Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Mid Week

The first two photos show my friends, Jerry and Mary Nasello's DAC-ART house that is under construction. Looks pretty impressive ! It is down here in Gulf SHores, tucked into a nice parcel of wilderness overlooking the Gulf.

Next is the type of huge wallof concrete condos that are going up down here all over...yuk ! I understand that they are not selling either.

A flock of birds spent the whole day in the property next door recently.

My 'Johnsons Lilies" that I dug in memphis and moved down here are blooming...I am compiling a list of plants that really don't mind a lot of salt.

My windowboxes are looking wonderful...I keep them on the ground until I am mostly using A/C as I have casement windows and they block me opening them .

The hinges on the remaining south window hurricane shiutters ahve completely rusted thru...we took the shutters down so none would let loose in a wind and crash into the glass.

The surveyors were here this week and marked the corners of the new construction.

Well, I have been in a Photoshop class at Faulkner Community College for 3 days. The instructor is really good. She is truely an expert and not just teaching a workbook. Heather is going to the class too. It is suppose to be a 3 day class but the instructor wants to add a 4th day tomorrow, unfortunately, I had made otehr plans and cannot go. Heather willtho, and she can fill me in on what i miss.

Last week a whole flock of white birds came to visit. I took a photos. They stayed ALL DAY in the property next door.

I will expound on these photos later...I am exhausted right now.

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