Friday, May 15, 2009

Headed to Memphis

I seem to never have time to post to the blog anymore...I sure do look forward to my days returning to a more leisurely pace when I could read about interesting things and share them.

Tomorrow I drive to Memphis. I called to rent a car so I would get better gas mileage than my Trooper but Enterprise was sold out. So I am trooping up to Mempho to see Momma. She has not been doing well and my sister, Lisa has had FULL responsibility to deal w/ her ailments, doctor app'ts, and m,ovingher into the skilled nursing area of The Village at least for now. We have a meeting on Monday aft w/ the staff at The Village to discuss our options.

If we could find someone who wanted to share Momma's cottage and keep an eye on her, that might work, but we dont know who that would be. There are no spots available in Assisted Living and one guy has been waiting 2 months, so Momma would be on the list after him. One optionis for her to get a suite in the Cantubury Court wing, the Alzheimers unit but have the ability to come and go until a assisted living suite becomes available.

We have hidden her car keys and she is furious. I think she is scheming on the phone to somehow get back on the road. Not safe. Not gonna happen.

It is such a shame that she is just now settled into her cottage properly . with the boxes all unpacked and such. We even went out and bought a deciduous holly and dug out the Village ornamental small tree and put her holly in this winter. Now she may not be there to ever see it have berries. At least not out her window. And it was seventy bucks !!!

In all 4 children's opinion she cannot be in charge or her own meds any longer or not have someone in the same building w/ her. Too many falls, too many nights on the floor in blood, etc...

I told here the other day that I could bring her down here, I said well you are miserable up there, you'd just be miserable no big deal !

my sister Cary's son, Harrison's wedding. I am not there. Neither is Momma or Lisa. This health crisis with Momma pre-enpted everyting. I had a plane ticket and was suppose to stay at a nice suite w/ Momma who was goingt to ride up with Stephen. He was going to stay with his son Christopher in Knoxville. I suppose he is stayng w/ Chris but I had to cancel my flight as did Lisa. has been tending to Momma for about 5 days, all day every day...she is exhausted. Momma is unappreciative of her efforts and thinks everyone is ganging up on her. Which is true.

I am so sorry to not be at Harrison's wedding. He is marring a gal named Beth who is in nursing at Vanderbuilt. I think it is a grad degree, i have kinda forgotten, maybe Nurse Practicioner.

Lovely weather here but oh so dry. Need rain like crazy. Thank goodness I have a well and pump at both properties.

I am close to being moved out of Hardwood drive and now need to sell it. The houses on the street are going for about half of what I hoo. Not good.

That is all I have time for, Lundy

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Wolfram|Alpha-- New search coming...

Check out the new search method from . You can request that you be added to the small number of beta users.
From Wikipedia:

"Wolfram Alpha will be an answer-engine developed by the international company Wolfram Research. The service will be an online computational data engine based on intuitive query parsing, a large library of algorithms, and A New Kind of Science approach to answering queries. It was announced in March 2009 by British physicist Stephen Wolfram, to be launched in May 2009."

Personally, I am still finding LeapFish to be a great way to search. Everything , well every major search engine at your fingertips and it s lighting fast.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Sunny, humid, windy and no rain

Good weather for moving...and it is taking over a week. But no rain in so long...weeks...that I am moving hoses a lot. I had to put in French drains and that tore up a big part of the yard and driveway, so had to have tractor level it all after drain work and install 4 pallets of St. Augustine grass. All that has to be watered every day.

It is after midnight and i need to think about getting sleepy...I worked all day at Hardwood going thru clothes. D finish. It is SOOO depressing how fat I have gotten...i started tonight on Major Diet and now that i have 3 flights of stairs, that should help too. I go up and down all day, moving stuff.
Dave and I went to Win-Dixie and Brunos for Fri nite excitement. Found out Bruno's Grocery in Orange Bleach is closing...the parent co has been in reorganization, etc...for a good while. Seems the stores sold out to another co, all but 3 stores and OB Bruno's is one of them. Publix has opened about half a block down...that can't help them.

Made nice free Mothers Day card to print and make, A 3-D flower bouquet that pops-up. Go to

too tired to type more...