Saturday, August 01, 2009

Polypodium leucotomos

Why is this stuff not more well known ???

I read a little sniplet of info about this extract of a fern from Honduras that prevents you from sunburning in a ladies magazine about a year ago. Then when I was headed to Dominican Republic ill prepared for full-tilt-beach-boogie sunshine I ordered some thru Amazon. Took the capsules as suggested and sho nuf...I used no sunscreen and got zero sunburn out on the Punta Cana full-sun beaches...and we even took a Hobie Cat for a sail. It worked for me. I figured that if Polypodium leucotomos could protect one's skin from the UV rays that maybe it was a better investment to take the pills daily than invest in wrinkle creams and potions.

Originally I bought a product called Heilocare...bright orange capsules. This time I found it for less sold as Sun Pills in yellow packaging. Looked at Rite-Aid and low and behold, they had it and it was on clearance, half off. I bought all they had for $7.50 a package of 30 pills.

When I tell people about this stuff, they roll their eyes. So I did some web searching for facts. Seems several of the biggie Med Journals have published studies and it seems to work both as a topical and a systemic protection agains sun damage.
Here is a full-on real medical study report.

I plan to take it daily for a while....see if I can stop the ravages of old age. Of course, some exercise might help too !

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