Sunday, April 22, 2007


Fabo weather here...we drove around in the Thing, but it pulled it's opossum trick of acting dead at Tacky Jack's II and we had to leave it in the parking lot and 'hitch' a ride home last night.

The three gals who took us back to the Lagoon House were a hoot....3 mom's in their 30's having a big ole time at a beach house for the weekend or week. They were very sweet to take us back to the house even tho it was out of the way for them. They entertained us with stories of their last few days the whole way back...describing how lady like they were in their most trying moments and how one of them threw up in a cup by the side of the pool and the fellow sunbathers around them never noticed.

Dave and I went over to Becky and Warren's beach house and hung out on the decks and beach walked on Sat. Also took wireless laptop and got online w/ their open wireless connection.

On Sunday we went to the Episcopal Church on my street. The new rector is a really nice guy, Chris and his wife Barbara, had a notice in the bulletin that they were looking for someone to help make them a web page.
He does the sermon w/ no notes, I noticed...must require a good amount of prep time.

After the service, I inquired about the response to the request for help w/ a web page and the note had been running for weeks, an no one had volunteered so I told them that I'd do it when I got back from Memphis....
Rector Chris seemed really excited to hear that.

Tomorrow Heather and I have 3 day Photoshop class at Faulkner State that I have been looking forward to. It was suppose to happen in last Dec but it was canceled at the last minute. It is a 3 day class.
After it is over, I'm headed to Memphis to lend a helping hand to Momma. Dave is coming w/ me. He is a real help.

The trees that must come out for the new addition have been marked by Dan Z, my builder, so who knows, they may be gone when I get back. We are waiting on drawings from our engineer to get a building permit. He is way behind on my stuff and other people I know's stuff too.

I have been busy changing out a lot of web stuff from code in my name to code in Fort Morgan Web Development's and and tax number in a number of web sites. Big Job. If I get a ck in my name, I have to pay Alabama income tax and I don't in the incorporated version.

On the ride back to the house from Tacky Jacks, I told the girls that I actually had to pee in a cup under my friend's house on West Beach and pour it out on the ground...that info combined with her throwing up in a cup episode caused one of the more creative moms (an artist) to come up with an idea for a new cutting edge Gulf Shores bumper sticker, "Gulf Shores, where cups are for more than drinks" this is actually quite interesting, when you think of all the variations on the usage and definitions of "cup"

I am sure that The Chamber will get back to me and let me know if they think this bumper sticker idea has potential.

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