Sunday, September 23, 2007

Prison Needlework

In the UK there is an organization that sends volunteers into the prison system to teach needlework to inmates who work on projects in their cramped cells to be sold thru the Fine Cell Work website. It is called FineCellWork

Lady Anne Tree was a prison visitor for twenty-five years, entertainments officer at HMP Wandsworth and a prison inspector, she founded Fine Cell Work and continues to contribute her wisdom and support to the charity.

Both men and women participate and by looking around their website, it looks like certain companies may donate some supplies. The laws had to be changed to allow these people to earn money outside of the penal system. Most send the earnings home to children and spouses and save some for living expenses if and when they are released.

Website includes pillows, rugs, quilts, bags and takes private commissions.

Now a former prisoner (15 yrs) who learned needle crafts in prison is out and trying to get a similar program stated in the States. His gallery shows him to be big on baseball and down on vice.

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