder specialist told her it was one of the worst rotator cuff situations he had seen. She totally dislocated her shoulder in the accident and lay in the snow for like an hour she said in the worst pain she had ever known in her life. Lisa said her shoulder blade was down under her breast. She had same Dr do her shoulder surgery that did mine several years ago.
More later.

I am headed to bed now tired, but will add some additional text tomorrow.
I talked to Momma this afternoon and all seems well.

Colored Pencil Tips Sculpture

Interesting objects created by glueing together chopped up colored pencils.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Mardi Gras Parades--FAT TUESDAY

I am finally able to catch my breath and put a few pictures of our very own Gulf Shores (morning) and Orange Beach (afternoon) parades on the blog.

I got an invite to ride the Chamber float and it was fun....a long day...but fun. I had to set the alarm for 6:00 a.m. , of course I hit snooze a few times. The Chamber president, my friend Mark , show here sporting some of Britney's hair that he ran across, picked me up and we had to meet up w/ the float over in Orange Beach at the Sports Plex. Then the float drove back to Gulf Shores and they all lined up along the street the post office is on. We got our beads out of the boxes and opened our cans of breakfast.

I wore my tiara that Marti Choate had bought for us the week before, I put it on the straw hat that Perdido Beach Resort had provided. We all wore shrimp necklaces, as the Chamber is the sponsor of the Shrimp Festival. I already had another one that Joy got me a while back.

There were big crowds as the parade turned the corner and went down Hwy 59 S towards the public beach (soon to be called Gulf Place)

I learned more about who gets the throws by being one of the throwers. We had some good stuff like past Shrimp Fest T-shirts, hats, etc... and I can tell you that the two main things that get you a good toss is enthusiasm and locking eye contact. (We don't do bare boobs in Baldwin County )

We are very 'family friendly' here. Of course school is out for Mardi Gras....hey kids, don't you wish you lived here !!

Our Mardi Gras Parade includes floats from the churches. The Episcopal church that had a float had a big sign that said, "Come to church in casual dress,... Jesus did". Now, how they know exactly what he wore to Synagogue I am not sure, but they may consider the toga looking wardrobe in the paintings we have come to rely on as casual dress after seeing the party scene in Animal House.

After the Gulf Shores parade ended, I jumped off the float and realized that I had a pretty long walk down to Silver Beach condos where Picard Rentals was having their annual Mardi Gras snowbird frolic and pot luck in the parking lot before the Orange Beach parade. I was trotting along and spotted the Chick-fil-a truck. Knowing that C-f-a hires very noble people, I kindly asked them if they would consider giving me a ride down to Orange Beach for 5 bucks. We struck up a deal and off we went. That same truck was later in the O.B. parade !

At Silver Beach Millie and Tom and various guests threw all sorts of good stuff off of the elevator lobby roof. I barely made it in time, good thing I got a ride.
They even threw a coin worth a 30 buck restaurant gift certificate.

Heather and her husband Russ and his mom showed up there too and we all took lots of photos for the Picard Rentals website.

We all had lunch too.

The Orange Beach parade was good. Lots of floats and bands. The sun came out strong and we all got summer-warm.

My Chamber bunch were all going to Lulu's after the parade ended, around 4:30 but I opted out. I came back to the house and took a very short nap before I drove over to Pensacola. Dave and I shopped for a large format printer in P'cola.
I departed and got back here about 11 .

And what could be more Alabama than the Confederate Flag going past the Winn-Dixie....
we have a lot of show of the Confederate Flag in our parades.


Monday, February 19, 2007

Mardi Gras

Went to the Orange Beach Mardi Gras parade on Fri Nite. There was anotehr on Sat night but I didnt go.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Photos Finally

Well, the emails have just not stopped asking for photos of the red shoes. So to meet the demand, Dave took shots of my foot the other night. I tried taking them myself, ever tried to take photos of your own shoes at good angles? Pretty funny.

and a photo of the dead RCA Stereo......

and maybe a few more, can't remember.
Oh yea, we went out to Bon Secour last weekend. It is such a pleasant place. The piles of oyster shells are everywhere and the packaged oysters are shipped all over the nation right out of this spot. The brand is Nelson and comes in clear plastic containers w/ blue writing on the sides. Click to see the details on the shells. When Daddy and I were there a couple years ago I saw porpoises swimming along here.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Lost a computer today

In previous days I would have been having a a panic attack (not really, but close) ...my older (not old) computer would not power up today after I returned from Shrimp Fest meeting this a.m.

Last weekend, I commented to Dave (as he worked on a laptp nearby ) that I smelled a strange smell, we sniffed around but came to no conclusion, Well, I now think maybe it was the power supply on this desktop. While I was at Shrimp Fest meeting a dawn this morning, the power went on and off(storm) ...well. my older (not old) desktop wouldn't power up after that. Hmmm. might-a-been that smell....

It is always sumpin' isnt it ? So Russ, Heather's husband, came over to my Lagoon house this afternoon to see if he could figure out what was at fault.
AND, let me just interject here that if you have not gone to the Foxfire website and downloaded the new Foxfire 2, then I hope you are a good speller. I'm not.

So anyway, Russ came over and proceeded to disassemble my older ( but not really old) Sony Vaio desktop and he thinks he can tell me what parts to order that he can install to make me good as new or better. Yea Heather, Yea Russ.

Of course, at first glance, it looked like I will have to buy a new case as the existing power supply didn't seem to be available , but Russ can boost my RAM and video card RAM at same time, if he has to transfer all processors and other vital organs at same time.

It is the computer from which I manage several websites. I am holding my breath.

Do I believe her, yes indeed

The wild wild web is a place of adventure and often unexpected shock.
Read her story...the way the web works now-a-days is that if you are 15 minutes behind the latest news, and i mean Digg, WIRED, Slashdot, and who can possibly keep up to the second.......then you are subject to all sorts of malicious devices....and Heaven help the school ( person) that has let it's anti-spyware or anti-virus software go unpaid.
If this woman gets convicted, then I might lead a march. No , I take that back, I might lead a petition.

Clear as a bell, or "On Garbage"

Tonight's sky is pristine clear and the stars are so bright. So much for the TV weather guys. Wrong, WRONG, wrong...as usual....not cold, not raining, but springtime warm and clear as a bell. Where did that expression come from, clear as a bell ?

I know this to be true because I am unpacking boxes in the Hardwood Dr garage and toting stuff to the street where my scavenger neighbors will snap it up tomorrow. And that is what I want.

All the thrift stores drop-off locations are too far away, in Foley, so I make boxes for the sidewalk on non-garbage days. We are lucky, we still get 2 days a week pick-up, BUT, it means also that I have to be more strategic about placing my good-stuff boxes on the curb, so they are not accidentally mistaken for garbage by the real garbage company.... but, there really is little worry, as the friendly 3 man trucks disappeared after Ivan. The ones who would get just about anything you put on the curb; sacks, bags, boxes, etc.

Now we have a guy on a cell phone driving a huge truck w/ remote control lobster claws who will ONLY deal with the official blue, BFI flip-lid container. Anything else out there is just as you left it after his pass. I miss my hardworking garbage guys. Every summer I would put a small cooler with cold drinks out there for them. I bought them warm gloves in winter. They were so appreciative that they would wheel my empty garbage container about 1/3 way back down my drive after it was emptied. This was a nice gesture, but it really payed off when I was out of town and not there to retrieve my empty container after pick-up day.

After my crew was replaced by the aloof cell phone guy, I got a cease and desist letter from the City of Gulf Shores for allowing my garbage container to remain near the street for more than 24 hours.

And speaking of garbage, I did something I have never done before tonight. I held an entire RCA CD player/Cassette player stereo up high and threw it down hard on the tile floor. I bought it for the Hardwood house last May for about 65 bucks. It held 5 CD's, played radio and cassettes, and I couldn't figure out if it was ME or IT . I couldn't figure out if I just had not spent enuf time w/ the multi-language instructional manual or if the thing was indeed acting in an irrational manner. Of course, this aberrant behavior did not start until it was rather late to return it to place of purchase for a refund or another model.

I only heard it play about a dozen times. Yesterday it would not power up at all. Prior to that, recently, I had to unplug it and re-plug it to get it to power up. Now...nothing. I decided if there were any CD's in the bowels of the thing, that they were worth more than the dead stereo sitting on the street looking all shiny and new.

First I threw it to the floor and the CD drawer popped out, ....a Fred Eaglesmith CD came forth...any CD by Fred Eaglesmith is worth more than any dead stereo.

This was fun, so I got a small sledgehammer from the garage and began smashing, a Bruce Springsteen CD became available.

The way I figure it, if I average the price of all stereos I have bought in the last 20 yrs, the cost of this one is still a fraction of the cost of the one I bought when i was 16 and worked one whole summer to buy a 'component system' (which BTW got sold later when installed in a hippy-ish step van camper that had about 16 headphone jacks. ). So NO BIG DEAL. It is smashed to pieces and in the BFI garbage container and I have my CDs that were in it.

Sooooooo, my only hope is that Google ranks this blog post very high for searches for RCA stereo and that RCA gets so bothered by my report of my experience that they ship me a Sony unit post haste in exchange for my removing this post. Photos to follow.

Monday, February 12, 2007

What do you get when....

you cross two people who sorta think alike and get tons of ideas to act on(most of them really brilliant or actually funny :o) ...you get no blog entries from Lundy.

So now I am playing catch-up, or is it spelled ketchup, I could never remember.

Yes, I am still alive and I have several new projects. One of them is clearing out my email. Gmail gives you so much space that part of their pitch is 'never delete an email again' ...well, I am up to 79% of my allotted space. And that is not counting spam or trash. Lots of it can surely be deleted, but tons of it was not deleted in the first place because it contained traces of good ideas, or good links, or good sites, or funny pictures I might want to sent to you.

One project that is coming right long is getting a big chunk of my scrapbooking site translated into all these various languages, including a South African language and even Hebrew. I have this team of translators all over the world....great people. Heather and i have been pulling the text from various web pages on the site and Dave (he speaks Russian and German and more) did some serious fine tuning (editing) B4 we sent it out to the first ten or so language translators. I want my site to show up in search in all these countries and languages since this hobby is spreading fast, and since my site has stuff that not many sites do, I think I can do it even tho I am not having a separate copy hosted in all these countries. So this is taking lots of time but is cool. I have gotten some fascinating correspondence from my translators.

I was sent a 100 buck restaurant gift card by the owners of a local restaurant to lure me back to try the place again and see if I had a better experience so I could speak more highly of them on my Gulf Shores. Orange Beach restaurant reviews site. Dave and I went on Thurs nite and had a 100 buck meal...well, part of it was 'adult beverages'. Including the tip, we actually went over ! We don't think they ever knew that we were there to review the meal, the gift card only came out of the wallet when pay time came. That was fun....sure glad I thunk up the idea of doing restaurant reviews. I also got a nice free book in the mail last week to review. Moral of the story...get yerself a website and watch the free stuff start rollin' in.

Bon Secour Village is this huge planned community thing down here designed by the designers of SeaSide, and Heather and I have been working on a website to hopefully filter some of the traffic thru us on their way to condo bookings in a year or two when this place is fully built. Dave and I went over and took nice photos before sundown when the gas (real gaslights, this is high dollar place) but it was light enuf to not need a flash to add to our site-in-progress. In the Oct issue of Coastal Living a house in this community is to be featured as the Coastal Living Magazine Showhouse of some sort...and I want my site to be up and running when that happens. Heather has been editing the photos and doing the stuff we need to do to get the site hosted and online asap.

I really need to lose some weight, so I just made a huge pot of soup. I like highly seasoned stuff so I started with a whole 5th size bottle of Goya Mojo Criollo Marinade, a qt of Clamato Juice and a box of organic beef broth. The cabbage at Bruno's looked pale so I bought dark green collard greens to chop up instead. No sense in making this big pot of soup w/ no nutrients. I added dried chinese mushrooms, browned beef , onions, garlic, peppers, tons of chopped sun dried tomatoes, some zucchini squash, shredded carrots, more onions, garlic...and who can remember what else...celery, ...anyway...it is good. I'll have extra to freeze, then I will start on my hot Thai curry chicken broth based soup that i will make up the recipe for on the spot. I need to have lots of soup on hand.

Weather here has been fine. Warm sunny days (sandals, flip-flops) , cool nights, altho tonight is quite warm and rain is predicted for tomorrow. The clover that has sprouted thru the St. Augustine is growing admirally, needs to be mowed or weed-eated.

I have been invited to ride on the Chamber's Mardi Gras float this year....about time I'd say, since I have these killer long beauty-pagent gloves in screaming orange and lime green that I got at Hudson's Salvage a couple years ago that have been just waiting for such an occasion. Mardi Gras is a huge deal here. It is the holiday that lasts the longest.....like a month. In the next 14 days there are 13 parades in Mobile. We have several in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. Hope it is good weather, we have had a couple dreary Fat Tuesday's in last couple years.

Well, I would tell you about all the other projects in the works, that have kept me from adding interesting tidbits to the blog, but I will save some for tomorrow. AND, oh my gosh, who can do anything with all this Anna Nicole mystery going on...it is the biggest thing since 'Who Shot J.R.'
It is hard to concentrate when who knows who will announce that THEY are really the father of poor little motherless Dannielynn.
Shoemoney has a poll on who you think the father is, so far, Danny Sullivan is in the lead.

chow for now, Lundy

UK Pharm News

Viagra sold over counter in UK on Valentine's Day in Boot's Pharms
Whole Story

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

What I'm up to

Busy, busy, busy....and gone a lot. But, instead of my usual helter-skelter level of inefficiency, I think Ive accomplished a lot in the last week or so. I have done a hundred biz related tasks. (I am still not much on house-keeping :o)

Now, to be honest, it is true that I spent a whole afternoon shopping for dressy black heels, bought 3 pair to try on w/ my outfit for Sat night and managed to arrive in P'cola w/ none of them....in fact, I have only been able to locate one pair, the pair I was going to return. I have no idea what happened to the other two pair. Oh, they are either here or at Hardwood house or in my car somewhere....they will turn up. And I did have my alternate killer red satin vintage platform, square toe pumps w/ big stiff stylized satin roses on the toes and ankle straps (straight from Italy) with me that I bought at Levy's when I was a sophomore in college. So I wore those (and lipstick that matched), and even strangers stopped and commented on my cool shoes. So see....I had a back-up plan...and it worked ! We were very dressed up and had a fabulous dinner in P'cola and evening out.

Great week, no , make that 10 days I think, with Marti here. I love Marti. She stayed at Hardwood and came and went on her own, calling on her customers down here. We sometimes ate dinner together or had drinks together! I spent most of the weekend in Pensacola on P'cola Beach. I had never actually been to P'cola Beach and it was very different from Gulf Shores / Orange Beach. Dave took me to a local hangout reminiscent of an old time beach bar, The Sand Shaker. Lots of characters (I think he knew them all) , lots of fun. A locals place.

Some photos will be added tomorrow, hopefully.

I have had several brainstorms, and am all excited about these new web ideas. More on this later. Shazam...What opportunity there is on the WWW.

My builder, Dan Z. has been right on top of things and has rounded up a lot of info and drawings and sent stuff to Ted so we hope to get good, detailed plans really soon....we are on go-go-go. I can't wait.

I HAVE to go to bed now....I need to start a new pattern so I can get up in the mornings at a reasonable hour. I don't know why I am so much more able to focus late at night, but I am and it is easy for me to stay up really late working on projects.

Food for Thought :
Dave did some calculations (he has a science background after all) and we are 52 times more likely to be hit by an asteroid than win the Florida lottery.


Discover the amazing videos and translations from a voice synthesizer and subtitles. You might find seeing this fellow's (and isn't he CUTE !) comments on the autism video first make the subject video a bit more comprehensible. Note, subtitles on second video start about 1/3 way into the film.

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