Sunday, April 15, 2007


Momma said day before yesterday was maybe the worst day of her life. Daddy's Alzheimer induced behaviour has taken a big change for the worst. The area of The Village of Germantown that he has been living in can no longer deal with the amount of help and attention he requires. Before he is moved to the next level of care there he must be evaluated by a psychiatrist who looks at every drug he is on and assesses the whole situation and writes up new recommendations.

Daddy has been on a lot of meds from all sorts of different doctors, so it is a good thing to have one specialist in charge of his entire med situation.
Since we didn't already have a 'family' psychiatrist, I got on the Internet and found two in Memphis that specialize in geriatrics. One of them, Dr. Kenneth Sakauye, a middle age Asian fellow teaches at UT and has an office downtown but also on Wolf River Blvd in G'town...he has agreed to take Daddy as his patient. We think this is a very good thing.

When things got out of control last week there was a lot of confusion. Stephen had to leave work in mid-day last week and drive to Memphis from Greenwood. Henry, Lisa's husband showed up and spent a lot of time meeting w/ the administration at The Village and Momma. Harry came over and went out and bought a Momma rolling suitcase for her to pack some essentials for Daddy. All of this was a big help to Momma.
Daddy is now an inpatient at St. Francis Hosp while they try to get Daddy off all these meds and figure out what might help.

Momma is going back and forth in all that Memphis Ridgeway traffic twice a day to feed him at lunch and dinner. Daddy has not asked where he is. Momma thinks he would be mad if he knew he was at St.Frances. He is miserable as it is and is constantly clicking his teeth now.

Here is a tip: If you ever get a diagnosis of Alzheimer's "do your self in" while you still have the mind to figure out a way.

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