Friday, January 04, 2008


Carol will say this is repeating myself, but it is so newsworthy, I think I must let othres know. She told me the author of the Sweet Potato Queen books will be at Davis-Kidd for a booksigning. She posted this info on her blog.
I then commented:
Celebrities must be sweeping thru the South...Jill Conner Browne in Memphis and guess who was in Mobile today, none other than Jerrit, or is it Jared, yep I think that is it. They showed him signing autographs on a piece of paper that had before and after photos. I am sure our grandchildren will be lying on the sofa watching Antiques Roadshow when someone will present a signed , illustrated document about Jared for evaluation. They will say that they think he lost all this weight working to build mass transit systems--Subways...and the guy will agree, that in the old days it WAS hard, heavy work....and what a wonder that this document survived.

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