Thursday, December 27, 2007

Garage Lintel

While I was gone, the big lintel for the garage door opening was trucked in and set in place. It is the largest individual piece of concrete in the house (except slabs). We have had a couple days of nice weather but rain is suppose to come back. It rained a lot right before i took these can see water standing here and there.

The winter brings lovely sunsets.
This last photo is in the entrance hall area where a recessed niche is suppose to go. Ted is making some special curved top-piece and shelf for it.
Dan told me today that both floors will have a 9'2" ceiling height. He is talking to the truss designer about raising the upper ceiling into the attic space but he will have to re-design the trusses and don't know yet how much more that might cost. Another issue is cramping the area to run the A/C and waterlines, doing that. But I told Dan if we could gain a foot, it would be probably be worth it. We decided to add a foot to the windows on the first floor too. We'll have skylights on the top floor, but the first floor won't have al that extra light flooding in. Plus we don't want any pinched nerves in our necks as we look up to see the Blue Angels practicing.

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