Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Lots of us have used TinyURL to make small URL's to put in emails where a really long link might not work if it gets chopped up in a delivered email, but there is a rogue site called www. tinyurl. cc ( I am purposefully putting spaces in there so it is not a link)...if you use it to make small URLs from your long ones, the person who clicks on the link in their email gets slammed with pop-up's and Dan said his anti-virus popped on and said it had detected a virus and removed it. So just make sure, if you do a search, that you use the real, older, trusted site, www.tinyurl.com not the .cc one.

I was sending Dan some ebay links of boom trucks and accidentally used this rogue site ...i noticed it looked different but never imagined it was a bad bad thing...google had it in the search results for a search for 'tiny URL'...I will file a google bad site report.

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