Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Daddy's New Room

I went to Memphis this past weekend. It was a 2 part visit. The Annual Zydeco Festival was on Beale St so there were lots of Zydeco bands, and friends from all over there to dance. Atlanta folks gave free dance lessons on Sat Afternoon. Dave and I had fun until about 10:30 when I started feeling really crummy. He was a very, very good sport about it even tho he had brought his harmonicas and had hoped to get to play along with some blues bands, etc...

On Sunday, Stephen came up from Miss and Lisa and Henry so we all participated in getting things ready to set up Daddy's room over at the Alzheimer's Unit at Village of Germantown. Dave and Stephen put together a do-it-yerself 4 drawer storage unit for the bathroom, did all sorts of organizational stuff and I lay around almost totally worthless due to some mild bug I seemed to have picked up.

Lisa and Henry found a TV and the perfect table for it out at their farm house and brought those in on Sunday. Dave and I hung some prints and some of Daddy's medical certificates, etc...took over family photos, hooked up the TV, etc....then we took Daddy over on Sunday afternoon and told him we had fixed him up a Daddy Hotel Room for him to stay in overnight so Momma's leg could be propped up and heal. All of that is very true and he seemed happy to be on board. His favorite nurse , Helen , was on duty and awaiting for him so he was actually very excited to see her. He had been asking about her all morning.

Lisa had shoulder surgery today, and Henry had called her to say that Lisa did really well in surgery and should be pain free for a couple days at least due to some nerve block they did. She had a BAD ski accident in Colorado last week. Shoulder specialist told her it was one of the worst rotator cuff situations he had seen. She totally dislocated her shoulder in the accident and lay in the snow for like an hour she said in the worst pain she had ever known in her life. Lisa said her shoulder blade was down under her breast. She had same Dr do her shoulder surgery that did mine several years ago.
More later.

I am headed to bed now tired, but will add some additional text tomorrow.
I talked to Momma this afternoon and all seems well.

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Ruth said...

Thanks so much for the update and the pictures.