Saturday, April 14, 2007

Long Time...No Post

I know it has been a super long time since I have made a post. I have just been super busy.
Some of it is written here...on this page on Concrete Cottage.
Photos too.
I have been working on several websites night and day as it just so happens tons of stuff HAD to be changed at once.

Plus getting taxes in the mail and doing the banking so the checks wouldn't bounce. Fed and AL. Big Ouch !

Plus, I went over to Island Winds West to take some photos and Dave was helping me hang a scrapbooking tool cabinet and low and behold, the rental co had not done the big Spring Cleaning and the place was not only filthy, it had a ton of stuff in need of repair. I worked 3 days solid trying to get it ready for the busy summer season. There was no time to line up a cleaning service and I mean, I worked my poor little fingers to the bone. Tons of stuff needed work that required tools & paint, so I had to do it to make it happen fast and right.

Big changes in Memphis, but I will add that tomorrow. Too tired now, It is already 1 a.m.

Sad note, Momma told me a couple days ago that Nan Bailey died. She is my very good friend Sally Baily Thompson of Jackson, MS's mom. I spent many a night at their house in high school and really loved her. She gave me many new perspectives on life.


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