Monday, April 02, 2007

Keeping Condos Rented

I had this brainstorm idea to put a cabinet of scrapbooking tools in each condo and then advertise them on my scrapbook site, as well as in local scrapbook stores. The cabinets are very shallow and put in sorta out-of-the-way places, up fairly high. It cost about 200 bucks for cabinets and to outfit them and already I have heard about renters getting real excited about their being there.

I put everything in w/ industrial strength velcro and will add a laminated photo of everything in its place to assist people putting stuff back. The sturdy bin on top holds some folders w/ leftover stickers and background paper I had on hand and don't need. I just put a note asking people to not put back any cut sheet, just use it all or nothing. That should help keep things neat. I don't advertise including any consumables, so the paper stuff is just a bonus. I have tons more I can replenish with.

We have so many new huge condo buildings getting completed that I need a 'edge', a reason for people to pick mine over others. We'll see how it goes.

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