Monday, December 03, 2007

Boy do I miss Memphis--NOT

Thanks Mark B. for passing this news story on to me. Mark is making a trip to Memphis for biz in a few weeks, so he must be reading Memphis news just to be ready to face what may come at him while there.

Rarely do I copy /paste a whole news story but this one is so great, and I am afraid the link might now work or somehow you'd miss this, (note the use of "fightin" and "takin" in the quotes).... so here goes :

I call it : "I guess that just pissed them off worser"

Memphis Police continue to search for search three cross-dressing crooks who started a fight at the McDonalds on South Mendenhall Sunday night.

It was definitely not business as usual at a local McDonald's Sunday night as a carful angry transvestites pulled up to Martez Brisco's drive-thru window.

"Men trying to look like women, drag queens, transvestites is what they were," Brisco said.

There was an argument at the window and that's when things started to get a little strange.

"They come to the window, tap, tap, tap. I'm still ignoring them. I guess that just pissed them off worser," Brisco said.

Three men, dressed as women, jumped out of the car, ran into the restaurant armed with a tire iron, and started swinging at employees, but not before they disrobed, kicking off their stiletto boots, hoop earrings, and jackets.

"They just decided they wanted to start a fight with the crew at McDonald's here. They began to get ready to fight taking clothing off to fight," said Lt. Trevor Tisby with Memphis Police Department.

"He swung and hit my manager, manager swung and hit back, so they step back, get to takin' off they shoes, boots and whatever else they had to do to get satisfied to fight," Brisco said.

Albert Bolton had bandaids covering scratches where one of the drag queens mauled him with his fingernails.

"I was fightin with 'em, trying to protect him, and he scratched me," Bolton said.

As the fight carried on, the manager grabbed a pot of hot french fry grease and launched it at the men. One of the men retaliated, smacking the manager in the head with a wet floor sign sending him away in an ambulance.

Before they drove off, the cross dressers smashed in the drive-thru window.

Police are working on a more detailed description of the trio. Authorities said they are looking for a black car and three men dressed as women.

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