Wednesday, February 07, 2007

What I'm up to

Busy, busy, busy....and gone a lot. But, instead of my usual helter-skelter level of inefficiency, I think Ive accomplished a lot in the last week or so. I have done a hundred biz related tasks. (I am still not much on house-keeping :o)

Now, to be honest, it is true that I spent a whole afternoon shopping for dressy black heels, bought 3 pair to try on w/ my outfit for Sat night and managed to arrive in P'cola w/ none of fact, I have only been able to locate one pair, the pair I was going to return. I have no idea what happened to the other two pair. Oh, they are either here or at Hardwood house or in my car somewhere....they will turn up. And I did have my alternate killer red satin vintage platform, square toe pumps w/ big stiff stylized satin roses on the toes and ankle straps (straight from Italy) with me that I bought at Levy's when I was a sophomore in college. So I wore those (and lipstick that matched), and even strangers stopped and commented on my cool shoes. So see....I had a back-up plan...and it worked ! We were very dressed up and had a fabulous dinner in P'cola and evening out.

Great week, no , make that 10 days I think, with Marti here. I love Marti. She stayed at Hardwood and came and went on her own, calling on her customers down here. We sometimes ate dinner together or had drinks together! I spent most of the weekend in Pensacola on P'cola Beach. I had never actually been to P'cola Beach and it was very different from Gulf Shores / Orange Beach. Dave took me to a local hangout reminiscent of an old time beach bar, The Sand Shaker. Lots of characters (I think he knew them all) , lots of fun. A locals place.

Some photos will be added tomorrow, hopefully.

I have had several brainstorms, and am all excited about these new web ideas. More on this later. Shazam...What opportunity there is on the WWW.

My builder, Dan Z. has been right on top of things and has rounded up a lot of info and drawings and sent stuff to Ted so we hope to get good, detailed plans really soon....we are on go-go-go. I can't wait.

I HAVE to go to bed now....I need to start a new pattern so I can get up in the mornings at a reasonable hour. I don't know why I am so much more able to focus late at night, but I am and it is easy for me to stay up really late working on projects.

Food for Thought :
Dave did some calculations (he has a science background after all) and we are 52 times more likely to be hit by an asteroid than win the Florida lottery.

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