Sunday, May 03, 2009

Sunny, humid, windy and no rain

Good weather for moving...and it is taking over a week. But no rain in so long...weeks...that I am moving hoses a lot. I had to put in French drains and that tore up a big part of the yard and driveway, so had to have tractor level it all after drain work and install 4 pallets of St. Augustine grass. All that has to be watered every day.

It is after midnight and i need to think about getting sleepy...I worked all day at Hardwood going thru clothes. D finish. It is SOOO depressing how fat I have gotten...i started tonight on Major Diet and now that i have 3 flights of stairs, that should help too. I go up and down all day, moving stuff.
Dave and I went to Win-Dixie and Brunos for Fri nite excitement. Found out Bruno's Grocery in Orange Bleach is closing...the parent co has been in reorganization, etc...for a good while. Seems the stores sold out to another co, all but 3 stores and OB Bruno's is one of them. Publix has opened about half a block down...that can't help them.

Made nice free Mothers Day card to print and make, A 3-D flower bouquet that pops-up. Go to

too tired to type more...

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