Monday, September 24, 2007


I talked to a number of possible local house vendor participants today. Kitchens, countertops, appliances, fastners like big hulky hardware, etc...went to phone co and got a handful of DSLfilters for other phone and fax lines (Not for new house).

Millie was 25 min late for lunch. I went on and ordered and my food arrived when she did. She is usually late so I took stuff to work on while I waited. Ate at the new restaurant at The Wharf...Villagio, owned by Ginny Lane (restaurant) owners. It was good. Sorta neuvo Italian. Big tile covered visible oven...for the fancy pizzas. Would be pricey at doubt about it. Lunch for one ran almost 20 bucks w/ ice tea and tip and tax. I took some photos for web so it could be a biz expense. I'll do a little review later tonight on one of my websites. She had been there a couple times before, so I got good feedback from her w/out me having to spend so much to try different stuff.

Found a place that sells American Greeting cards for 10/ dollar. Good gettin' place for some other stuff too. It was next door to a kitchen/bath place.

I loaded my rolling trash can w/ chunks of concrete and got it up to the street when I got back here around 6:30 p.m. When you build you are suppose to get a dumpster, but they are real expensive, like 300+ a month. so I am going to see how long we can hold off. I will just be real steady about taking the big blue BFI can to the street. (Oh yea, BFI is now Allied Waste.) Luckily we still get twice a week pickups. Most places don't.

Daddy is in the hospital again. He went in on Thurs or Fri. Stephen drove up from Greenwood to be w/ Momma and see about Daddy on Sat and Sun. It is pneumonia. He doesn't swallow properly. Seems to be a common problem of the very old. Daddy was very sick when they sent him to the hospital be Stephen said he was much better once the antibiotics kicked in. He had not eaten in a long time and was so weak, so Momma and Stephen got him some pork chops....the nurse walked in and freaked. Said he could have nothing by mouth....part of it will go in his lungs. It is probably going to be a huge issue about feeding tube vs. not. His living wills says no feeding tubes, but the hospitals love 'em. (more $$$$$), plus their stance is to keep people alive at any cost, no matter about quality of life. Probably some tough decisions for Momma coming up.

At The Village of G'town, Daddy hated the gloppy mucus like food substitute and complained bitterly, so we signed wavers to allow him to have sorta regular food, but we knew some of it might go in his lungs. What he REALLY likes is a BBQ sandwich, so Momma and Lisa try to get them for him and bring them in every so often.

Speaking of Lisa, she and Henry were leaving for Hawaii for 10 days, and she is so good about seeing Momma and Daddy almost every day...we told her not to cancel her trip. We told her the other sisters and bro would do whatever we needed to. I expected to drive to Memphis yesterday or today but Momma and Stephen said it wasn't necessary, to hold off, so I did.

Momma's hip is giving her fits she says, had to get help going up to Daddy's room after he was admitted. She is already wearing a leg brace and ugly shoes for torn tendons in her foot. Momma once told me that this Golden Years stuff was nonsense.

I'll have to call and see what the Dr said today. I'll ck to see if I will need to go up there.

We had a nice rainy weekend. On and off. The sun would come out in between. We are still so behind on rain, no one minded. We were not even used to looking at rain or remembering what it sounded like.

My cable TV on Hardwood Dr is acting crazy--it is MediaCom Cable and on channel two I have a DirectTV logo bouncing around the screen like Pong. I think I am getting some satellite back-feed from some neighbor's TV. Turns out it does it on my next door neighbors TV too, but they all use that house in short spurts , weekends only, so no one calls and complains or signs up for repair service. But I am sorta glad it is doing it on his TV too. Lots of my channels are screwed up....BUT, officially I am only suppose to have the $9 package of local stations only, and I was getting 100 channels before this new thing, so I was reluctant to complain. I have already called DirectTV and they insist it is not their problem....they say call MediaCom. And since you have to be on hold at MediaCom for something like an hour+ to get to speak to a is such a drag.

The neighbor on the other side uses Dish Network, so he says it isn't his feed coming into my house. And another crazy thing is that I get slightly different channels on the two TV's. It is all screwed up. Blame it on the hurricanes !

I stayed on hold for over 30 min today and then had to leave the house. I have speaker phones for this very reason.

Insurance on my Lagoon house has gone up to $4000...can you believe it ? I am gonna have impact glass in new place. I may just cancel the insurance. My friend , Jerry Nasello, who is building DAC-ART also, says he will not carry homeowners when it is finished.

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