Sunday, November 25, 2007

This is great

Click the photo if she is not turning on your page...

Do you see the dancer turning clock-wise or counter clockwise ? This is a test of dominant hemisphere brain function.
Supposedly if you see her turn clockwise you are right brain dominant, counter-clockwise= left hemisphere dominance.

When I first looked I saw her turning clockwise, I suppose that indicated the right brain kicking in first. Doesn't surprise me, itis the fun side of the brain :o)

With a little effort, I can switch her back and forth.

Try crossing your eyes and see her dancing with a partner. Just kidding.


Carol said...


What does it mean if you cannot see her turn the other way. I can ONLY see her turning clockwise, try as I might to see the other way! Is this a trick?


Carol said...

Ok, after much staring, was finally able to see counterclockwise motion. Her right leg is raised if clockwise, left leg is raised if counterclockwise. That helps, but still I don't seem to be able to control which I see and it flips back to the clockwise even after I get short glimpses of the other way. Evans sat down and looked at it a while - he thought it was cool, too. Of course, he didn't say so, but the fact that she looks naked probably didn't hurt!