Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Coming up for air

Well, it is 10 pm and I am over at the Lagoon house uploading new scrapbooking sets to that website. Heather has been busy making the various components all week. Ever since we started making the pages in both the US letter size and Europeran A4 size plus the increasingly popular over-sized printer scrapbooker preferred paper size of 12" x 12" , my goodness, we have multiplied our tasks many-fold. We have so many site visitors from overseas now...and believe it or not, they are the ones who make the most free-will financial contributions to the site. The percentage of people in the UK and Netherlands who make a donation far surpasses the US or Canadian %. So we like making the pages in the sizes that their paper comes in and their printers are set up for. I suppose it would be just as hard for them to purchase our 8 1/2 x 11 paper locally as it would be for us to buy their A4 paper. Funny thing is that there is only about a half inch difference in both directions. A4 is a tad longer and more narrow than our std. letter size.

I stay pretty confused as to what is where . I bounce between both locations off and on all day, and each time I tend to forget something that needs to be at the other house, if even for a few minutes. Then there are always new kinks...I mailed a ck for 5 grand that seems to be lost. Now I have to do a stop payment I suppose. But the info I need is always at the other house.

The temp has been very nice, great breeze at the Lagoon, hotter across the street, but I am not getting any time at all to enjoy being outside right now.

I got a call from a writer who is doing a scrapbooking story for a ladies magazine for Jewish gals. She is really nice , and she sent me a copy of her story for review. She did a great job and my scrapbook site is one of the 4 she talks now...I am sorta frantically trying to get some Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvha stuff ready before the article is published. I have needed to add it for a long time and there is pitifully little available to Jewish scrapbookers. And get this, I have been reading up on Bar Mitzvha, seems the timing is based on when the male grows two pubic hairs...who knew ? Rest assured, I am not making any scrapbook paper that reflects that timing...

And card-making is a huge deal right now (it came over from Europe while scrapbooking passed from here to there out in the Atlantic) I am making a new website to be called "Print Picnic". It will have greeting cards, invitations, postcards, announcements, etc...

with this new house project started I just feel this tremendous urgency right now to make the money to pay for it. So it is work, work, work...

I had a nice call from the big skylight guys, Velux skylights interested in partnering up on my skylights in the new place...I have also had good offers from two much smaller skylight companies. Looks like I wont have a problem getting skylights at a discount. If I could just get some roofing material companies interested...

We have had to have a BUNCH of surveys different now than 4 yrs ago. Inspectors require all sorts of surveys as to height and distance from property line, as you go along. in fact, they will not let us start stacking walls till they approve the above sea level permit...slab is 9 ft 3 or 4 inches (I forget ) . Nine ft is required, so we are cool on that.

I have been on the phone about crane insurance...Hopefully resolved tomorrow. The crane should prob arrive first of next week. Some repairs we being done and this weekend is Labor Day. The last big hurrah for jet skies, will be lots of road traffic, cops and all that, but I don't mind...soon as Tuesday arrives, it is BLISS here till the blasted snowbirds arrive. They don't usually come till after Christmas, so the fall is total paradise here.

When they come, I think I may make a sign if I see some spare plywood, that says "The speed limit is 55 MPH on this State Highway so why the hell are you doing 35 ????"

We always rejoice when they leave in March.....and heaven forbid that they should actually BUY a condo and come at any other time of the year !!!!

OK--I am getting too negative...they do help some businesses stay open all year that might struggle otherwise, but I have never met anyone who actually likes them...the post office hates them secretly I think !! The employees put on a fake smile and do their job but they are so much more fun and relaxed when the snowbirds leave. Most of them ar etoo cheap to pay for a PO box, so they stand in line , no actually they create the line to ask for general delivery every day they are here, so they get used to seeing each other in line and think of it as some social time. Prob the highlight of their day..but the worst for us. PO wont let snowbirds come for general delivery till after 1:30 pm, so it gives us some relief if I can just get up there early.

But fall will be always is...I am almost ready for Shrimp Fest. I have laminated tons of this years posters, have my tent props ready, and have a good, reliable, co-chairman for the poster ten this year, so I wont have to be there every waking hour. It is in the first part of Oct.

I am sooooo glad that I had the irrigation system & well put in last yr on Hardwood Dr. My yard looks best-on-the-block and I water my neighbors next door w/ hoses from the well when it gets really dry and they do most all of my yardwork in return. Edging and all. We have had another terrible drought year...I think there is definitely some climate change going on. I am noticing a distinct change in under story plants...the once abundant ferns are almost gone.

Nite, nite

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