Sunday, September 30, 2007

Software and more

A court in France has awarded a man 311.85 euros as the cost of the pre-loaded software on his new Acer laptop. His case was that he didn't want the software but that he had no choice but to buy it.

Could have implications?

(312 euros = £220 = $440)

(from webmasterworld comments)

New Age Stone Builders worked both Sat and Sunday on new house. I have photos but they are still on my camera.
Shrimp Fest is coming up. This weekend, we loaded about 300 previous years posters in cardboard tubes. And discovered that this years posters will not fit in the remaining 800 tubes I ordered due to two things, ...poster printer did not roll posters like they did last year, and tube co lied in specs about inside diameter of, I think all posters will have to be unrolled and re-rolled to fit in the tubes..if we can get some high school volunteers on Wed, it will be easier to do that than re-order tubes to fit over sized-posters.

Fabo weather here....sunny and breezy.

Daddy in Skilled Nursing Care at Village of G'town. Momma is holding on to his room at the Canterbury Court Alzheimer's Unit in case he gets to go back there, as there is now a wait list, they only have ten clients at a time...but she said tonight that she didn't think he would ever 'get well' ...I told her, no, that he was on a train moving in one direction only....

She said Cary and Frances may go up there in a few days (both have been out of town in other directions, Dallas and Hilton Head) and after SF, I am sure that I will go up there.

Dan Z, my builder says this is why he brings his mom down here from Iowa for 6 months of the year to here...I told him that my mom was not that portable.

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