Thursday, April 19, 2007

Georgous Day Here

Good Morning, the sun is shining and today should be a perfect temp. Maybe I will put on a swim suit and mow the grass at Hardwood Dr.
Well, the weeds, as the actual grass is still flat and short, it is the weeds that stick up.
Yesterday the surveyors staked out the new house (roughly) for the tree remover guys to come. Got to take out about 3 or 4 living ones and 2 dead ones. All pines. My builder, Dan Z. and the block fellow, Mike, came over and we discussed betting my blocks here from Granada, MS. No small job. I scanned and emailed some questions about the plans to Ted and his draftsman yesterday. The main thing we are waiting on is drawings from the engineer. He is way behind. We keep bugging him, but it doesn't seem to help. He promises things by one date then doesn't deliver.

I just got an email from these people in the UK, called BabyExperiences. They want me to link to their site. Look at what they sell...I was amazed.
Make a cast of your pregnant stomach and boobs.

Lovely isn't it? I don't know what people would do with this thing. Hang it over the sofa ? A BIG Christmas ornament ? Sell it on eBay to weirdos ?

And, do you have to be pregnant to want to make one of these,.... they could offer the Beer Belly Kit. I will tell them that I will link one of my sites to them if they also offer an Alabama Beer Belly Kit. Of course, the people in this state would want it to also include either an Univ. of Alabama or Auburn symbol on the belly if they were going to proudly display it. You know, down here, you must chose, it is one or the middle ground. You have to be on one side or the other. What's it gonna be ? Alabama or Auburn ? Funny how Alabama is most often mentioned first, I bet that buggs the Auburn fans.

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