Saturday, August 01, 2009

Sofa Arrives

Most amazing thing about the new sofa. Who would have expected deluxe customer service from a Russian guy running a LA, Calif online el-cheap-o furniture store w/ Asian knock-offs of contemporary Italian designs ? The sofa got delivered on 2 pallets all wrapped up like a major mummy. No visible damage to the exterior.

Once I got it upstairs, I could see that a piece of framework had come loose and was showing against the sofa back and was at an odd angle w/ the top of the wood bar pushing against the covering like it could poke a hole over time. Didn't look like something i could fix myself. I called the online store and reported this. Told them I had made photos if they wanted me to send them. They did and I emailed photos. Owner said he'd have someone come by and fix friends kidded me... "My sister is currently in the Ukraine but the next time she passes thru Lower Alabama I'll have her swing by and fix your sofa." phone rings early next morning and it is a regional "Furniture Medic" who sets up an appointment to be here on Monday.

Can't believe it. Then that afternoon the owner out in LA, CA calls to check to see if someone had contacted me about the repair. WOW--what majorly excellent customer service. I can recommend this online shop...

The sofa is in 3 pcs. The piece w/ no back can be swiveled around to be grande footrest in front of the sofa for Netflix time. Got to pick up some of those teflon disks at Lowes today to facilitate that happeneing. Eventually want to do casters but will require some leg-engineering.


Carol said...

L, I hate to say it, but they've got it goin' on out west. I had to track down some invoices for a client last week for an insurance claim (they were VISA charges and the receipts didn't get turned in to the accounting office). I called the vendor in Denver, and they pulled it right up, told me they'd fax it, I hung up and 30 seconds later, the fax is ringing and we had our invoice. I called the vendor in Lakeland - 10 miles away, and the woman said she was supposed to leave at 4:00 and it was 4:10 and she'd have to look in the morning. Then she called the next day with a major attitude. I haven't been to the office, but hope she did indeed fax a meaningful document. Oh, well. Glad the sofa thing was easy. I'm ready to move out west.

Love ya.


Anonymous said...

Glad you went with the blue instead of the lime green. You never follow my advise so I assume Carol also picked blue, ha.