Monday, April 02, 2007


We finally got a good rain on Sat Night and Sunday. We sure needed it. So did P'cola.

Sat night, Dave, Warren Gottesegen and I went to a new restaurant in Orange Beach, Geno's Fresh Catch Grill. The newspaper said the guy who has opened it is from Memphis. It was packed and had really good food, we thought. All the cooking takes place in full view and the fish is totally freshly caught....big choice and grilled tastes like a wood fire. We took notes for a restaurant review for my website about Gulf Shores.

Earlier Sat, Dave and I went to Univ of West Fla. for a Festival on the Green. Pretty campus w/ tons of live oaks and flowering trees in bloom, way north of P'cola. Small festival but nice outing.

Most of Sunday afternoon was spent trying to get a universal remote control to work on the TV at Miller's condo. Renters were coming in later in the day. It took two trips to the store and about a bazillion thumb clicks to try to get one of them to recognize the code for the Toshiba TV/DVD/VHS combo. Almost made me crazy....we had to take a break at one point and run down to Bahama Bob's for refreshments.

Today beautiful weather has returned, warm and sunny. Perfect for outdoor projects....I need to do some cleaning out at the mini-storage to make room for some stuff to come out of the Hardwood garage. My sweet neighbor, Charles, next to me on Hardwood, did tons of work on my yard over there, filling in the deep spots were the irrigation system installer's lines had run and getting up rocks that had come to the surface. He also mowed the grass (mostly weeds). I put weed'n feed'n ant poison out last week so now the centipede grass has a chance to grow over the sprinkler system tracks. That Charles is a jewel to do all that work for me.

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