Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Lost a computer today

In previous days I would have been having a a panic attack (not really, but close) ...my older (not old) computer would not power up today after I returned from Shrimp Fest meeting this a.m.

Last weekend, I commented to Dave (as he worked on a laptp nearby ) that I smelled a strange smell, we sniffed around but came to no conclusion, Well, I now think maybe it was the power supply on this desktop. While I was at Shrimp Fest meeting a dawn this morning, the power went on and off(storm) ...well. my older (not old) desktop wouldn't power up after that. Hmmm. might-a-been that smell....

It is always sumpin' isnt it ? So Russ, Heather's husband, came over to my Lagoon house this afternoon to see if he could figure out what was at fault.
AND, let me just interject here that if you have not gone to the Foxfire website and downloaded the new Foxfire 2, then I hope you are a good speller. I'm not.

So anyway, Russ came over and proceeded to disassemble my older ( but not really old) Sony Vaio desktop and he thinks he can tell me what parts to order that he can install to make me good as new or better. Yea Heather, Yea Russ.

Of course, at first glance, it looked like I will have to buy a new case as the existing power supply didn't seem to be available , but Russ can boost my RAM and video card RAM at same time, if he has to transfer all processors and other vital organs at same time.

It is the computer from which I manage several websites. I am holding my breath.

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