Saturday, December 08, 2007

Not There

Well I wish I had been in Las Vegas for WebmasterWorld Pubcon this past week. Thanks goodness for the kind souls who work their fingers to the bone reporting what the speakers and panels are saying.
I have only read a short part of the online accounts, but already have picked up one great tip that I put into place immediately on that has made a big difference in earnings on that site.

Speaking of, last weekend I got an email alerting me to copyright infringement on eBay uk and I had to report it and the seller's account got canceled, now today, i have another email about another seller of CD's w/ my graphics included...seems to never end. UK is worse that U.S. for some reason. Fortunately ebay is really great about yanking the offending merchandise and dealing w/ the seller. Just takes time on my part. I have to be sure that it really is my work on their CD.

New house work at a standstill due to crane repairs. No huge deal, and good to get the crane in top notch working order. Recnetly I have seen two ads for same crane, older year model than mine, for sale for 75% more than what I paid...this is a good thing.

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