Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Crane Arrived

Finally....several days late, it came this afternoon. It looks wonderful. I put a bunch of photos on ConcreteCottage.com but I will put one here. I tried making a little movie of the first block it picked up, i just used my regular camera, not a movie camera, so will see if I can upload it.

Well , it looks like it uploaded. This is an unedited video, so no telling what it is like. I have not seen it yet.

It says it is uploaded but processing. I think Blogger automatically changes it from one file type to another...OPPS--no audio, not sure why...maybe my digital camera doesn't do audio, but I thought most did now. I know my older ones did. Also, excuse the sideways shot of grass in the middle :o)
Guess I dont know where the off button is.

1 comment:

Harrison said...

Can I have the crane when you are done, Aunt Lundy? That's like the best toy I could ever have, plus Christmas is right around the corner.