Monday, February 12, 2007

What do you get when....

you cross two people who sorta think alike and get tons of ideas to act on(most of them really brilliant or actually funny :o) get no blog entries from Lundy.

So now I am playing catch-up, or is it spelled ketchup, I could never remember.

Yes, I am still alive and I have several new projects. One of them is clearing out my email. Gmail gives you so much space that part of their pitch is 'never delete an email again' ...well, I am up to 79% of my allotted space. And that is not counting spam or trash. Lots of it can surely be deleted, but tons of it was not deleted in the first place because it contained traces of good ideas, or good links, or good sites, or funny pictures I might want to sent to you.

One project that is coming right long is getting a big chunk of my scrapbooking site translated into all these various languages, including a South African language and even Hebrew. I have this team of translators all over the world....great people. Heather and i have been pulling the text from various web pages on the site and Dave (he speaks Russian and German and more) did some serious fine tuning (editing) B4 we sent it out to the first ten or so language translators. I want my site to show up in search in all these countries and languages since this hobby is spreading fast, and since my site has stuff that not many sites do, I think I can do it even tho I am not having a separate copy hosted in all these countries. So this is taking lots of time but is cool. I have gotten some fascinating correspondence from my translators.

I was sent a 100 buck restaurant gift card by the owners of a local restaurant to lure me back to try the place again and see if I had a better experience so I could speak more highly of them on my Gulf Shores. Orange Beach restaurant reviews site. Dave and I went on Thurs nite and had a 100 buck meal...well, part of it was 'adult beverages'. Including the tip, we actually went over ! We don't think they ever knew that we were there to review the meal, the gift card only came out of the wallet when pay time came. That was fun....sure glad I thunk up the idea of doing restaurant reviews. I also got a nice free book in the mail last week to review. Moral of the story...get yerself a website and watch the free stuff start rollin' in.

Bon Secour Village is this huge planned community thing down here designed by the designers of SeaSide, and Heather and I have been working on a website to hopefully filter some of the traffic thru us on their way to condo bookings in a year or two when this place is fully built. Dave and I went over and took nice photos before sundown when the gas (real gaslights, this is high dollar place) but it was light enuf to not need a flash to add to our site-in-progress. In the Oct issue of Coastal Living a house in this community is to be featured as the Coastal Living Magazine Showhouse of some sort...and I want my site to be up and running when that happens. Heather has been editing the photos and doing the stuff we need to do to get the site hosted and online asap.

I really need to lose some weight, so I just made a huge pot of soup. I like highly seasoned stuff so I started with a whole 5th size bottle of Goya Mojo Criollo Marinade, a qt of Clamato Juice and a box of organic beef broth. The cabbage at Bruno's looked pale so I bought dark green collard greens to chop up instead. No sense in making this big pot of soup w/ no nutrients. I added dried chinese mushrooms, browned beef , onions, garlic, peppers, tons of chopped sun dried tomatoes, some zucchini squash, shredded carrots, more onions, garlic...and who can remember what else...celery, is good. I'll have extra to freeze, then I will start on my hot Thai curry chicken broth based soup that i will make up the recipe for on the spot. I need to have lots of soup on hand.

Weather here has been fine. Warm sunny days (sandals, flip-flops) , cool nights, altho tonight is quite warm and rain is predicted for tomorrow. The clover that has sprouted thru the St. Augustine is growing admirally, needs to be mowed or weed-eated.

I have been invited to ride on the Chamber's Mardi Gras float this year....about time I'd say, since I have these killer long beauty-pagent gloves in screaming orange and lime green that I got at Hudson's Salvage a couple years ago that have been just waiting for such an occasion. Mardi Gras is a huge deal here. It is the holiday that lasts the a month. In the next 14 days there are 13 parades in Mobile. We have several in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. Hope it is good weather, we have had a couple dreary Fat Tuesday's in last couple years.

Well, I would tell you about all the other projects in the works, that have kept me from adding interesting tidbits to the blog, but I will save some for tomorrow. AND, oh my gosh, who can do anything with all this Anna Nicole mystery going is the biggest thing since 'Who Shot J.R.'
It is hard to concentrate when who knows who will announce that THEY are really the father of poor little motherless Dannielynn.
Shoemoney has a poll on who you think the father is, so far, Danny Sullivan is in the lead.

chow for now, Lundy

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